Blond eyelash extensions

What a beautiful look is made of in 2022: an overview of eyelash extension materials with photo examples

There are many myths about the materials from which eyelash extensions are made. Rumor has it that natural silk is used in production, as well as the fur of fur animals. The use of professionalisms in the conversation of eyelash artists with clients, such as “sable”, “mink”, “marten” or even “goat”, only fuels these rumors. Is this really true and will animal rights activists be interested in beauty salons in the near future? We will tell you everything about the materials for the production of eyelash extensions in our publication.

Blond eyelash extensions

Beautiful names – “mink”, “sable” and “silk” have little in common with raw materials for creating hairs. In terms of structure, softness and velvety, polymeric materials for manufacturing, however, resemble furs and noble fabrics, but their base is synthetic.

Modern materials allow you to give any volume to the hairs and at the same time look natural.

And beautiful names are a successful marketing ploy that brings profit to manufacturers. So what are hair extensions made of and what is the peculiarity of these materials, you should know before going to the master for the procedure.

Artificial hairs look so natural that it is difficult to distinguish them from natural ones.

Do they use animal fur in the manufacture of eyelash extensions in 2022

In fact, natural materials for eyelash extensions are used, but not very widely. One such material is rubber, which is obtained from the exotic hevea tree. Strong and elastic thin threads are made from it, which are then processed into cilia.

eyelash extensions

The price of such products is quite high, but this is justified by the positive qualities of the material. For example, such eyelashes withstand moisture test well.

eyelash extensions bridge

The fur of fur animals is also used for eyelash extensions. Before use, wool is treated with special compounds to improve the characteristics of the material. This material has the undeniable advantage of the villi being very light and do not weigh down your own eyelashes. But there are many more disadvantages, and therefore the use of fur for building is extremely rare:

  • Possibility of allergic reactions;
  • The time of use is limited to 2 weeks;
  • You can not use means for coloring eyelashes;
  • Moisture resistance is practically at zero;
  • A very expensive material.
Eyelash jewelry

In addition, natural materials can be used to create spectacular decor. For example, the down and feathers of a swan, peacock, pheasant, ostrich are dyed in various colors and glued to the eyelid, continuing the row of extended eyelashes. Such intricate decoration can be used for special occasions or special events.

Feather eyelash decor

Red feather eyelashes

As for the specific designations of cilia with the names of animals, in this way professionals distinguish the material by diameter.

  • Silk

Pretty thin bristles, so suitable for everyday use. The weight of 2-3 eyelashes corresponds to the weight of one natural eyelash, and therefore there is no additional load on your own eyelashes. Such materials can achieve the required volume, while maintaining the natural appearance of the ciliary row. The villi can be matte or glossy.

Silk eyelash extensions

The color of the products is close to natural, which allows them to be used with any hair color and not look unnatural. With a long nose, the ends of the eyelashes are deformed, which is a noticeable disadvantage.

  • Sable

In terms of thickness, such cilia are the largest. This material allows you to create a unique image, more suitable for special occasions or holiday photo shoots. They are difficult to wear everyday, because. have a large weight and high rigidity, in addition, long-term wearing can deform natural eyelashes.

Eyelash extensions sable

But the material creates a spectacular image due to the rich color, large volume and smooth bend. They have a glossy texture.

  • Mink

The most popular extension option. The material has a medium diameter, the villi are thin and light to allow you to wear them for a long time. The texture of the eyelashes is matte, the color is quite saturated, which allows you to refuse to use mascara while wearing it. More suitable for brunettes, for blondes and fair-haired girls, additional coloring is recommended to create a more natural look.

Mink eyelash extensions

A big plus of this material is moisture resistance, so you don’t have to give up your usual lifestyle and favorite activities.

With the appearance of new materials in the industry, new designations “fox”, “squirrel” or “marten” appear among specialists. What is meant by this should be clarified directly with your master.

From the beginning of the demand for artificial eyelashes to the present, they are made from synthetic monofilaments. This is due to the large number of advantages over natural materials:

  • hypoallergenic and safe for the eyes;
  • resistant to moisture;
  • maintain the necessary bend throughout the entire time of wearing;
  • resistant to sunlight.

What are artificial eyelash extensions made of in 2022

All hairs are based on synthetic fibers, they are cheap to manufacture, it can be given any color, length and volume, so the masters offer us different formats of eyelash extensions.

Extension products

Most often, 3 materials are used in production: polished acrylic, PBT fiber and polyester, which are also divided into classes: standard, premium and VIP premium. In addition, silicone eyelashes can be noted, which unexpectedly showed the best results in the application.

Materials differ in thickness, length and bend

Natural fur and silk will not stand the test of water, wind and temperature differences that we subject our face to on the street. In addition, the structure of the hairs of fur animals and fabrics is heterogeneous, easily loses its shape depending on environmental changes and often causes allergic reactions, which will not affect your appearance for the better.

Eyelash extensions in a jar

All materials used are safe for health

The beautiful names of artificial eyelashes are symbols of different materials, which determined the physical qualities of the hairs, in the form of silkiness, density and volume.

Modern materials for artificial eyelashes allow you to achieve different effects and density.

Six effects are available for women to transform their image

Salons and masters can offer us several types of hairs that are made on a synthetic basis. Using these materials, the likelihood that an allergic reaction to eyelashes will appear is extremely small, and they will last much longer than natural furs and silks.

Synthetic material has excellent physical qualities compared to fur and silk

  • polished acrylic

The material is considered obsolete and has a lot of shortcomings that have not been corrected since the formation of the industry for the manufacture of artificial eyelashes. Polished acrylic has an unnatural glossy sheen and is difficult to produce a uniform thickness of hairs, usually 0.25 mm in diameter.

Colored eyelash extensions

The use of products from this material is gradually fading away, due to the unnaturalness of the result. The hairs are dense and hard, of the same color and length, with the same bend and diameter. Texture with an unnatural sheen.

Thick hairs are great for Hollywood or theatrical effect.

Eyelashes created the necessary volume and density, but it looked spectacular only from afar, they looked extremely defiant up close, so most masters refused …

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