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Weaving braids for medium hair photo step by step

Weaving braids for medium hair

A girl should look good not only for celebrations, but also on weekdays, sitting at home. To do this, it is not necessary to be a hairdresser, you can create luxurious hairstyles at home with your own hands. Weaving braids for medium hair step by step photo for beginners will teach you how to create a beautiful and feminine look for curls of any length, but we will focus on medium ones. The technique is quite simple, so learning will not take much time.

The most important thing is that these simple uncomplicated hairstyles can be everyday and evening.

Braids for medium hair (photo tutorials step by step)

A fashionable option is a waterfall. Its weaving begins with a side parting. From the larger side, three strands are taken and intertwined as in ordinary weaving. That’s just the strand that is at the bottom remains. We select the lower third from the subsequent curls in motion, and expand the upper one a little by adding strands. The basis of such a hairstyle is a pigtail around the head and gently falling strands passing through it. As a rule, they fix the hairstyle with hairpins or weave it with an oncoming pigtail from the opposite edge. But if you experiment, you can fix it in a different way.

French style allows you to make a chic hairstyle with a knot. This look is a little more complex, however, perfect for any celebration. First, apply wax to the roots to make them obedient. Now we weave a braid on one side along the back of the head and fasten it with hairpins there. We repeat the same weaving on the other side. Loose curls lightly tease so that the knot does not seem small. Form a tourniquet from the strands, and from it a circle, hiding the ends in the middle of the circle. Fix the entire hairstyle with hairpins and preferably varnish.


Actual is a pigtail of four strands. The hairstyle is done on the basis of 4 strands, where the 1st and 2nd strands are first intertwined, as well as 3rd and 4th. After that, we interlace the central strands. Repeat these steps until you finish weaving. This hairstyle turns out to be voluminous, it can be combined with a ribbon.


Always original and fashionable spikelet. This pigtail allows you to make both a styled hairstyle and a lush one, if the spikelet is not weaved inside the hair, but over it. Each owner can make a practical braid-harness. To do this, you need to make a relaxed styling back and tie the tail at the back of the head. Now divide it into two identical strands and form a not tight tourniquet from each, intertwine them together.

It is very easy to weave your own braids in the style of boho. For this hairstyle, it is better to take the hair on the third day after washing. First, weave a French braid all over your head. When you reach the opposite temple, weave a regular pigtail, but do not add new curls. Hide the end under the crown.

A Danish braid (the second name is reverse) will be a good option, but it will not be easy to make it yourself. Do not forget that clean hair will crumble and slip, so it is better to fix it with a special tool. Make a side parting and part the hair from the crown back. Start weaving by placing strands from below, that is, vice versa. Add hair from the sides, braiding the pigtail to the crown. Tie the end with an elastic band, and stretch the braid itself slightly along the edges so that it becomes voluminous. After the tip of the pigtail, pin it with a hairpin under the hair.


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Video tutorials for lovers of beautiful original hairstyles

No less interesting is the hairstyle from openwork braids. Its principle is to weave three reverse braids. Divide the hair into 3 equal parts and start braiding from the middle part, only it should start higher than the left. Then braid the right and left parts, all ends can be fixed either with an elastic band or invisible. Now stretch the side braids a little and the hairstyle is ready. Openwork weaving is suitable not only for medium hair, but also for shorter haircuts, such as bob.

Despite its classicism and banality, one of the most popular braids is the fishtail. It can be woven both from the middle of the head and from the tied tail. To do this, divide the hair into two parts, and from them select a thin strand, crossing them together. Take a strand from each part and put it in the middle. This will make a fish tail. Depending on how you tighten the strands, the weave will be tight or loose. A slightly combed pigtail will look better, so you remove the severity and give the image some kind of negligence.

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