Расчески для длинных волос

Unsuitable combs for long hair: an overview

Impractical combs for long hair

Beautiful and healthy hair is a lot of work. It is important not only right wash your hair, use high-quality hair cosmetics, cut the ends on time, but also have the right comb.

Today there are many combs, some of which are very popular. But are they suitable for owners of thick and voluminous hair? We decided to figure out which of the popular types of combs for long-haired beauties will be a real test.

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Combs for long hair that stylists do not recommend using


Most fashionable combs look beautiful and attractive, but in fact they create difficulties for owners of long hair. We propose to consider the features of the tools and exclude options that injure them.

Plastic round comb with antistatic agent

comb with antistatic

Many women face such a problem as hair electrification. One of the recommendations to deal with it is to choose a comb with an antistatic effect. The main thing to remember is that the tool that provides a similar effect must be made of natural material, otherwise the long strands will tear and become unattractive.

Massage brush with metal teeth

Massage comb with metal teeth

A massage brush for combing long and thick hair is a handy tool. It captures a large area, allows you to significantly reduce laying time. The main thing is to give preference to a tool that takes care of the hair, and these are not metal teeth with balls at the ends. They not only confuse the hair, but also injure the scalp.

colorful cloves

Comb rainbow

A beautiful and bright comb with multi-colored wavy teeth, stands out from the competition and attracts attention. However, it is extremely difficult to work with her in the presence of long hair. She does not untangle them, pulls and injures. Probably intended for short hair or medium length.

metal brushing

metal brushing

Styling long hair with metal brushing is not a good idea. Cons of the tool – it gets very hot, injuring the hair. Overheating also causes brittleness, dryness and cross-section.

From natural wood

wooden comb

A massage comb made of natural wood, on the one hand, inspires confidence, and on the other hand, adds problems to women with long hair. Wooden cloves do not comb thick and long hair well, creating discomfort and pain.

How to replace and how to comb long hair

Silicone combs

To comb long hair without injuring them, it is recommended to choose modern tools with a practical coating:

  • For brushing it is ceramics;
  • For a massage brush – silicone teeth.

To make the process of combing long curls as comfortable and safe as possible for them, it is recommended follow a set of rules:

  • Do not comb wet hair;
  • Before the procedure, apply a leave-in spray that facilitates the combing process. Can be replaced with oil, cream, gel;
  • During shampooing, apply balm. It makes the hair smoother and silky;
  • Do not dry with a hot hair dryer;
  • It is necessary to start combing the hair from the ends, gradually moving up.

On a note: Once a week, you need to take care of your own hair tools by washing them thoroughly in soapy water.

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