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Unfashionable turtlenecks: 8 signs

Not all turtlenecks are fashionable: Top 8 shortcomings when choosing them

Turtleneck is one of the most necessary elements in the autumn wardrobe. It is cozy, warm, versatile and practical. True, all these conditions are met only when choosing the right product. We tell you what to pay attention to.

Signs of unfashionable turtlenecks

A turtleneck is a knitted product with a high collar. It can be worn as a main top or as an additional layer in looks with a shirt, dress, cardigan, pullover, etc. In the second case, there are no special requirements for the product, because most of the turtleneck is hidden by additional clothing. But it is worth putting it on as the main element, as difficulties arise.

We tell you what to look for when choosing a turtleneck and what products are the anti-trend in the autumn-winter 2021-2022 season.

Gate accordion

Turtleneck with accordion collar

The main detail of any turtleneck is the collar. He draws up to 80% of attention to himself, so he must sit perfectly. The absence of folds is the main requirement.

Today it is fashionable to raise the collar for the chin, if it is free. For narrow models, addition by 2 times is suitable. The accordion is an anti-trend.

Sleeves – flashlights

Turtleneck with lantern sleeves

Puffed sleeves, as the stylists predicted, turned out to be a fast trend. This season, turtlenecks with voluminous sleeves are the anti-trend. We refuse them and choose ordinary products.

Contrasting sleeves

Turtleneck with sheer sleeves

Another anti-trend in the cut of turtlenecks is sleeves made of alternative material. Last season, many democratic brands offered fashionistas products with puffy chiffon sleeves. Today, this option occupies a leading position in the tops of obsolete things.

Thin cloth

Thin weave turtleneck

One of the main mistakes when choosing a turtleneck for autumn is thin fabric. Such a product, by definition, involves high-quality knitwear that does not shine through.

Short sleeve

Turtleneck with short sleeves

A modern turtleneck has an elongated or standard sleeve. The shortened version was outdated a few years ago. And if it’s convenient when your wrists are free, just pull the sleeves up.

Decor on sleeves and shoulders

Turtleneck with decor

Turtlenecks with buttons and buttons on the sleeves and shoulders have been a hit with fashionistas for two seasons in a row. But this year, stylists recommend abandoning them. Products in a minimalist style are in trend, and the remaining items with decor can be worn as a bottom layer under a voluminous jumper, shirt dress, cardigan.

Untucked turtleneck

Long turtleneck

Even a stylish turtleneck can look outdated if left loose. This is a tight-fitting product that visually lengthens the torso, distorting the proportions. It is recommended to always tuck in the sweater to accentuate the waist and avoid disproportion.

low collar

Unfashionable turtleneck

A low collar is a godsend for women who find the narrow neck of a classic turtleneck uncomfortable. True, the product itself should be free, and not fit the body.

Summarize: A turtleneck is a must have in every fall wardrobe. However, when choosing, pay attention to the relevance of the model and do not make common mistakes.

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