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Wedding dresses for pregnant women: review of models

Wedding dresses for pregnant women: fashion models 2019

Marriage is an event that every woman dreams of. But recently, more and more often you can see brides with a beautiful rounded tummy, which is doubly pleasing, as this means that there will be replenishment in the new cell of society. Therefore, wedding dresses for pregnant women are a very important topic, because for any bride the choice of a dress for a wedding is the basis of the upcoming celebration.

Suitable dress styles for a pregnant bride

Suitable fit for pregnant women

The fashion industry is rich in a variety of wedding dresses for women of any build. In every salon you can find models of dresses for pregnant women, which, in terms of beauty and uniqueness of design, are no different from dresses for girls who are not pregnant.

Types of wedding dresses for pregnant women

Even if the gestation period does not exceed two months, upon arrival at the store, report your interesting situation. To begin with, before making a choice, you need to decide whether you want to emphasize the stomach or you need to hide it. If the bride does not hide her position and wants to focus on it, then tight-fitting and short models can be considered.

If you are embarrassed or do not want to reveal your position, they will help you choose a wedding dress for pregnant women that hides the belly, in which you will feel as comfortable and comfortable as possible. Also, if you plan to wear special underwear under the dress, then the fitting must be done in it.

A wedding dress for a pregnant bride should be without a corset, as it interferes with proper blood supply and even for a short time will squeeze the stomach, harming the condition of the fetus. The exception in this situation is the bustier, which is more like a cropped corset.

Bustier dress

dress style it is worth choosing in advance, based on the trimester in which the expectant mother is located. It is important to take into account the variability of the figure in a given period of time.

In the first trimester all kinds of wedding dresses, including short lengths, are acceptable. It is easy to hide the stomach at this time by switching attention from the waist to graceful legs or shoulders. You can buy any jewelry, they will not make the image heavy.

wedding dress for early term

In the second trimester hiding the stomach is already more difficult. A good outfit for a wedding in this case are A-line and Greek-style dresses, which emphasize the chest due to the high waist. Of the jewelry, earrings and a delicate pendant go well.

Wedding dress for the second trimester

third trimester no dress can hide, but you can easily make a beautiful queen of the evening. There are much fewer harmoniously looking styles, but one of them is still the same with an A-silhouette. Empire style is also suitable for women in the last term. It is desirable to minimize decorations, as they will add heaviness, it is better to focus on high-quality fabric that will look rich. From shoes, give preference to ballet flats, in extreme cases, shoes on a stable wedge.

Dress for the third trimester

Avoid outfits with a lot of massive decor, such as bows and ruffles, which will only highlight the pregnancy and visually weight the image.

Wedding Dress

Wedding dress with a bow

The most important condition for wedding attire is convenience. You should not be constrained in movements and you should not put pressure on your stomach. For this, such natural materials as: guipure, silk, chiffon are suitable. The length and style depend on the taste preferences of the bride and groom.


Lush wedding dress for a pregnant woman

Lush wedding dresses for pregnant women are equally suitable for a bride in early pregnancy and late. They also differ in style and the presence or absence of a corset.

Pregnant woman in a magnificent wedding dress

If in the early stages of pregnancy the choice fell on a dress with a bustier, tighten it slightly. The outfit should be comfortable so that you can easily breathe and move around in it. You should not sacrifice yourself for the sake of the effect of harmony, your stomach is beautiful in itself.

Magnificent wedding dress

You can buy a dress for a wedding from a Russian company Gabbianowhich provides a wide range of wedding dresses for pregnant girls.

Wedding dress Gabbiano Damira

Wedding dress Benita

Wedding dress Yuna

In the last period, the bustier should be abandoned, it is better to give preference to a lace bodice. A wide skirt from the bust with an airy fabric will add charm, smoothly enveloping the stomach. And if you stop at the option with bare shoulders and an open neckline, then attention from the stomach will pass to them.

A dress of this model hides the position of the bride only if there are no decorative elements at the waist level.

Fine models of wedding dresses are provided by Ida Torez.

Ida Torez Morel wedding dress

Ida Torez Carrer wedding dress

Wedding dress Ida Torez Friya

You should also pay attention to the options from the brand. Strekkoza.

Strekkoza Ciliya wedding dressStrekkoza Tayya wedding dress

Strekkoza Clair wedding dress

A magnificent dress turns every girl into a gentle princess, and such a celebration as a wedding makes her the heroine of a real fairy tale.

With a deep neckline

Wedding dress with deep neckline

The neckline is a great solution for a lady in an interesting position. The smell will make even an inexpensive wedding dress for pregnant women luxurious.

Pregnant woman in a wedding dress with a decollete

The most common types of neckline:

  • V-shaped;
  • Kare;
  • U-shaped;
  • asymmetrical;
  • round;
  • In the shape of a heart.

V-neck dress

square neckline


Cutouts are varied, as are the models of dresses, but for women with a belly, dresses with a V-neck are especially suitable for a wedding, emphasizing the décolleté.

Deep neckline is inherent in dresses of different styles: greek, empire, boho, year (mermaid), retro, etc.

To hide the upper part with the thinnest fabric or not depends on the idea of ​​​​the fashion designer and his vision.

Wedding dress with cape

The plunging neckline is designed to accentuate spicy curves and add a touch of sexuality to the beautiful image of the bride. However, from the “capricious” style year pregnant women should refuse.

The “Mermaid” fits the figure on top and diverges like a fishtail to the hem. Such a model requires perfect harmony of the body in order to look spectacular and harmonious, so for a pregnant woman it is better to opt for another option.

fishtail wedding dress

Popular style with a deep neckline – empire, which also implies an overestimated waist, significantly increases the level of comfort for a pregnant bride. For a wedding in the winter, an empire style with long sleeves is suitable, in the summer – with short ones.

Empire style wedding dresses are offered by many brands, such as Ida Torez.

Ida Torez Payne wedding dress

Or Lorange with its sophisticated Aurika model.

Empire style LORANGE Aurika

Beautiful empire dresses for pregnant women also represent Oksana Mukha and Kira Nova.

Oksana Mukha empire ennis-1

KIRA NOVA Empire style Ariana

The dress is remarkable in that it is very easy to breathe in it. And although the classic Empire style is a long dress, the hem of which touches the floor, fashion houses are also experimenting with medium length. A delicate pendant and a hat with a veil will be a good accessory.

Short Empire

The neckline is always alluring and attractive. Choosing the right dress with the appropriate neckline on the chest, the bride will look elegant and magical at the same time.

High waisted

High waisted dress

Wedding dresses with a high waist are indicated for pregnant women. Regardless of the size of the belly, this outfit looks elegant and sophisticated.

For a bride with a term of up to five months, dresses with a straight silhouette and floor length will suit. As…

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