wet lash effect

Wet eyelash effect: features of extension technology 2022 with photo examples

It is impossible not to agree that every woman wants to look well-groomed and attractive, regardless of the weather and time of day. However, the pace of life of a modern beauty has accelerated so much over the past twenty years that a fashionista cannot always devote enough time to applying exquisite professional makeup.

wet lash effect

In such cases, many women turn to beauty salons for help, where they are offered a wide range of services that allow them to create a delightful image, and most importantly, preserve the result of the procedure for a long time.

Wet eyelash extension effect

You must have often heard the expression: “the eyes are the mirror of the soul.” We will not confirm or refute this statement. We only add that beautiful eye makeup is the calling card of any girl.

Eyelash extensions

In order to create a wide, deep and attractive look, first of all, attention should be paid to the appearance of the eyelashes.

Wet eyelashes 3D

A popular salon treatment for natural hairs is Botox. The service helps to strengthen, restore and stimulate the growth of eyelashes. Saturated with vitamins and nutrients, the bristles become elastic, shiny and silky, acquire a rich color, graceful curve and extra volume.

Healing natural eyelashes with Botox

Eyelash lamination is a less gentle procedure, but even it brings more benefits than potential harm. By daring to treat natural hairs with a special composition, you will give them a beautiful curved shape, add splendor and heal the bristles, so that they will gain elasticity and healthy shine.

Curl shaping with eyelash lamination

Permanent coloring, which is available with soft paint or natural henna, will help to abandon everyday makeup.

Coloring eyelashes with black paint

However, eyelash extensions are still the most demanded beauty procedure with a guarantee of an instant and lasting effect.

Permanent eyelash tinting with black henna

In this article, we will dwell on the features of the technology with the effect of wet eyelashes.

Eyelash extensions in a beauty salon

Fact about eyelashes

The first false eyelashes appeared at the beginning of the 20th century, in 1927. But, they were not very convenient, they often peeled off due to the imperfection of the adhesives.

What is the effect of wet eyelash extensions

Wet eyelashes are a common extension technique that involves the use of artificial hairs of different lengths next to each other. Bristle brushing creates the appearance of tangle, bringing the look of lashes one step closer to natural lashes.

The effect is enhanced by attaching the hairs at a certain angle. As a result, the client’s eyelashes look like she just got out of the shower, pool, sea or other water area.

eyelash extensions

How wet effect eyelash extensions work in 2022

The procedure is divided into several stages, for each of which there is a well-defined algorithm of actions.

Wet effect eyelash extensions

Preparation for the procedure of “wet” eyelash extensions

  1. Lashmaker consultation. The client voices her preferences in terms of volume to the master, who, in turn, is obliged to evaluate the shape of the face, the fit of the eyes and the condition of the customer’s natural eyelashes, select the appropriate length, thickness and material for artificial bristles, and offer an extension scheme.
Wet effect in eyelash extensions

  1. Allergy tests. The specialist clarifies the client’s individual tolerance to the components of the adhesive composition. When the safety of the procedure is in question, the girl is offered to test the remedy by applying a few drops to the elbow bend for 20 minutes. If redness, rashes, etc. do not appear on the skin, proceed to the next step.
Fashion eyelash extension

  1. Disinfection. The master treats the tools, as well as his gloved hands with an antiseptic.
Wet lash extension effect

Wet eyelash extension procedure

  1. The girl is offered to lie down on the couch face up.
Wet lash effect for everyday look

  1. The master performs make-up removal or removes the remnants of previous artificial hairs.
Wet effect combined with 2D volume

  1. Eyelashes are degreased with a special solution.
Wet effect 3D eyelash extensions

  1. The specialist protects the lower hairs and the skin under the eyes from possible ingress of glue with the help of hydrogel patches.
Tangled artificial hairs in the technique of wet effect

  1. The hairs are combed with a special brush, evenly distributing them along the edge of the patch.
Trendy wet effect in the design of eyelash extensions

  1. The lash maker applies an extension scheme to the upper eyelid or works with the image, depending on the level of skill.
Eyelash extension technology

  1. Artificial cilia are collected in bunches or attached one by one to natural ones at such an angle at which they will touch.
Wet effect technique

Completion of work on “wet” eyelash extensions

  1. The master removes the pads from under the eyes, which are still closed.
Eyelashes in the technique of

  1. After 5-10 minutes, the glue will dry completely, and the eyes can be opened.
Wet effect eyelash shaping

  1. The specialist examines the acquired eyelashes of the client and combs them.
Wet look lashes

How much eyelash volume can be created using the wet effect extension technique 2022

To create the effect of wet eyelashes, all available volumes are suitable, namely:

  • partial volume (a 1-0-1-0 extension scheme is used, that is, an artificial one is glued to one natural eyelash, the neighboring bristle remains intact – and so on throughout the entire eyelash row);
Eyelash extensions in the

  • classic extension (extension scheme 1-1-1-1: the volume remains the same, and the length of the eyelashes increases);
Classic eyelash extension

  • volume 1.5D (building scheme: 1-2-1-2);
One and a half volume extensions for short lashes

  • volume 2D (building scheme: 2-2-2-2);
Wet effect 2D

  • volume 2.5D (building scheme: 2-3-2-3);
  • 3D volume (building pattern: 3-3-3-3), etc.

In what cases should you refuse extensions with the effect of wet eyelashes?

The wet effect of eyelash extensions is not suitable for girls with:

  • curly eyelashes;
  • lowered or straight natural bristles;
  • weakened and thin eyelashes;
  • eye infections;
  • suppuration and skin diseases in the eye area;
  • chemotherapy that has been less than 6 months old;
  • asthma;
  • pregnant women;
  • taking strong antibiotics.
Curly natural eyelashes

What are the positive aspects of the method of eyelash extension “wet effect”

The main advantages of the methodology include:

  • natural look of eyelashes, regardless of volume;
  • expressive look;
  • no need to paint eyelashes every day;
  • attractiveness regardless of the time of day;
  • stable result;
  • a wide range of parameters of artificial hairs;
  • simple care.
eyelash extension procedure


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