Hardware resurfacing of the skin of the feet with a special nozzle - a rounded polisher

What is a pedicure and what does it include in 2022, with photo examples

Contrary to popular belief, a pedicure performed by a qualified specialist is not just beautifully designed nails.

Hardware resurfacing of the skin of the feet with a special nozzle - a rounded polisher

A standard session includes a set of procedures:

  • care with healing and regenerating drugs;
  • careful treatment of heels, feet and fingers, nail plates;
  • decorative nail design.

All operations are performed in stages, giving the skin of the feet and nails a neat, well-groomed appearance.

Processing nails with a nail file during a pedicure

The pedicure procedure is recommended for both women and men. After all, the problem of foot health exists, regardless of gender or age. The result of regular visits to the nail master is noticeable almost immediately: the legs hurt less, they look healthy, and the skin pleases with its velvety and pleasant, natural color.

Milk bath for feet

Such heels and nails can be proudly shown in open shoes, without any doubt go on vacation or visit the pool. We will talk about what a proper pedicure is and what techniques exist in this article.

What does a modern master do when performing a pedicure

The condition of the legs, skin and nail plates is individual for each person. That is why an experienced specialist begins his work with a thorough examination. It determines whether care procedures were carried out, and for how long, whether the nails are healthy, whether there are painful cracks and fungus on the skin.

The softened cuticle is moved by the spade-shaped end of the pusher

Based on the results of the analysis, the master selects the most suitable set of procedures and recommends it to the client. Sometimes the nails and skin of the feet require a course of procedures. If the condition is excellent, then there are no contraindications.

Formation of the edges of the nail plates with a cylindrical cutter with diamond coating

With all the differences, the methods of processing toenails have a number of common steps:

  • removal of old coatings, extended nails;
  • softening and removal of the cuticle, keratinized skin on the lateral ridges and fingertips;
  • elimination of corns, cracks, dead skin on the entire area of ​​the feet;
  • treatment of ingrown nail plates;
  • the formation of marigolds according to the chosen nail design, to the desired length.
Sanding of treated leather on side rolls and feet

The number and duration of procedures, processing stages entirely depend on the health and appearance of the feet, chosen by the master of tools. So, a hardware or edged technique allows you to complete all the steps in half an hour. And spa treatments take time.

Applying a base coat of varnish for a decorative nail design

Fact about pedicure

Since manual care of neglected feet requires a lot of effort, a more modern solution was required. In the 60s of the XX century, the first pedicure routers with sets of nozzles appeared on sale.

The main steps for working with legs when performing a pedicure with coating

The main methods of processing and caring for the feet and nail plates on the legs in 2022

There are several common processing methods, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Paraffin therapy for feet

Healing express pedicure without decorative coating

  • Classical or edged is made with tools that are well known to everyone – wire cutters, pushers, scissors, saws and buffs, scrapers. At the same time, there is a risk of cuts and injuries if the master does not have enough experience.
Classic pedicure with trimming of the cuticle and dead skin on the side rollers with nippers

Shifting the cuticle with trimming pedicure technology

Polishing the nail plates with a buff

The final stage of the classical technique with the application of a decorative coating

  • With hardware, as the name implies, a milling cutter and a set of cutter nozzles and polishers are used. Does not require steaming the legs, eliminates the risk of skin damage.
The stage of cleaning pterygium with a soft conical cutter during a hardware pedicure

Milling of side rollers

Alignment and formation of the free edge of the nail plates during hardware pedicure

  • The combined method allows you to combine different techniques, including edged and hardware, at the discretion of the specialist.
Hardware grinding of rough skin of the feet in the process of performing a combined pedicure

Milling of the side rollers with a combined pedicure technique

Pushing the cuticle and cleaning out the pterygium with a pusher

Trimming the nail plates with a disposable file

  • The European method is more gentle. Softeners are used instead of cutting tools.
Shifting softened cuticles with orange sticks during a European pedicure

Formation of the free edges of the nails with a European unedged pedicure

Beautiful legs are the result of a European unedged pedicure

  • Japanese pedicure is a care and healing technique based on national traditions and folk medicine.
Bath for softening the skin and nail plates with healing or regenerating extracts, sea salt

Processing the edges of the nail plates with a file

An amazing result of foot and nail care according to the Japanese method

  • Medical procedures are performed only by qualified doctors. They treat infected and damaged nails, skin, remove warts, ingrown plates.
The procedure for prosthetic nails in the presence of a fungus

Correction of an ingrown nail with a special nozzle

Treatment of a damaged nail during a medical pedicure

  • SPA procedures include various types of care and wellness manipulations, relaxing melodies, without the use of cutting tools or milling cutters, decorative coatings.
Herbal foot bath

Therapeutic foot mask after a relaxing bath

Revitalizing foot and toe massage

A pedicure made by an experienced master is a guarantee of healthy, beautiful feet. Relieving pain, preventing the development of skin diseases and deformations of the nail plates, the procedure improves overall well-being, has a beneficial effect on mood.

Beautiful legs and nails after spa treatments and processing with a router and tools

Delightful nails after a hardware pedicure, with a bright fashionable nail design

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