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What is fashionable in the interior now: 11 tricks for modern apartments

Fashionable renovation: 11 relevant techniques in interior design for apartments

Despite the large number of new buildings, the demand for “secondary” does not fall. Someone does not trust modern developers, others want to live closer to their home yard and parents, and still others choose what is cheaper.

In any case, both those who chose the white option and connoisseurs of Soviet apartments face the need for repairs, because interior renovation has been needed there for a long time.

In order not to miscalculate and choose a really fashionable design, we suggest considering current trends, especially since they do not change as often as for clothes, hairstyles and manicures.

Modern trends in the interior

In 2021, no special changes are expected in the interior trends of city apartments. Monochrome colors and prints, multifunctional furniture, dressing rooms instead of cabinets and useful little things are still relevant, and not dust collectors in the form of figurines.

wood and metal

Loft style furniture
Loft style furniture photo
Shelves in loft style
Loft style table

One of the main trends in furniture design at the moment is the combination of wood and metal. Loft style – this is the name of fashionable brutal furniture with a metal frame. According to this principle, a coffee table, bedside table, bookcase or bookshelves can be made.

All in bright colors

Hallway in bright colors
Kitchen in bright colors

It should be reminded once again that the fashion for bright furniture has passed. Now the most popular option is monochrome design in bright colors.

Light walls and furniture make it possible to effortlessly update the interior by adding bright accents. For example, it is worth replacing the curtains and pillows, as the room takes on a completely different look. And if the design is initially made up of 4-5 bright shades, it will be difficult to make any adjustments.

Furniture without handles

Kitchen without handles
Kitchen without handles photo

Modern kitchen furniture, bedside tables and bedroom chests of drawers are now produced without handles. They are equipped with special mechanisms that make them not only stylish, but also silent. It also makes cleaning easier, as you don’t have to go around each handle to wipe down the surface.

Thick curtains without tulle

Blackout curtains for the living room
Blackout curtains photo

Previously, you could do without curtains by choosing openwork tulle. Today, on the contrary, it is better to abandon transparent tulle in favor of thick curtains.

The reason for this trend is the desire for privacy and the fairly close location of neighboring houses. After all, no one wants to be looked into the windows.

Several coffee tables

Original coffee table
Triple coffee table

The coffee table has ceased to be considered a useless piece of furniture and has gained a second life. The thing is that the fashion for home gatherings with a large number of dishes is becoming more and more a thing of the past. Now it is fashionable to get together for mood and conversation, and not eating 10 meals for dinner.

For such an event, as well as possible, a stylish piece of furniture is suitable – a multi-level coffee table. It fits glasses, cups, a couple of plates. And nothing else is needed! When everyone has gone home, we collect the tables and free up space.

Floor lamp with shelves

Original floor lamp with shelves
Beautiful floor lamp with shelves

Real estate is expensive now, so you need to use every cm in the apartment with benefit. For example, instead of a regular floor lamp, you can choose a more functional one, equipped with shelves. It looks stylish, and additional storage space for small items, books, decor items.

wooden wall

Wall design
Design for wood paneled wall

We have already said that the fashion for bright walls in the apartment has passed. But, so that the interior does not seem boring, one of them can be decorated with special wooden panels. This gives the room coziness and makes it more “warm”. And it is also combined with fashionable pieces of furniture in the loft style and minimalism.

Also, from such panels you can build a partition, zoning the space. So you can create a bedroom and a living room from one room, or allocate a dining space.

Huge sofa

Living room with large sofa
Living room with large corner sofa

It used to be in demand furniture sets: a sofa, two armchairs, a wardrobe and a table.

Today, interior designers recommend furnishing rooms with similar furniture (style, textiles, colors), but not the same. Better yet, instead of a pair of sofas or a set of armchairs, choose one huge piece of furniture. It can be of complex shape with an unusual layout mechanism. It looks very stylish!

Artificial flowers

Artificial flowers
artificial flowers outdoor

Modern women value their free time more and more, so when they come home they try to protect themselves from unnecessary work as much as possible. That is why it is almost impossible to meet a large number of fresh flowers in the apartment of a young mistress. And why, when there are stunning artificial decor items that add comfort and do not require maintenance.

Pillow minimum

Living room sofa
Sofa for the living room in pink

10 years ago, pillows came into fashion, and we flooded the sofas with them, so there was nowhere to even sit. Now the reverse trend is minimalism. We get rid of everything that has no practical application, but only collects dust. Agree, 2 pillows on the sofa is enough for a comfortable pastime.

Countertop with sink

Washbasin with stone top
Sink in the kitchen

Another novelty in kitchen design is the countertop with a sink. This is, of course, more expensive than the usual stainless steel, but it looks very stylish. And also the collection of debris around the joints and leaks can be avoided.

The ergonomics of space is why most people turn to designers, since the small area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe apartment (and most cannot afford huge apartments) does not leave the right to make mistakes by using the room for other purposes.

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