Beautiful wedding curls for loose long hair

Wedding hairstyles 2022: beautiful ideas for inspiration (with photo examples)

On the day of the wedding, every detail is important for the bride. A wedding hairstyle, almost like a dress, plays an important role in creating an impeccable image. It should be combined with makeup and dress, be comfortable and fashionable.

Beautiful wedding curls for loose long hair

Curls for long hair with wedding decoration

Wedding curls on blonde hair of medium length with a wreath of fresh flowers

TOP trendy wedding hairstyles 2022

Complex architectural structures made of hair on the head retreated to the second. Light, feminine hairstyles are now in fashion, without the use of hairpieces, bouffants and an incredible amount of varnish.

Wedding hairstyle for long hair with a crown

Light negligence, loose curls, simplicity – such hairstyles create a charming look.

high bridal hairstyle with embellishments

  1. soft curls

Incredibly feminine hairstyle – soft, flowing curls. Simple in execution technique, it gives the image a special charm.

Light bridal curls with headband decoration

Comfortable, not requiring many hours of preparation, curls create a romantic mood.

Wedding hairstyle - voluminous long curls

In the image of a bride, a wide voluminous headband with a minimum amount of jewelry to match the style of the dress is perfect for the hairstyle.

Volumetric curls of medium length for a wedding with a hairpin

  1. Afro curls

An unusual solution for a wedding hairstyle, but stylists are relentless – this is what you need to create an unforgettable look. Daring curls look playful.

Afro curls for wedding hair

With a light dress, not measured with sequins and beads, they look just great. The hairstyle is especially relevant for a wedding in the summer, on the beach or on a yacht.

Afro curls with fresh flower decorations - bride's hairstyle

You can emphasize the importance of hairstyles with the help of jewelry. A light tiara or a hairpin on one side will complete an incredible playful look. If nature has not rewarded you with such curls, stylists can easily fix this problem.

Afro curls on medium length blond hair - wedding hairstyle

The main advantage of the hairstyle is that the curls keep their shape well and do not need additional fixation.

  1. low ponytail

Incredibly simple yet feminine hairstyle.

Wedding hairstyle - voluminous low ponytail for long hair

An elegant low ponytail, framed by a flowing ribbon, looks elegant and concise. A delicate bezel with rhinestones will perfectly complement the image of the bride.

Hairstyle for a wedding - a low tail of wavy curls with decoration

  1. Volume beam

In 2022, a low bun is in the trend of wedding hairstyles. No need to strive for perfect smoothness and symmetry.

A voluminous low bun of medium length hair for an unadorned wedding

On the contrary, a slight negligence, a pair of loose curls and an ideal romantic and somewhat mysterious image of the bride is ready.

Bridal hairstyle: voluminous low bun of long hair with decoration of natural flowers

You can decorate the beam with any accessories. The simplicity of the hairstyle allows you to get a little carried away by the abundance of beads, rhinestones and ribbons. The main thing is a minimum of fixatives for styling, the beam should look as natural as possible.

Voluminous wedding hairstyle for long hair with decorations

  1. braids

If the proposed options are simple, bordering on everyday life, then braids, in any of their manifestations, are already more complex hairstyles.

Hairstyle for the wedding: unusual braiding of long hair with decorations

Stylists give a special place in the ranking of trendy wedding hairstyles 2022 to voluminous braids.

Hairstyle for a wedding - a long braid with a flower decoration

Any combination is welcome – a braid of two strands, smoothly turning into a braid of three strands. A tight headband made of a braid in one strand, descending onto the shoulders with an oblique slightly elongated strands. The more complex the idea, the more interesting the image looks.

Wedding hairstyle - braided long braid with decorations

Studs, invisible, ribbons are perfect for fixing, and the use of varnish is acceptable, in moderation.

Rose bridal hairstyle for long hair

  1. Harnesses

Fashion in wedding hairstyles 2022 adheres to minimalism. Light, flowing plaits or all hair collected in a plait is a hairstyle that does not require special stylist skills.

Wedding hairstyle for long hair

For all its simplicity, the styling looks festive, emphasizing the tenderness and femininity of the bride.

  1. Carelessly tied hair

The hairstyle looks like it was done yesterday or in haste. Meanwhile, it is precisely such images – extremely careless, painstakingly created by stylists.

Casual wedding hairstyle with decoration for long hair

A crumbling bun, an underbraided braid, a ponytail for uncombed hair, a sack of part of the hair at the back of the head – these are the hits of wedding hairstyles in 2022.

Hairstyle for a wedding - a sloppy bun of medium length hair

It should be understood that such a hairstyle requires the same easy look – a flowing dress, extremely natural makeup. For those who want to look bright and in all their splendor on such a significant day, you need to consider a more complex option for hair styling.

Casual wedding curls for medium hair with a diadem

  1. neat bun

Contrasts and contradictions are inherent in the trends for wedding hairstyles in 2022.

Neat high bun of medium length hair - wedding hairstyle 2022

If a sloppy loose bun is a little different from what you wanted to see on your head on your wedding day, then indulge in a more organized styling in the same style.

Low braided long hair bridal bun

A neatly assembled bundle of twisted strands and decorated with large beads is the limit of a feminine look. The most open face allows you to pay attention to jewelry.

Neatly gathered bun for long hair with wedding decoration

Wedding hairstyles 2022 for short hair

With hair from 30 cm long, creating incredible styling of any complexity is quite simple. What about girls with short hair? It should be noted right away that hairpieces have survived the peak of their popularity and today they are a sign of bad taste.

Wedding hairstyle for short hair

You can create a unique image, feminine and romantic, even for a short length without resorting to artificial parodies of hair.

  1. Curls

Tousled, knocking out curls on short hair look more interesting than on long ones. It is not at all difficult to make them yourself on a curling iron, curlers or using a diffuser. For the durability of styling, stylists recommend using a gel and strong fixation varnish.

Voluminous wedding curls for short hair

Styling should be used carefully. If it is a gel, mousse, foam – take a little on your fingertips, rub between your palms and apply to your hair. If it is varnish, you need to spray it at a distance of no closer than 25-30 cm.

  1. Greek

Antique style is associated with femininity, modesty and aesthetics. Greek-style styling can be done even on very short hair.

Greek style wedding hairstyle for short hair

For a length of no more than 10 cm, curled curls are collected at the back and fixed with invisibility. For longer hair, you can use a Greek elastic band.

Wedding hairstyle for short hair with decoration

  1. Weaving

A French braid on one side with slightly elongated strands looks incredibly feminine.

Weave - wedding hairstyle for short hair

Weaving can be decorated with hairpins, flowers, hairpins. A low veil is perfect for such styling.

Wedding hairstyle for medium hair with decoration

  1. Haircut styling

If there is no desire to invent something or the possible options do not fit, the easiest and at the same time winning way to make a haircut. Jewelry looks especially interesting on straight shiny hair.

Wedding hairstyle with decoration for short hair

This styling opens up opportunities for bright makeup and an unusual dress.

How to choose a hairstyle for a wedding

Choosing your ideal image for a wedding, it is important to consider not only the length of the hair and personal preferences.

The main rules for choosing a hairstyle:

  • practicality and reliability.

No amount of beauty and incredible level of craftsmanship displayed in styling can surpass practicality. The bride’s hairstyle is not done for an hour, but for the whole day, during which you will have to go through a lot – a photo session, dancing, weather features, congratulatory hugs and much more. It is important that the hairstyle retains its original appearance, and the bride on the photographs at the beginning of the day and at the end looked equally delightful;

  • convenience.

A wedding is a pretty eventful day, so the bride should not just look…

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