Wavy eyebrows are the new trend

Wavy eyebrows are the new trend of 2022

What women don’t do with their eyebrows! Fashion for them is as bizarre as for clothes. Eyebrows-strings, eyebrows-feathers, eyebrows-herringbones. And now a new trend has appeared – eyebrow-waves.

How did the wavy brow trend come about?

This hit of the season appeared on Instagram. The trend was created by makeup artist Jessica Brodersen in the summer of 2017, and Promis Tamang, a beauty blogger, decided to try it on herself. It was a simple mischief on her part, a joke or not, but women of fashion quickly seized on this novelty.

Wavy eyebrows are the new trend

The desire to impress the audience, to look different from everyone else sometimes defies common sense. So far, few people dare to appear with such eyebrows in public, but this is a matter of time. But Instagram and other social networks are filled with photos with snaking eyebrows.

Unusual makeup

For others, it became the basis of the image. At least now you don’t have to pluck your eyebrows. On the contrary, a wavy line will help to make the natural growth of the eyebrows. Wavy eyebrows are a real salvation for those who cannot achieve symmetry in any way. Perhaps this is a kind of symmetry challenge. But after colored eyebrows and hairy lips, it is already difficult to surprise with something. The fantasy of makeup artists and beauty bloggers simply knows no restraint.

wavy eyebrow trend

What you need to create a wavy eyebrow makeup in 2022

Well, let’s follow this fashion trend. Promis Tamang used a literally barbaric method to achieve this result. She sealed her natural eyebrows with PVA glue, and then masked with powder and concealer. I drew wavy curves with a pencil.

Eyebrow wave

There is no need to scoff at your hairs like that. We want to offer you a safer way.

For this you will need:

  • Foundation or concealer with a dense texture.
  • Compact powder.
  • Eyebrow pencil or shadow.
  • Eyeliner.
  • Cosmetic glue – you can use one that is suitable for false eyelashes.
  • Spray for fixation.
Eyebrow tools

As you can see, glue, although cosmetic, is still necessary. Especially if you have thick eyebrows.

Try on wavy brows

Perhaps wavy eyebrows will remain on the Internet as an unusual experiment, or perhaps they will become a new stylish trend. Be that as it may, you have time to practice before you decide to take this image into service.

Curly eyebrows

And at the same time try it on yourself: is such a novelty suitable for you personally? It is important that in any image you feel comfortable and confident. To understand this, make a wavy eyebrow template and attach it to your face.

Eyebrow stencils

If you like it, you can take a risk.

How to make wavy eyebrows yourself

Have you stocked up on everything you need?

Fact about eyebrows

At the beginning of the 17th century, walnut oil was rubbed into the eyebrows of children from birth. This inhibited the growth of hairs, over time, almost completely destroying the hair follicles.

Snake eyebrows

Then we start.

  • Comb your eyebrows with a special brush.
We comb the eyebrows with a special brush

  • Apply a thick layer of foundation or concealer. It should blend in with the skin tone.
  • Blend thoroughly and powder.
  • Cover protruding hairs with decorative glue. When it dries, a smooth surface is formed.
  • Mark the lower and upper boundaries of your wavy bend. The lower border should coincide with the head of the eyebrow, the upper one with its upper point.
  • Starting from the top point, draw a sketch with a pencil.
  • Draw the wave to the end.
  • Symmetry is needed here as well. One end of the broad line goes beyond the growth line, the other joins with it.
  • The underline, wide near the eyes, tapers towards the tip.
  • Make a beveled corner near the bridge of your nose.
  • Draw a smooth wave with eyeliner.
  • Give volume to the eyebrows with eye shadow or a pencil.
  • Fix the result with a spray.
Wavy eyebrows

So, the process of creating an image can be divided into four important stages:

  1. Preparation – combing and sealing natural eyebrows.
  2. Camouflage – applying foundation, which should completely merge with the skin tone.
  3. Eyebrow shaping. Here you need not shadows, but a pencil, marker, gel or lipstick.
  4. Fixation – gel or spray.
fashion eyebrows

Consider the shape of your face. For an oval face, multi-wavelength will be good. Especially if you have colorless and thin hairs on your eyebrows, such makeup will immediately draw attention to your eyes. A large wave is more suitable for a round face up to the natural bend of the eyebrow, and then the waves are not so noticeable and taper towards the tip.

Zigzag eyebrows and arrows on the eyes

Definitely, this procedure requires patience. Some girls add wavy lips to wavy eyebrows. But where can you go with such makeup? Of course, it is not suitable for everyday wear.

Eyebrow wave

For a solemn exit, too, you should not shock the audience. You can – for a friendly party, Halloween, New Year’s masquerade … We do not recommend anywhere else yet. Naturalness is still in fashion. Therefore, wavy eyebrows have not yet left Instagram pages, and even there, to create such an effect, they often resort to Photoshop.

Wavy eyebrows and lips

But if you definitely want to go out with such eyebrows, the masters of our salon are ready to provide you with such a service. As the saying goes, “any whim …” We use safe, gentle means for this, we will advise which waveform suits you best.

Halloween Makeup

Eyebrow architecture in our salon includes a detailed analysis of your data – face shape, eye color and shape, hair color. The master will listen to your wishes and say whether you should even indulge in such risky experiments on your appearance.

Wavy eyebrows

Wavy eyebrows are, of course, a fashionable sophistication. Whether they become a popular trend or disappear without appearing on the streets, only time will tell. What else will make-up artists and bloggers surprise us with? We bring to your attention a photo selection of makeup with wavy eyebrows, and you decide whether you dare to embody this image live.

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Eyebrow wave

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Curly eyebrows and lips

Wavy eyebrows

Eyebrow wave

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