Список лучших кремов для лица с гиалуроновой кислотой

What are the creams with hyaluronic acid and collagen in the pharmacy?

List of the best face creams with hyaluronic acid

Cosmetics and hyaluron injections have become very popular, a wide range of face creams with this substance is on the market. To get the best possible result, you need to know how the main component works, as well as choose the product according to skin type and age. Choosing a good tool guarantees a positive result.

The effect of hyaluronic acid on the skin

Skin hydration

Hyaluronic acid It is a mucopolysaccharide that is distributed throughout the tissues of the body. The proportion of intercellular substance varies in different parts of the human body. The minimum amount is found in tooth enamel and blood plasma, the maximum is in cartilage and nervous tissue, as well as in the vitreous body of the eye.

The need for hyaluronic acid for youthful skin was discussed in the thirties of the last century. In 1934, two American scientists Carl Meyer and John Polymer were able to obtain a mucopolysaccharide for the first time.

Since then, they began to actively study the beneficial properties of the substance, finding their application in various fields. For several decades in a row, hyaluronic acids have been obtained from rooster combs, bull horns, fish eyes, etc. At the moment, scientists have learned how to generate a component artificially, which made it possible to use it in various cosmetic products and procedures.

Application area Hyaluronic acid is different, it can be divided into two types:

  • Cosmetology (creams, serums, injections, etc.);
  • Not cosmetic. Medical products with hyaluron are used in pediatrics, traumatology, gerontology, ophthalmology, etc.

Cream with hyaluronic acid

The molecules of the substance themselves are divided into three groups, depending on the size and molecular weight. There is something called:

  • Fine fraction (total weight up to 30 kDalton);
  • Middle fraction (from 30 to 100 kDalton);
  • Large fraction (over 100 kDalton).

Depending on the fraction, the purpose of hyaluronic acid is determined, since each includes its own set of characteristics.

Low molecular weight fine fraction substances have excellent antiseptic and healing properties. Therefore, they are used for burns, trophic ulcers, herpetic eruptions, psoriasis. Substances with a small molecular size are also included in creams, namely sodium hyaluronate is used. It is able to penetrate deep through the upper layers of the dermis.

Medium molecular weight substances prevent the reproduction and migration of cells, which makes them indispensable in medicines in the treatment of eye diseases and arthritis.

Macromolecular compounds large fractions perfectly stimulate cellular processes and retain moisture around them. These properties made it possible to use hyaluronic acid in cosmetology, as well as surgery and ophthalmology.

Hyaluronic acid is broken down and synthesized every day. With age, starting from about 30 years, the synthesis of the substance slows down. Therefore, tissues lose elasticity, moisture and the aging process starts.

The disappearance of hyaluronic acid in the body is not the only cause of wrinkles. However, this is one of the losses that we can make up for with the help of cosmetics.

When hyaluron enters the dermis, wrinkles, folds and cracks are filled. The acid speeds up the regeneration process and also keeps the skin hydrated. It is known that one molecule of a substance is capable of accumulating up to a thousand molecules of water.

Benefits of hyaluronic acid creams

Applying moisturizer

Various components are used in anti-aging cosmetics: extracts of medicinal plants, collagen, antioxidants, and even nanocomplexes.

Creams with hyaluronic acid act on the skin in the following ways: moisturizing, wrinkle filling, antioxidant properties. However, cosmetic products with this substance have several advantages before other means:

  • Fast pronounced effect;
  • Does not cause an allergic reaction;
  • The cream forms a thin invisible layer on the skin that protects the dermis from negative factors;
  • Saturates cells with moisture without disturbing other metabolic processes;
  • Eliminates peeling, a feeling of dryness, which is typical for owners of dry skin;
  • Promotes wound healing, accelerates regeneration processes;
  • Suitable for problem skin, reduces acne.

Anti-aging cream with hyaluronic acid has no contraindications and is recommended even for pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding.

How to choose a cream?

Wrinkles around the eyes

The choice of cream must be approached very seriously. After all, it is this cosmetic product that you will apply to your face in the next couple of months, whether or not you get the expected result.

When choosing a product, pay attention to composition, age of the consumer and acid concentration, depending on skin type.

A good cosmetic should contain the following substances:

  • The cream should contain hyaluronic acid, and not salts based on it. If the package is not clearly clear what is the main active ingredient, then it is better not to take such a product;
  • Retinol or its derivatives. This substance is useful for nourishing and moisturizing the upper layer of the skin;
  • Oils. They are an excellent way to nourish dry skin, and also create a protective layer on the face;
  • Vitamin complexes. The lack of vitamins and minerals in the body leads to dryness, aging and other skin problems. Vitamin A, B, C, E, P and others will make the skin healthier and more radiant;
  • The presence of an SPF factor. This indicator ensures that your skin is protected from harmful UV rays. It is advisable to give preference to creams whose SPF textures start at 15.

Creams with hyaluronic acid are recommended for girls over 25 years old.

It is at this age that the aging process begins. Although the changes are imperceptible at first, now the skin needs more intense hydration than before 25. It is recommended to use creams from high molecular weight substances that will create a thin invisible film on the surface of the dermis and retain moisture.

Hyaluronic acid injectionAfter 30 years, you need to choose products with a wider chemical composition. It is recommended to use creams with the addition of fatty acids. Anti-aging cosmetics (after 40) includes a whole range of useful anti-aging agents: various fruit acids, elastin, retinol, collagen, etc.

Often we wonder about the difference in the cost of products. The price of cosmetics with hyaluronic acid is affected by whether it contains high-molecular or low-molecular substances.

Much more expensive than a cream with low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. Its feature is that the component is able to penetrate deep into the layers of the dermis, nourishing the tissues without…

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