Ультраформер лифтинг: польза и отзывы

Ultraformer lifting: benefits and reviews

Reviews about the ultraformer face lifting procedure

Most of the external age-related changes that a person encounters are successfully corrected by ultrasound. First of all, the natural aging processes are noticeable on the skin of the face – the corners of the eyes and mouth begin to fall, nasolabial folds form, a second chin appears, cheeks sag.

The essence of ultraformer lifting

Sooner or later, anti-aging creams cease to have the desired effect, as they are no longer able to penetrate deep into the skin, where destructive processes occur. In this case, in order to stop the aging process, it is recommended to tighten the face and smooth wrinkles with ultraformer lifting.

Ultraformer lifting for the face is a safe low-traumatic treatment and skin revitalization.

That is, the essence of ultraformer lifting is to recreate the perfect oval of the face and tighten the sagging neck. For the cosmetic procedure, a special apparatus is used that emits ultrasonic vibrations.

Ultrasound leads to the following changes in the layers of the skin:

  • ultraformer lifting acts on the inner epithelium of the skin, heats them up and performs micromassage, which saturates the muscles with oxygen;
  • lifting sound waves provide deep delivery of active ingredients that help create new collagen and elastin cells;
  • significantly increases blood and lymph flow, which contributes to better detoxification of the skin;
  • ultraformer stimulates protein synthesis inside cells, thereby accelerating metabolism, as well as restoring damaged epithelium;
  • the thermal energy of ultrasound starts the metabolism in the body, increasing blood microcirculation, which leads to the elimination of fat deposits.

The effect obtained from ultraformer lifting is comparable to a full-fledged operation. Even with the help of laser and radiofrequency lifting, it will not be possible to achieve such results as with an ultrasound procedure. This cosmetic process increases the level of collagen production in the dermis and fatty layers of the skin, as a result of which it provokes a revitalizing effect – lifting and tightening.

Do not expect quick results, as the effect of the procedure is increasing. That is, tissue rejuvenation will be gradual, the condition of the skin will improve every day. With monthly treatment, the increase in collagen production will become more noticeable. Many patients note that ultrasound treatment causes a feeling of “skin density”, and the tightening effect is visible immediately after the procedure. The procedure has two distinct advantages at once – it does not require surgical intervention and is more effective than other methods.

Execution steps

The procedure itself can be divided into three stages. The first stage is “Preparation”, in which the cosmetologist evaluates the condition of the skin and, depending on this, decides how deeply it is necessary to influence the ultrasound.

Stages of ultraformer lifting
The first stage of ultraformer lifting: preparation

At the second stage, a special gel is applied over the entire skin. It helps to relax the skin. Thanks to this, the device will easily glide over the skin, and the patient will not feel any discomfort.

Stages of the ultrasound procedure
The second stage of ultraformer lifting: gel application

At the last, third stage, the direct processing of the skin is carried out. The doctor passes over the skin of each part of the face with a special apparatus that emits ultrasound.

The essence of ultraformer lifting
The third stage of ultraformer lifting: processing

It is necessary to stop at this stage in more detail and describe in more detail how the apparatus operates. On the device, the beautician sets a certain depth to which ultrasonic waves will penetrate. At the same time, the skin itself will not fall under their influence, this will help protect the outer layers of the epidermis from damage, and also eliminate the risk of infection.

After the penetration of the waves, the collagen and elastin fibers are heated, as a result of which the old tissues are eliminated. After their destruction, a natural regeneration process is launched that promotes skin rejuvenation. Ultrasonic rays penetrate to the desired level, thereby causing the elastin and collagen fibers to contract. This procedure is painless and does not require the use of anesthesia.

Indications and contraindications

Indications and contraindications for ultraformer lifting

Often, such a procedure is carried out with the manifestation of any age-related changes. However, cosmetologists advise to carry out ultraformer lifting not only to stop the aging process, but also as a preventive measure.

Indications for ultraformer lifting:

  • as a prevention of ptosis;
  • with the formation of a second chin;
  • when lowering the corners of the eyelids and mouth, as well as sagging cheeks and eyebrows;
  • in case of loss of elasticity and firmness of the skin.

Carry out ultrasonic lifting prohibited in the following cases:

  • the presence of injuries in the treatment area;
  • epilepsy;
  • herpes in the acute stage;
  • purulent formations on the face;
  • oncology of any stage;
  • diabetes;
  • in the presence of metal implants on the skull, with the exception of fonts and dental crowns;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding period.

If you have skin diseases, consult a beautician. To carry out a cosmetic procedure, you must obtain a special permission from the doctor to carry out a facelift.

It was noted that this procedure is safe for human health. However, after its implementation, patients experience minor side effects:

  • Redness. It is considered a normal reaction to ultrasonic waves. As a rule, redness appears in women with a thin epidermis. The skin will return to its previous state a few hours after the procedure;
  • Discomfort. Due to the impact of ultrasound, a slight injury occurs, which causes some discomfort;
  • Decreased sensitivity area that has been treated. This side effect is typical for patients with overly sensitive or, for example, problematic skin. After a week, the sensitivity returns and normalizes.

The benefits of ultraformer lifting

Healthy facial skin

As noted earlier, this is a completely safe and painless procedure that allows you to achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time. One of the main advantages of ultrasonic lifting is that there are no scars, bruises, and there is no recovery period.

Benefits of ultraformer lifting:

  • eliminates fine and deep wrinkles;
  • tightens the skin of the face and neck;
  • removes blackheads;
  • carries out lifting of the complex of muscles of the neck and chin;
  • eliminates the second chin;
  • restores skin tone and restores elasticity;
  • gets rid of blemishes.

The effect of the procedure lasts for 2-3 years, in …

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