What is lip tint and how to use it?

What is lip tint?

If you need a truly long-lasting make-up for the whole day, especially for the lips, then you can safely choose a tint! Not only does it stay on the skin for a long time, retaining its shade, it is not washed off when eating, does not leave marks on the cup if you want to drink tea or coffee. Korean girls have been using this invention for a long time – in the east it has long gained serious popularity.

In addition to the fact that it can be freely ordered in the online store, it can also be made by hand at home. And not only for lips and cheeks, but also for eyebrows! And how to use it correctly, which product is better to choose, how much it costs and answers to many other questions in our article!

What is a lip tint?

Lip tint represents color pigmentwhich, when applied to the skin, changes its natural color. It enhances thenatural skin pigmentto keep your makeup beautiful but more natural. All day!
As we wrote earlier, tint has – super resistance, which does not allow to be imprinted on the glass or stain clothes. But, you have to pay for it – it dries out the lips too much (Therefore, we do not recommend using it often). But you can close your eyes to this, after the first application – bright and natural makeupthat won’t wear off all day long. But this is also one of the disadvantages – it is difficult to wash it off. Despite this fact, the reviews about him are the best, for many girls he has become an analogue of lipstick in their cosmetic bag.

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How to apply lip and cheek tint

The coloring pigment in the package will look quite dark and too saturated. But it will look natural when applied, a few shades lighter. When you apply it to the skin, it will immediately begin to be absorbed, but it will take quite a long time to dry. It can be applied using fingertips, or a special applicatorthat comes with the purchase. Such a pigment should be applied very quickly, because its absorbency is instant. Therefore, it is very important to immediately make up beautifully and along the contour. After drying, carefully remove the film. It comes off very easily if you hold it for the right amount of time.



Lip tint: video

On the video below presented clearly, how to properly apply the product, what colors it has. You can get acquainted with the entire line of tints.

Peel-off lip tint

Such a product is very popular not only in its country of origin – Korea, but also around the world. Already today all cosmetologists and makeup artists know about him, although a couple of years ago no one has heard of this miracle remedy and I don’t know what it is. Now – This is an essential item in your makeup bag.!

Varieties and features of tints

There is more 20 kinds such a product: matte, tint – balm, with a tattoo – effect, gloss, marker and the like. All of them differ in composition, structure and method of application. Let’s look at the most popular of them.

Matte tint – lip film

The same as a regular tint, only has matte effect. It’s a great replacement matte lipstick, which is so difficult to apply. It will not be too easy to wash off, but you have to pay for beauty. 🙂
It highlights perfectly plump mouthwill give feeling of comfort and won’t dry out skinlike other means.


Ink tint is the new trend of the season

It – most first tintthat appeared on the world market. He looks like colored water / liquidwhich, when applied, gives a beautiful shade. It has increased durability, easy application thanks to the applicator (as with any gloss), but the color range is very limited: red, orange and cherry.
The main disadvantage is that this tool needs to be used only for perfect lips! Otherwise, it will fill the wounds and cracks, making them more visible. Such a cosmetic product can also be used for the cheeks.


Glitter tint or balm?

The first one is very similar in consistency and method of application to a regular balm., but it is not transparent, less resistant, but more glossy and bright. He attaches shimmering effecta bit like a gel.
The second option is a nourishing balm. He is very carefully and gently cares for your lipsgiving moisturizing effectit can be used several times a day – it is natural, and any girl will choose it – it does not dry the skin and lasts about 8 hours.


Pigment with tattoo effect

The most difficult to apply is a new version of the tint that has recently appeared. What it is? it tint filmwith which you paint your lips, wait about 15 minutes until completely dry, and then remove it like a film. How to apply it correctly – gently with a brush. If you want to get a more saturated color – apply in two passes.. Its peculiarity is that it is filmy, but its disadvantage is that it takes too long to dry.


How to make a lip tint with your own hands: video

You can create such a product yourself! To do this, you need only a few ingredients that are usually found in any home. This recipe is very easy to perform, and the quality can be compared with such tints as “Tony moly deligh”, “Romantic bear”, “Berrisom” and others.

The best lip tints: where to buy and at what price?

The most popular pigments of this year: “Tony moly deligh” (tony moth) “Romantic Bear”, Berrisomnews from Letual, Benefit, L’Oreal, Rive Gauche and Inglot. They all differ in packaging, quantity of product inth, application and functions. It has come in the form of a lip gloss with a flat soft applicator, it can look like a jar in which they sell nail polish, like a balm in a package with a cap to make it easier to apply it with your fingers. There were even easy-to-use tints – markers / felt-tip pens.

Order lip tint

When ordering such a product, it is necessary to carefully approach its choice: decide which manufacturer you will choose exactly. Carefully study the composition, decide which one is needed: liquid or gel, which shade you choose, how much it costs.
Prices for such an innovative product: from 150 rubles to 800.

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