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Universal stylistic rules for women and men

Universal stylistic rules: suitable for women and men

Paired images are something that delights some and annoys others. There are several reasons for disagreeing with this trend. The main dissatisfaction is due to the fact that the images for “her” and “him” are thought out unilaterally.

We decided to correct the defect and collected the main recommendations of stylists that are suitable for women and men.

Now it’s easy to look harmonious and maintain individuality. Remember that a country couples exit does not end with choosing the same tracksuits or T-shirts with an identical print (this, by the way, is a complete anti-trend).

Rule 1: narrow bottom – loose top

How to wear skinny women and men

Let’s start the review of universal stylistic rules for women and men with the most popular element of men’s and women’s wardrobe – skinny skinny jeans.

This model is characterized by a medium or high fit, fit in the hips, calves. They are made of elastic material, so they do not hinder movement.

How not to wear skinny in 2021

  • The advantages of skinny are the ability to emphasize the dignity of the figure.
  • The disadvantage is a high probability of distortion of proportions.

The main mistake of those who choose skinny is the desire to create an emphasis on the figure not only in the lower zone, but also in the upper part.

Stylists recommend that both men and women give preference to a voluminous top if the bottom of the image is chosen according to the figure.

Rule 2: tight knitwear

How to wear a turtleneck for men and women

The times when “blouses” and “sweaters” made of thin knitwear were in trend are long gone. Today, both men and women should pay attention to pullovers and turtlenecks made of thick knitwear.

How not to wear a turtleneck

Such products perfectly keep their shape, look expensive and modern.

Rule 3: Say no to fitted shirts

Unfashionable fitted shirts

A few years ago, both men and women chose shirts that emphasized the silhouette. Today, such a cut occupies the first lines in the lists of anti-trends.

Loose fit shirts examples

Instead of fitted shirts, it is recommended to choose free, non-constricting movements. There should be free space between the body and clothing.

Rule 4: do not collect accordion jeans

Accordion gathered jeans

Long jeans are a problem faced by both women and men. Someone in this case tucks them, others collect them with an accordion in the ankle area. Which way is correct?

how long should jeans be

In fact, both the first and second options are outdated. Today, with long jeans, it is customary to do this: cut them to the desired length and leave the edge raw. This is the most trendy option.

Rule 5: Combine Styles

Boring outdated images

Both women and men can look original by deciding on a fashionable experiment. To do this, it is important to move away from the standards and try to find your own style.

Sophisticated modern outfits

Fashion experts recommend starting experiments with a combination of styles. Try to combine sports and casual things, add a non-standard accessory to your evening look, take an elegant bag for a walk in a knitted suit.

Rule 6: combine textures

Total denim images are outdated

Images compiled according to the principle – one fabric for the top and bottom are outdated. Today, both women and men can play with textures. We combine eco-leather and denim, knitwear and cotton, linen and silk.

Modern outfits

The most daring can make outfits from three different textures at once, while it is worth remembering their compatibility.

Rule 7: cover your ankles

Open ankles are unfashionable

The main stylistic rule for both sexes is the need to cover the ankles in the cold season. Thick high socks are suitable for this.

How to wear socks for men and women

The color of socks can be selected guided by universal tips:

  • To match the color of the shoes for a discreet outfit;
  • Bright contrasting shade – to create an accent in the lower zone;
  • Under the print – to demonstrate style and attract attention.

Rule 8: carry bags

man with a bag

Everyone has a habit of holding a phone, a wallet, keys and other small, but important, items in their hands. Stylists recommend getting rid of it by taking a bag with you.

Filling pockets with the necessary trifle is not worth it, as this delays them, deforming clothes and distorting proportions.

Rule 9: loose outerwear

How to choose outerwear for a man and a woman

Still choosing a coat, jacket or raincoat in the same size as your sweater? It’s time to remember for both women and men the main stylistic rule for outerwear: take 1 size more. This will allow not only to wear a jacket with any bottom layer, but to get rid of the feeling of tightness and discomfort.

Rule 10: Accessories

Looks with accessories

The image in a minimalist style does not imply a complete rejection of accessories. This is an outfit in which everything is harmonious: both clothes and jewelry.

Today, the trend is images in which there are 1-3 accessories. It can be a bracelet and a watch, a neck piece, a bag and a headdress. There are many combinations, the main thing is not to ignore them, because the outfit without accessories looks boring and out of date, both for women and for men.

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