Beautiful feet with express pedicure

What is an express pedicure and how is it performed in 2022. Photo examples

It doesn’t matter if the lady is going to an official reception or a fun party, whether she wants to go on vacation or she needs to work, a stylish pedicure emphasizes the chosen image, making it unforgettable. However, there is not always time for a long session, with a complex of care and restorative procedures, careful processing of the skin and nail plates by hand.

Beautiful feet with express pedicure

And even a fairly quick hardware pedicure is not a panacea. But, do not despair! If the frantic rhythm of everyday life leaves very little time for self-care, a quick express pedicure will help.

Express pedicure without coating

Express pedicure with gel polish

Bright express pedicure for the summer

Why you need an express pedicure

This type of foot and toenail care appeared relatively recently, with the invention of high-quality and fast-acting exfoliating products. As the name implies, it does not require several hours to bring the feet and nail plates in order. It is enough to allocate about an hour, and perfect legs worthy of a queen are guaranteed.

Men's express hygienic pedicure

The technique has a lot of positive aspects:

  • recommended for both men and women;
  • gently cleanses the skin from the keratinized layers of the epidermis without damaging it;
  • does not require specialized tools;
  • can be used at home, with careful observance of the instructions for use;
  • specialized formulations are affordable, freely sold in pharmacies and beauty care stores;
  • removing dead cells, the composition simultaneously softens the skin, the antiseptic contained in it reduces the risk of developing fungal infections and inflammations;
  • metabolic and regeneration processes in the skin are accelerated, it becomes healthier, more elastic.
Well-groomed feet with express pedicure

The express technique works great on trips, on vacation and on long business trips, when a familiar, experienced master is not available, and the legs have lost their impeccable appearance.

Unusual quick pedicure with a sticker

What is the difference between express pedicure and other techniques

The main difference between the fast technique is the session time. If traditional types of foot treatment require devoting one to three hours to them, then the express technique takes only 30-40 minutes.

Express pedicure without coating

The procedure can take about an hour if the client wishes to apply a more interesting nail design, or include additional procedures – massage, treatment of heels and nails with cutters, nourishing masks. In addition, express pedicure excludes softening foot baths.

Quick pedicure with geometry

The dead layers of the epidermis are removed with the help of preparations containing organic acids. They corrode and soften dead skin, allowing you to quickly and easily get to the living, clean layers.

Stages of express pedicure in 2022

If the legs are in perfect condition, the master only removes the old layers of varnish, carries out cosmetic treatment of the cuticle and rollers, trims the free edges of the nail plates. When the feet require increased attention and careful care, a full set of express pedicures is performed.

Removing old varnish with express pedicure

Fact about pedicure

In ancient Greece, the pedicure procedure necessarily included therapy with natural essential oils. In addition, the feet were completely stained with organic dyes.

  • Feet are washed with mild soap and dried.
  • All work surfaces, the master’s hands and the client’s feet are treated with an antiseptic solution.
  • Remove old coatings.
  • Spread two pieces of polyethylene on a flat surface.
  • Two cotton disposable napkins are placed on it, impregnated with a specialized composition that softens the coarsened layers of the skin, corns, and chronic calluses.
  • Wrap the feet and toes, cover with a film to keep warm. If there are few problem areas, you can get by with separate cotton pads or pieces of cloth.
  • The fabric with the composition must fit snugly against the skin for it to work.
  • After a quarter of an hour, the softening mask is removed.
  • The skin is carefully treated with a pumice stone or a suitable file, polished with a buff.
  • The feet are washed with clean water, without additional funds, dried.
  • Apply moisturizing, nourishing creams to the skin.
  • The cuticle is additionally softened with a special composition, pushed back and cut with scissors, a cutter or any other convenient method.
  • The shape and length of the nails are adjusted depending on the chosen design and the wishes of the client.
  • If desired, start applying a simple decorative nail design. Or cover the plates with a transparent protective compound.

Express treatment is recommended twice a month to maintain the flawless appearance of the feet and toes.

Foot treatment with antiseptic during express pedicure

Application of a softening composition on corns, corns

Trimming the nail plates on the legs with a file

Polishing the surface of the nails with a buff

Relaxing and revitalizing foot massage

Cuticle softening treatment

Hardware processing of the cuticle and lateral ridges

Pumice stone for express pedicure

Applying a varnish coating with a quick pedicure

Summer express pedicure green

A selection of photos of designer pedicures in 2022 using express technique

When performing this type of pedicure, time plays a decisive role. That is why the masters offer fashionistas elegant, simple solutions. They do not require many hours of carefully executed design with modeling, painting or numerous accessories. As a rule, with express pedicure, they combine 1-3 colors or shades, use a quick decor – stickers, stamping, sparkles.

Elegant plain pedicure for the summer

Luxury pedicure with gold sequins

Universal french pedicure with glitter stripes

Solid Color Glitter Design

Bright pink pedicure for the holiday

Design with silver snowflakes

Mint pedicure with stamping

Stylish quick pedicure with silver stripes

French colored pedicure with gold foil

Fancy Blue Express Pedicure

Beautiful white and raspberry express pedicure

Black and white pedicure with stickers

Turquoise express pedicure with sparkles

Fashionable pink pedicure

White matte quick pedicure

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