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What is fashionable to wear a coat in the spring of 2021

What to combine with a coat this spring, so as not to look corny: 4 ideas

Very soon down jackets will go to the closet. giving way to more feminine outerwear. So, in spring, stylists recommend wearing coats or jackets. We’ll talk about jackets next time, but for now, coats.

First, let’s decide what is fashionable. There are actually few restrictions here, but they are:

  • no fit;
  • no average length – either ankle-deep or floor-length;
  • no real fur.

Well, now about fashionable combinations ….

Idea 1: wear a coat with patent leather

Fashionable images with a coat

If the coat is a neutral shade – beige, brown, khaki, you can complement it with shiny trousers, even black, even red. In any case, it will look stylish. At the same time, there is no need to take shoes from the same series, you can safely wear the usual leather ankle boots. But suede is better not to try to “fit” into this image, there will be too many textures.

Idea 2: create a three-piece suit

Blake Lively in a gray suit

True, instead of the usual vest, we will have a coat. Finding such a set will be difficult, but there will be a reason to go to the seamstress and sew that perfect look for yourself. Or you can pick up everything in the nearest store. The main thing is that the fabric is the same, and a slight difference in color is not scary.

Idea 3: scarf and belt

Burberry show look

This is not a new idea. This is how fashionistas in Europe and America have been dressing for two seasons. But for some reason, our scarf is still wound around the neck, so in order not to look corny, it’s time to straighten it. At the same time, the strap should be chosen from among the most trendy – Gucci, Dior, Bottega Veneta.

Idea 4: everything is light

Fashionable winter looks in white

This option is my personal favorite. I even consider it extreme, although in reality the image turns out to be quite gentle and feminine.

Since we are all used to wearing a dark coat or a “practical” color, in order to look unusual, it is enough to choose a white, cream, dairy product. And if you add it with shoes of the same shade – all the views of passers-by are yours. And let you have to wear it more often than black to dry cleaning, but the mood will be completely different. Take my word for it and don’t be afraid to experiment!

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