Velvet manicure

Velvet manicure

For several years, this fashionable novelty of nail art has conquered many females of different ages. Such nails really look like velvet, and therefore they will suit any suede or velvet piece of clothing. This rather unusual manicure has a lot of fans, but, as always, there are opponents. And they even call such marigolds the not quite kind word “hairy”.

Velvet manicure

Well, everyone has different tastes, and we are not going to argue about them. Our today’s photo and video materials are intended for cashmere novelty lovers.

There are several names for this decor:

    • velvet;


    • velor;


    • velvet;


    • cashmere.


Velvet (cashmere) for nails can be easily purchased at stores specializing in manicure products. They are sold in various colors, so there is room for fantasy.

Velvet manicure

You can create such a manicure at home, because it is easy to perform and does not require special training. Moreover, such marigolds will look no worse than after visiting a salon master.

Cashmere manicure

Fashionable manicure with cashmere is quite simple in terms of execution. For it you will need:

    • Ultraviolet lamp;


    • tweezers;


    • dots or thin stick;


    • UV coating without sticky layer;


    • cashmere itself.


We, perhaps, will not talk about the need to prepare nails. You remember this very well.

Cashmere manicure

After the basic preparations, you need to apply a top UV coating on the nail plate, but not on its entire surface, but only where you are going to decorate with cashmere.

Next, apply cashmere to the coverage area with tweezers. Here it is advisable not to show excessive savings and sprinkle more decor. By the way, if you perform these manipulations on a sheet of paper, the remains of cashmere can be collected.

With the finger of the other hand, we make several patting movements to drive the cashmere into the coating. Just do not overdo it, do it carefully. By means of dots or sticks, we correct the shape of our drawing with you. At this stage, you can try to make a lace design, slightly moving the decor in the right direction.

Cashmere manicure

What happened, bake in a UV lamp for 3-4 minutes. Then you need to lightly walk along the nail with a brush to remove unnecessary decorative elements.

We apply a coating without a sticky layer on that part of the nail that we have left unused, and bake again in the lamp for about 2-3 minutes.

Ready! A minimum of time and absolutely no difficulties in execution.

Masters of nail service advise to cover the cashmere base with paint or varnish of the same color. Then the cashmere on your nails will be much more saturated and dense. By the way, the cashmere coating goes well with gold, silver and rhinestones, and the gray tone of the decor looks great next to pink in mother-of-pearl.

Velvet manicure

There are two options for performing such a manicure. Before talking about them, let’s define the terminology. Flock is a velvet powder for decorating nails, it consists of particles of wool, cotton and viscose. A flocider is a device that, by means of an electric field, allows you to connect flock particles to each other and fix them on the nail. So, a manicure can be created both with the help of a flocider and without it.

Option 1. Use a flocider

On pre-prepared nails, apply a base coat and dry in a UV lamp for about 2 minutes. Then we apply varnish and dry again for the same amount of time. It is important that the tone of the varnish matches the shade of velvet powder.

Velvet manicure

Pour the velvet of the desired color into the device. Now you need to cover the nails with a top coat and, without waiting for it to dry, apply a flock. How to do it? Very simple. Point the flocider towards the nail and turn it on. Particles of powder will begin to fly out of the device and be fixed on the nail plate.

Now again immerse the nails in the UV lamp and bake for about 3 minutes. At the final stage, we remove excess decor with a brush.

Option 2. We do a manicure without a special device

We apply a base coat on the nail plate, followed by two layers of colored varnish. We dry. Then we cover the nails with a colorless varnish and decorate with velvet until it dries. To do this, you can simply dip the nail in velvet powder or sprinkle it on top.

Velvet manicure

These types of manicure are quite durable and resistant to many environmental factors. However, if you want to enjoy the beauty of your hands for as long as possible, it is recommended to do homework with gloves.

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