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Weaving braids for girls photo video tutorials for beginners

Weaving braids for girls step by step photo

Weaving braids for girls photo step by step for beginners is ubiquitous. No one will argue that pigtails have firmly come into fashion today. Being the number one hairstyle for every day, more and more girls are wearing braided hair. Every schoolgirl can master an easy performance if she follows all the necessary rules.

It is important to remember a number of nuances that will allow you to achieve high-quality performance of your hairstyle:

1. Do not pinch your braid with your hands. It is necessary to alternate loosening and clamping the strands. It is very important for little girls that the pigtail retains its appearance, but does not crush the child’s head.

2. It is worth excluding complex braids and weaving for a girl in the morning. This can ruin the day for a long time not only for the child, but also for you. Light, simple braids should be preferred.

3. Decorate your child’s braids with beautiful barrettes, ribbons, rubber bands and bows. This will give the girl confidence and improve her mood.

How to make beautiful hairstyles for girls quickly and easily

The phased implementation of hairstyles allows you to make a competent braid for a schoolgirl. The braid will look appropriate under a jacket or school uniform.

How to weave beautiful braids?
For girls, there are several variations of braids:

1. Gossamer
2. Spikelets are ordinary
3. Harness from a braid
4. Weaving inside out
5. Hair flagellum
6. Volume braid.

Performing these techniques in stages at home is not difficult.
Gossamer is one of the easiest and fastest hairstyles to do. Each mother will be able to braid her baby girl in the morning in the face of time constraints. It is made using the weaving technique. It is worth weaving an ordinary pigtail, but twisting and pulling strands from the general cascade. If the hairstyle is performed for any holiday, it is possible to decorate it with beautiful flowers. Examples exist on the Internet.

Spikelet ordinary. This variation of the braid is perfect for beginners. It is important to start braiding the basket braid from the roots of the hair, from the heart, which will ensure full grip and voluminous weaving. The master class of weaving a dragon braid from rubber bands has been very common lately. Lessons in Russian and for short hair at graduation can be found on the net.

The braid inside out is the same spikelet, only with strands released on the side. According to the technique, the hair is thrown in a circle one on top of the other, and under the bottom. Most often under the central strands. The output is a voluminous braid, which can be decorated with fresh flowers, hairpins or rhinestones. You can try your hand at a mannequin. How to make options?

Harness from a scythe. This is a more complex variation of a braid for a girl. For its weaving, it is necessary to follow a number of rules and stages of work:
1. Carefully comb your hair. We make the tail as high as possible. Better horse. It is important to ensure that it is as accurate as possible.

2. Separate one strand, preferably not thin, and comb it properly. Weave the rest of the hair in the tail according to the principle of the purl braid. As a result, you get several parts of the tail, while it is worth remembering that you can not tighten and pinch the hair too much, because in the end you should get a voluminous pigtail. If there is a lot of hair and it is thick enough, it will be difficult for you at first to collect and hold all the curls in the tail.

3. Twist the loose strand into a flagellum as tightly as possible. The harness must be fixed. You can use invisibility for these purposes.

4. Optionally, you can slightly loosen the bundle bundle by pulling out a few strands. So your hairstyle will look more casual, which is the trend of this season.

Volume braid. Often the gossamer hairstyle is confused with a voluminous variation of a braid with a ribbon. However, the difference is only in the technique of weaving. Your task is to perform the weaving technique in such a way that your pigtail looks beautiful and presentable from all sides.

For such a hairstyle, it is necessary to select a strand of hair from the forehead around the head, then weave a tight pigtail on a slingshot along with a French one. It is necessary to divide the tail into 4 parts. The third strand and the second should be intertwined. How to weave? At first, this process may seem rather complicated to you, but over time you will get your hands on it and in a matter of minutes you will be able to build your daughter’s hairstyle. A video tutorial can be found for free from Olga at the hairdresser online.

Varieties of braids and spikelets – hairstyles for school

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Ribbon ideas for little princesses

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Weaving braids for girls, video

There are a sufficient number of videos on the network that indicate the smallest details of weaving any type of braid. However, in some cases, hairstyles for short hair are necessary. You can use the waterfall braid technique. To do this, you need to braid a lot of small braids and a few on the sides. This will create visible volume and the effect of thick hair.

If your daughter has bangs, you can comb her back, grabbing some strands, and then stab them with hairpins or stealth. This will allow the child to be varied every day, change images not only for clothes, but also for mood.

Games for dummies are called braiding. The training scheme in pictures of beaded bracelets and technique is another video lesson recommended for viewing.

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