acid pedicure

What is an acid pedicure and how to do it in 2022, photo examples before and after

Acid pedicure is a great procedure to tidy up your feet. After it, the skin on the feet becomes tender and soft, and cracks, corns and other problems disappear. The procedure is completely safe, because a special gel containing fruit acids is used. They gently affect the skin, removing the stratum corneum.

acid pedicure

What is acid pedicure

The second name of this type of pedicure is cream. He received it thanks to its mild effect and complete safety: the procedure does not involve the use of piercing and cutting objects, so there is no chance of infection or injury. This is a painless and quick way to take care of your feet, which will help you get rid of many problems.

well-groomed feet

For a pedicure, a special product with fruit acids is used – they gently exfoliate the roughened layer of the skin. Also, during the procedure, calluses and corns are removed, which often bring discomfort when walking. After an acid pedicure, walking becomes easier, which has a positive effect on posture and overall health.

Salon pedicure procedure

The product used is completely safe, so acid pedicure is suitable for most clients, even teenagers, lactating women, pregnant women and people with diabetes.

Salon foot care

However, there are still a number of contraindications. So, the master has the right to refuse to carry out the procedure if the client has a fungal infection of the feet or open wounds and scratches. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting a burn provoked by acids and worsening the condition, and delicate skin may turn red.

The most important role is played by glycolic acid, which is part of the product. It not only dissolves rough skin, allowing it to be carefully removed, but also slows down the process of regeneration of the epidermis. Due to this, the result is preserved for a long time, and the pedicure should be repeated only after a month.

Acid pedicure in the salon

Acid pedicure has many advantages over other types of pedicure. For example, it causes almost no discomfort, because it requires only a liquid cream. But with a hardware pedicure, the master uses a special apparatus with cutters, which can deliver discomfort to clients with sensitive skin of the feet.

foot bath

However, the gel should not be overexposed, otherwise it will dry out the skin. It is also recommended to use restorative moisturizers after the procedure.

Advantages and disadvantages of acid pedicure

Acid pedicure is chosen by many clients because it has many advantages and few disadvantages.

Milk foot bath

Benefits include:

  • Safety. Acid pedicure is suitable for those who are afraid of getting injured during the procedure. Due to the lack of piercing and cutting tools, the risk of damage is reduced to zero.
  • Long effect. The result is stored for a month. If initially the skin was in poor condition, this time may be less, however, with each procedure, the interval between pedicure sessions will increase;
  • Simplicity. The procedure takes very little time.
  • Small list of contraindications. There are no age restrictions for acid pedicure, the only thing that the client should not have is nail fungus and wounds on the feet.
Cream pedicure

Disadvantages of acid pedicure:

  • If you have sensitive and delicate foot skin, it is better to choose a different type of pedicure.
  • Sometimes allergic reactions are possible, but this is a very rare occurrence.
  • If the rules of the procedure are not followed, dryness and peeling after a pedicure are possible.
  • If you do not rinse well, you can get burned.
Well-groomed feet with a pedicure

What tool to choose for an acid pedicure in 2022

The composition of the gel, in addition to fruit acid, also includes flavors, herbs and other substances that give the product a pleasant aroma and care for the skin.

Feet with pedicure

Also an important component is glycolic acid, which is obtained from grapes, sugar cane and beets. Its molecules are very small, so they freely penetrate the skin and soften it.

Acid foot care

When choosing funds, you should pay attention to the time of exposure. The degree of effect of the gel on the skin and, as a result, the final result depends on it. There are many products from different manufacturers on the market, but one of the most popular is My Nail gel.

This is one of the most potent gels that is suitable for severely rough skin on the feet. It helps a lot in advanced cases, but it can not be used on delicate skin, so as not to get burned – for such cases, you should choose a gel with a milder effect.

Fact about pedicure

Toenails are tougher than fingernails. That is why pedicure requires special tools with very sharp edges. Or – a high-quality milling cutter with a set of nozzles.

My Nail foot peeling for acid pedicure

Professionals also recommend gels from Naomi and Kart. These products are gentle on the skin, but at the same time they allow you to quickly get the effect. In addition, they have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Naomi Acid Pedicure Gel

Acid peeling for feet Kart

Of the Russian funds, the gels of the SAGITTA Cosmetics company are especially in demand. It compares favorably with analogues in that it contains carbamide, a component that retains moisture. Thanks to him, during the procedure it is almost impossible to overdry the skin.

Gel for acid pedicure SAGITTA Cosmetics

The British gel from Derma Pharms has a powerful effect. It is suitable not only for women, but also for men, because it is able to deal with severely rough skin.

Biogel Derma Pharms for acid pedicure

To simplify the procedure, you can purchase special socks. They need to be put on and worn for about an hour while the acids work.

Socks for acid pedicure

How does an acid pedicure work?

Acid pedicure is carried out in several stages:

  1. The master examines the feet. If they are not damaged, the feet are treated with an antiseptic.
Foot treatment with antiseptic

  1. Steaming in a warm bath with herbal decoction for 10 minutes. You can also use emollient creams.
Steaming legs

  1. After that, the feet are wiped dry and again treated with an antiseptic.
  2. With the help of cotton pads, the gel is applied to the feet.
  3. The legs are wrapped in plastic wrap, or special socks are put on. After 20 minutes, they must be removed.
Peeling socks for pedicure

  1. The remains of the product are removed with a napkin.
  2. The keratinized skin is carefully removed with a special nail file.
Removal of keratinized skin of the feet with a nail file

  1. After the procedure, it is advisable to moisturize the skin with a special cream so as not to overdry it.

In sensitive areas of the foot, for example, between the toes, the gel does not need to be applied, since corns and calluses usually do not appear here. When applying the product, it is important to use gloves so as not to burn your hands.

It is important to use gloves during the procedure.

If you want to quickly and painlessly get rid of rough skin, corns and calluses, acid pedicure is the best choice. A special gel gently removes all problems, cares for the skin and is completely safe if you follow the precautions.

Photos before and after acid pedicure 2022

Result after acid pedicure

Effect after acid pedicure

Feet after acid pedicure

Removing dead skin with an acid pedicure

Feet before and after acid pedicure

Heels after acid pedicure

Male acid pedicure

Result after cream pedicure

Acid foot peeling with socks

Removing cracked heels with acids

Removal of corns with acid pedicure

Feet before and after cream pedicure

Effect of cream pedicure

Skin before and after acid pedicure

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