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What are afro curls and how they are made on pigtails without a curling iron

The essence of a fashionable Afro-curl hairstyle with artificial strands

Curls do not cease to be relevant for several seasons. This year, you can replace how the number of girls with voluminous wavy hair has increased. But how did they manage to grow such a length, and even wind each strand so carefully?

We tell you what the essence of fashionable afro curls is and how they are actually made.

What are the types of afro curls?

Afro curl photo examples

A year ago, afro curls took a lot of time, and the hairstyle lasted only a couple of days. The masters had to use a curling iron with a diameter of no more than a pencil and twist millimeter strands. The procedure took up to 6-8 hours. And the most annoying thing is that the effect lasted only a couple of days. It was worth washing your hair, as the curls “fell”.

Another option to get small curls is to do a perm. True, even the most modern and sparing composition negatively affects the condition of the hair: the structure deteriorates, becomes porous and hard.

Finally there is an alternative!

More recently, such a service as afro curls has appeared in salons for a long time without harm to hair, without curling irons and chemical compounds. The hairstyle retains its original appearance for 4-6 weeks (for some up to 8 weeks).

What is the point?

Afro curls – this is not a long-term hair styling, as many people think. This is a new perfect technology for weaving artificial hair into your own.

Fashionable afro curls example

Own hair is absolutely not spoiled during this procedure, since it is not treated with any chemical compounds, it is not exposed to hot temperatures, as in lamination procedures, keratin straightening, etc.

How are modern afro curls made?

Girl with trendy afro curls

To get a stylish and voluminous hairstyle – afro curls, you need to find a good master and make sure that he has the right skills. To do this, we request photos and videos of past work. It is desirable to have pictures taken not only immediately after the procedure, but also after 5-6 weeks, when the client came to remove the false strands.


Red afro curls

Modern afro curls involve attaching artificial wavy strands to your own natural hair. This happens through the preliminary weaving of braids. They also serve as a framework.

  • The first stage is preparatory. The master carefully washes the client’s head, dries.
  • Then the frame of the future hairstyle is formed. It is spikelets from the marginal line of the forehead to the tips. The minimum length of your own hair must be at least 10 cm, otherwise you will not be able to create a reliable frame.
  • When natural hair is braided, the master proceeds to building. A small strand is threaded into each link of the braid and fixed with a knot. This continues until the entire head is covered with artificial hair.


Pink afro curls

When creating modern afro curls, the client has the opportunity to change the hair color without dyeing. To do this, just select the strands of the desired shade and ask the master to build them up. Your own hair under a mop of curls is completely invisible, so you can choose the most extreme colors.

Afro curls are a great opportunity to change beyond recognition in a few hours without harming your own hair.

How to wash your hair?

Afro curls ombre

With an Afro-curl hairstyle, it is not recommended to wash your hair often. Usually washing is carried out once every 7-10 days. To do this, artificial curls are divided into several parts and collected in braids. They are not recommended to get wet. Shampoo is applied only to the roots with gentle massaging movements. Then, using the shower, the composition is gently washed off. During the procedure, it is better to ask for help from loved ones so as not to spoil the hairstyle.

How long to wear?

Girl with African braids

Afro curls are usually not worn for more than 6 weeks. During this time, it is not possible to wash your own hair with high quality, and the roots grow back, which is why the hairstyle loses its attractive appearance.


Afro curls photo

Afro curls are not corrected. Re-strands are not used, because they become unusable.

This hairstyle is very different from hair extensions, where natural strands are used, and during the correction, only the composition with which they are attached to native hair is replaced.

You can shoot afro curls, both on your own and by contacting the master. The second option is preferable. because the specialist will do everything quickly and accurately.

How do you like this hairstyle, are you ready to make yourself?

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