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Wet makeup: how to make a wet effect on the skin and eyelids

Radiant makeup: how to make a trendy effect on the skin and eyelids

The effect of glossy radiant skin is one of the makeup trends today. Here’s how to get the glow you want without looking like it’s all because of the heat.

Necessary cosmetics

Wet makeup

You can achieve the effect of radiant and moist skin with the help of special cosmetics. Each brand has corresponding products, so you can choose both a budget tool and a luxury one.

Wet makeup has replaced the matte one, which has been a leader for a long time. The main advantage of a wet make-up is the ability to give the face a fresh and rested look, while matte emphasizes mimic wrinkles.

Liquid highlighter

Loreal liquid highlighter

The main cosmetic product needed to create the effect of radiance on the skin is a highlighter. There are dry and liquid. We choose the second option, since it is more suitable for creating the desired glossy effect on the skin. A suitable product is available in the brands L’Oreal Paris, Vivienne Sabo, NYX, Oriflame, etc.

Foundation Luminous

Luminous Silk Foundation by Giorgio Armani

The foundation with the prefix Luminous in the name creates a velvety effect on the skin, and small light-reflecting particles in the composition help the skin to naturally glow. Makeup artists most often highlight Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation, DIVAGE LUMINOUS Illuminating Soft Foundation, Tony Moly Luminous Goddess BB cream, etc.

Makeup fixing spray

Makeup fixing spray

Despite the fact that we create a shiny wet effect on the skin, it is necessary to use a fixation spray, as with a matte version. This tool will allow you to save the “drawing” and look 100% during a photo shoot, wedding, banquet, etc.


palette Naked Reloaded, Urban Decay

For wet makeup on the eyelids, appropriate shadows are needed. The most popular option is the Naked Reloaded, Urban Decay palette.


Waterproof mascara

When creating the effect of moisture on the skin, lengthening mascara is suitable. It is important to ensure that each eyelash is neatly separated from each other and does not resemble the legs of a spider. It’s a completely different story.

Features of applying makeup with a wet effect

How to do wet look makeup

In order for the skin to look fresh and glossy, it is important not only to use the right cosmetics, but also to follow the order in which they are applied, to adhere to a number of nuances.

  • The textures used when creating makeup should be cream or liquid. Dry cosmetic products with reflective particles are not suitable.
  • The first step before creating a wet effect on the skin is deep cleansing and preparation. We cleanse the skin with a scrub, then moisturize with serum and day cream. We wait 5-7 minutes and proceed to apply the next product.
  • Don’t go overboard with creamy textures. Apply with a sponge to remove excess.


Beautiful wet makeup

To make daytime makeup with a wet effect, you must follow the instructions from the country’s leading makeup artists.

Stage 1: skin preparation

cute makeup
Gentle make-up like a child's

The most important step in applying wet makeup is preparing the skin. The better this work is done, the smoother and more effective the decorative cosmetics will be.

  • First of all, we scrub the skin;
  • Then moisturize with cream and serum;
  • We apply the radiant base as a separate product under the tonal foundation, or mix it with it in a ratio of 1 to 1.

Stage 2: correction

baby face makeup example
baby face makeup

We use a tonal tool with reflective particles. Then we perform a correction with a cream highlighter and blush.

Do not powder your face, it should shine!

Stage 3: eye makeup

Bright eye makeup with a wet effect
Wet nude makeup

To make the eyelid look like wet, apply shadows, and then use a special gloss or regular lip balm on top without additional effects, so as not to cause irritation.

Stage 4: fix

Wet eye shadow
Brilliant makeup

Make-up with the effect of wet skin lasts as long as possible. it needs to be fixed. To do this, we use a special spray fixative, not powder.

Step 5: Extra Humidity

Wet lavender makeup
Wet red makeup

If the make-up looks insufficiently hydrated, you can correct the situation with Vaseline. Rub a small amount in the palms of your hands and apply to the movable eyelid, cheekbones, tip of the nose, forehead and neck. We do it over makeup.

If a. on the contrary, there is too much humidity, we use matting wipes in areas where it is necessary.

Who will suit?

Wet makeup photo

Makeup with the effect of wet skin is considered to be youthful, as it advantageously refreshes the face and gives the image a touch of romance and sexuality. It feels like the girl just got out of the shower.

Creamy textured make-up with reflective particles does not hide blemishes as well as matte products. Therefore, if the skin has acne, post-acne, scars, etc., it is recommended to give preference to a combined make-up. To do this, makeup artists use cream and dry textures at the same time. This allows you to hide imperfections as much as possible and adjust the oval.

How do you like such a fashionable make-up, would you repeat it?

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