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Wedding dresses 2019: fashion trends

What wedding dresses are in fashion in 2019: we consider trends

A wedding is one of the most important events in every girl’s life. The right wedding dress will make the event magical and memorable for her. Thanks to a large selection of models, each bride will be able to choose a fashionable and beautiful dress.

Popular styles

Wedding dress with open back

In 2019, well-known designers are advised to take a closer look at the wedding dress with open back or with V-neckline. Such styles emphasize the femininity and tenderness of the main character of the event.

This year, accessories for the wedding dress have also undergone changes. Instead of the usual veils are used capes and capes. They are in perfect harmony with the image of a young bride.

wedding cape

Among the most fashionable styles of wedding dresses in 2019 are:

  • Ballroom lush;
  • Strict narrow;
  • A-silhouette;
  • Mermaid or fish tail;
  • With a train.

It is recommended to choose a dress according to the figure of the bride and in accordance with her preferences. The dress should emphasize the silhouette and hide defects, emphasizing the merits of appearance.


ball gown wedding dress

In the 2019-2020 season, puffy wedding dresses are in fashion. They are also called ballroom. This style suits every girl and fits perfectly into the classic wedding ceremony.

Ball gowns are also available with or without a train. The choice of model depends on the preference of the bride. However, it should be borne in mind that a long train is not suitable for the cold season and cloudy weather, as there is a chance that the dress will simply deteriorate.

In 2019, puffy wedding dresses trimmed with lace or feathers are in fashion. They look especially beautiful in champagne or ivory, but are also reflected in the classic white version.

White puffy wedding dress

A wedding dress with appliqués looks beautiful and spectacular. It can be flowers or butterflies, preferably half a tone darker or lighter than the dress itself. They are placed on the corset and the top of the skirt.

Wedding dress with appliqués

Lush dresses with satin belts are also in fashion. This model will help to emphasize and highlight the waist. In combination with long openwork sleeves, a dress with a belt will look simply stunning.

Dress with satin belt

A skirt for a puffy wedding dress can be made from various materials, but tulle is still considered the most popular. It creates the illusion of lightness and airiness, and the combination of a white strapless fishnet corset and a soft peach skirt will create a unique magical look.

Dress with lace corset

Dress with lace corset and fluffy skirt

Lush wedding dresses are the key to a unique image of the bride. In these dresses, every girl will feel like a princess.


A-line dress

Beautiful wedding dresses A-line emphasize the femininity and elegance of the bride. The outfit visually resembles the letter A: the top of the product is tight-fitting, and the skirt expands towards the bottom. The peculiarity of an A-line wedding dress is the absence of folds and frills.

A-line wedding dress

Basically, these dresses are made from simple satin fabrics and silk. However, in 2019 it is customary to decorate them with lace and guipure. Usually it is the upper part of the dress that is decorated with lace, adding a fashionable three-quarter sleeve.

Dress with lace and sleeves

A more classic, strict strapless version with an elegant belt is also in fashion. This dress is suitable for girls of any height and almost any figure. It will help hide imperfections in the hips and focuses on graceful shoulders.

A-line strapless

Basically, this type of dress is suitable for a conservative wedding, and it will also fit perfectly into any environment. A-line wedding dress allows you to create a romantic and mysterious look.


Straight cut wedding dress

straight cut wedding dresses are also in fashion in 2019-2020. Its peculiarity is in a simple cut (a simple silhouette). This dress model emphasizes the chest, hips and waist of the bride.

Straight dresses are suitable exclusively for slender brides, as they fit the figure and emphasize it. Elegant lace or a train can complement such a dress, and the waist can be distinguished by an elegant belt with a bow or a flower.

Straight dress with train

A fashionable straight wedding dress in 2019 can consist entirely of guipure. This version is very feminine and elegant. Especially relevant is the closed style with long sleeves.

Guipure wedding dress

A straight wedding dress with embroidery has a stunning effect. It can be completely straight or with folds on the sides. Also interesting is the option with a closed top, but bare hands.

Dress with embroidery

A straight wedding dress is a choice for bold and self-confident brides. The style and drapery directly depends on the preferences of the bride and the features of her figure.


Short wedding dress with sleeves

In the season 2019-2020 in fashion short Wedding Dresses. Such models are suitable for a classic ceremony in the registry office and for a magnificent wedding celebration. The bride can choose the style that suits her:

  • Tutu dress;
  • In retro style;
  • Basque.

Beautiful short dress

Very short models of wedding dresses look elegant on the owners of beautiful long legs. Short models are also suitable for girls with average height who want to visually look taller.

If you are over 30, then give preference to knee-length dresses.

Unusual short wedding dress

A short wedding dress can be either single or double layered. The peculiarity of the second option is that there is a second transparent or translucent material on top of the figure-hugging dress. The surface of the dress is usually decorated with lace or feathers, which goes well with the retro style.

Two layer dress

Along with this, a short wedding dress can have a detachable skirt, which is especially true for girls who do not have the opportunity to change their outfit to a more comfortable one. This option is practical and looks great.

Dress with detachable skirt

Depending on the features of the figure, the bride will be able to choose the appropriate style of a short dress for the wedding.

Colored wedding dresses

Pink wedding dress

In 2019, the trendy colors of wedding decoration are pink, peach, marsala, mint or yellow. Such shades are suitable for extravagant brides who want to make their wedding unforgettable.

When choosing a bright wedding dress, it is not recommended to mix many shades. A maximum of 2 colors must be present, which will be combined with the groom’s suit.

The bride and groom should look harmonious, and it is better to choose accessories in the same color scheme.

In 2019, the trend is not only classic white outfits, but also dresses in cream, sky, lavender and soft pink shades. Beautiful collections of colorful wedding dresses are offered by such designers as Chanel, Jenny Packham, Vera Wang, Hayley Paige and others.


Bright pink wedding dress

Pink wedding dresses are the hit of 2019. Everything from dusty rose to rich coral will look great on any bride. Such dresses are mainly made of light flying fabrics, creating the illusion of airiness.

Also, the corset and skirt can be contrasting (white and pink) or two different shades, which will emphasize the beauty of the dress. Another, no less relevant option is light lace over the corset, which…

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