Haircut Fashion Trends 2022

What haircuts to do in 2022: an overview of current trends with photo examples

Beauties love change, and a periodic change in image can radically transform mood or even fate. Fashion for women’s hairstyles is fast-paced. If yesterday styling was relevant, today it has already gone out of trend. Salon masters will tell you in detail what haircuts to do in 2022.

Haircut Fashion Trends 2022

Features of trendy haircuts 2022

A spectacular hairstyle is the dream of every beauty who follows fashion trends. A new image should not only transform, but also give self-confidence, cheer up and renew from the inside. A well-chosen haircut changes the way you feel.

beautiful haircut

In 2022, stylists identify 4 fashion trends:

  1. Naturalness. Naturalness is welcomed in the hairstyle. Wavy curls and straight lines are relevant, emphasizing the beauty of the hair.
  2. Layering. A great option to give volume to thin, lifeless hairs. The technique is suitable for both short and long hairstyles.
  3. Thoughtful proportions. When choosing a haircut, they are guided by the individual characteristics of the face. Laying will easily hide the flaws, emphasize the dignity and make the eyes more expressive.
  4. Various bangs. Elements are back in trend. The shape, length and method of styling bangs depends on the characteristics of the hairstyle. Suitable for both long and short hair.
Fashionable female image with a beautiful haircut

A haircut of any complexity will open only on healthy, strong and shiny curls. As in the past couple of years, in 2022 they are demanding on the condition of the hair.

Beautiful haircut in 2022

Coloring and styling negatively affect the structure and appearance of the hair. Regular salon procedures for healing and strengthening will keep curls attractive.

beautiful hairstyles

Fashion haircuts-2022

The most fashionable short haircuts 2022

Stylists are inspired by retro looks, so in 2022, hairstyles that were popular 20-30 years ago are returning.

1. For example, an elegant hatthat Demi Moore had in the movie Ghost.

Fashionable haircut-hat

Haircuts are characterized by:

  • short “leg”;
  • shaped whiskey;
  • smooth transition to the volume crown.
Haircut cap with curls

The hairstyle looks equally good on both thick hair and soft curls. Haircut perfectly adapts to the face of any shape. For beauties with a slightly elongated oval, an elongated bang is used, for fashionistas with cheeks (“pear”) – a cascade. The hair at the crown is worn both flat and in the form of curls.

Women with thin, sparse hair often do not know which haircuts are best for 2022.

2. Another retro find will come to the rescue – a mullet.

An extravagant version in a modern design implies a smooth transition from short to long curls. The hairstyle is suitable for both young ladies and middle-aged ladies. The only requirement is the thin structure of a woman.

Modified mullet haircut

3. Among the popular short haircuts, the bob does not lose ground. One of the most variable styling, which, with a slight change in execution technique, looks new.

fashion bob hairstyle

The classic version looks great on even and curly hair, on thick and thin curls. Options with a modified location of the parting (on the side) or with an extension (just below the chin) look luxurious.

Bob haircut modifications

Among the trends of 2022, there are many very short haircuts.

4. For women of fashion with feminine features, stylists recommend pixies. The option is perfect for beauties who do not have time for many hours of styling. The hairstyle has a heavily shaved back of the head, shaped temples and the crown, turning into bangs.

Feminine pixie hairstyle

To hide the fullness of the face, masters often make an asymmetrical (angular) forelock.

5. Garcon is a bright trend in 2022. The haircut has smoother edges and smoother transitions than the pixie. Hairstyle will help fashionistas with heavy or thick hair to make the image memorable, expressive.

Garcon haircut fashionable in 2022

The option is suitable for beauties with perfect facial features. For young ladies with asymmetry in appearance, we recommend choosing a multi-layer gavroche.

Garcon haircut options

6. If you are tired of long hair, then stylists offer an ultra-short haircut. The female analogue of the buzz cut is a bright trend in 2022. Curls are cut almost to zero, and the remaining hedgehog is painted with bright colors.

Ultra-short trendy haircut buzz cut

The hairstyle looks on an oval face, so it is ideal for both teenage girls and middle-aged ladies.

Fashionable haircuts 2022 for medium hair

Medium length hair is a versatile option that is popular with modern fashionistas. Caring for curls is much easier than long ones. The image can be radically changed by putting the hair in a high hairstyle or leaving it loose.

1. Long bob does not lose popularity in 2022. Hair grows a little longer than in the classic version of the haircut. Curls should be below the chin, but above the line of the shoulders. The perfect solution for oval and square faces.

Bob haircut medium length

The asymmetric version looks very original, which has an average length of the back of the head and long front parts.

Fashionable bob haircut: styling options

If you need volume, then use a bean with graduation (multilayer).

Graduated bob haircut

2. Classic straight bob with curls up to the shoulders again returned to the catwalks. The hairstyle is appropriate both with a bang and without it. Haircut looks luxurious on thick, straight hair, ideal for any face shape.

Fashionable caret for medium hair

The edge of the hairstyle happens:

  • even;
  • oblique asymmetrical;
  • torn.

Young ladies with wavy hair can slightly modernize the classic bob. If the length of the hair is up to the shoulders, then when styling it is worth emphasizing the natural beauty of natural curls. In the hairstyle, a basal volume is required, which is obtained with a light pile.

Fashionable double caret for long hair

On the catwalks, double haircut options are increasingly common: classic bob to the chin, straight curls from the back of the head to the shoulders. The modification looks great both with bangs (asymmetrical, elongated, short), and without it.

3. Aurora – a universal haircut that looks perfect on medium length hair and emphasizes the beauty of an oval face. The execution technique was slightly adapted to the trends of 2022, so there is a lot of natural naturalness in it.

Aurora hairstyle fashionable in 2022

Weak hairs are masked under torn edges and multi-layer thinning. The hairstyle has many styling options.

4. Fans of slight negligence stylists recommend paying attention to shaggy. Curls are cut in layers, creating a shaggy effect.

Shaggy: trendy hairstyle

The option is used for a triangular face. To style your hair, a foam or salt spray is enough. In the haircut, a bang is required, which can be torn, ultra-short or “blind”.

5. Fashionable women with medium length hair stylists recommend retro waves. Beautiful textured styling, like Hollywood movie stars of the 30s, looks luxurious.

Fashion retro curls

The classic version is suitable for an oval and square face, but with a slight transformation it adapts to any shape. Hairstyle is evening and for every day.

Fashionable hairstyle Textured curls

Haircut trends 2022 for long hair

Long well-groomed hair looks amazing. Regular cutting of curls is the same mandatory procedure as for beauties with short and medium length. The master not only forms the styling, but also …

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