Чем отличаются результаты нанесения консилера и тонального крема

What is the difference between concealer and foundation [в чем разница]: overview of 6 products

What is the difference between the results of applying concealer and foundation

What is the difference between the results of applying concealer and foundation

Beauty beginners often think of concealer as a mini version of foundation, but this is not the case. Let’s start the comparison with the application results:

  • Tone cream creates a “second skin” effect. At the same time, the density of the coating will depend on the texture of the product: a thick waterproof cream will mask small imperfections, and a fluid will give a lighter coating that will even out and refresh the complexion, but is unlikely to hide skin imperfections.
  • concealer has a denser texture and, as a result, overlapping ability. Simply put, it perfectly “hides” bruises under the eyes and redness, but when applied to the entire face, it can create the effect of an unnatural mask.

beauty hack: If necessary, foundation can still be replaced with concealer. Mix some with your moisturizer! Just remember that the concealer is usually chosen 1-2 tones lighter than the foundation, which should blend perfectly with the complexion.

A dense foundation can also be applied instead of a concealer. But it is better to use both means in a duet.

The difference between concealer and foundation in terms of release format and composition

Let’s start the “debriefing” with the compositions of concealer and foundation.

  • Their palette of shades is the same, but the concentration of coloring pigments is not. She, of course, is higher, at the concealer. Without this, he would not have coped with the task of masking imperfections!
  • SPF filters are often added to the foundation formula, which protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation.
  • Since concealer is often applied to the area around the eyes, the composition almost always contains caring, moisturizing, and sometimes soothing components.
  • Reflective particles are more common in foundation tubes.

As for the release format… size matters! Since the consumption of foundation is much higher, tubes and bottles are usually available in larger quantities.

Concealers come in small tubes or narrow plastic bottles (like mascara or lip gloss), often supplemented with a brush or applicator for spot application. Sometimes you can find concealer in the form of a stick or pencil.

Which concealer or foundation is better: a review of products from Maybelline NY

Now you know the difference between concealer and foundation! Use the online makeup selection service on our website to find the perfect product.

The Eraser Eye Concealer

The Eraser Eye Concealer

This concealer has the largest palette of shades (13!) and a patented pad applicator. It contains haloxyl and goji berries, which care for the thin skin around the eyes.

Concealer Fit Me

Concealer Fit Me

Fit Me has a liquid silky texture that blends easily and carefully hides imperfections: dark circles, redness, pimples, fine lines. Long-lasting formula won’t smudge or smudge!

Superstay Concealer

Superstay Concealer

Must-have for evening make-up! 24-hour wear and a highly pigmented waterproof formula to perfectly cover imperfections. Due to the elastic texture, the concealer does not roll down and does not clog into wrinkles.

Foundation Affinitone Perfect Tone

Foundation Affinitone Perfect Tone

Light texture almost merges with the tone of the face. It is suitable for all skin types and is labeled “non-comedogenic”. The cream does not clog pores, and the formula with hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and argan oil intensively moisturizes the skin.

Foundation Fit Me

Foundation Fit Me

Thanks to the clay and powder particles in Fit Me, it mattifies, hides pores and controls shine. Velvety breathable coverage lasts all day. There are 19 shades in the palette!

Superstay24 Face Foundation

Super-resistant formula – for flawless makeup for 24 hours! Even if you often touch your face. The foundation gives medium coverage and perfectly evens out the relief and complexion.

Does concealer differ from foundation in the way it is applied?

differences between concealer and foundation according to the method of application

The difference between foundation and concealer becomes finally apparent after analyzing the methods of application.

  • The concealer is applied with patting (driving) movements. Unlike foundation, it cannot be “smeared”.
  • The concealer is applied pointwise, and the foundation is distributed evenly over the entire face, carefully blending.
  • Foundation can be applied with fingers, a small flat brush, duo-fiber or sponge. Concealers often come with brushes and spot-on applicators. Blending can be done with a small brush with a rounded tip or with your finger.

The question “what is better, foundation or concealer” cannot be answered unambiguously, because they have different tasks. But the second one has the added benefit of being able to use different shades of concealer for subtle contouring!

Concealer on foundation or vice versa: application sequence

sequence of applying concealer and foundation

It is correct to apply foundation first, and then concealer. If skin imperfections are pronounced, correctors can be used in addition to them. They are colored and applied under the tonal foundation.

Maybelline NY official makeup artist Yura Stolyarov and beauty blogger Rina @rina.make.up have compiled a simple and understandable algorithm for applying foundation and concealer! It will help you better understand how and what is the best way to apply these decorative cosmetics.


Try Affinitone, which is suitable for all skin types!

applying foundation cream

  • Using a brush or fingers, spread the cream all over the face for a light, weightless finish.
  • Move from the center of the face to the periphery.
  • Leave intact the sensitive area around the eyes.


The Eraser Eye has a convenient applicator in the form of a small rounded sponge.

applying concealer

  • Apply the concealer to the skin around the eyes with light patting movements. If necessary, repeat the procedure by adding another layer.

What other beauty rules are important to know?

  1. Concealer is usually applied to the area around the eyes, drawing an inverted triangle.
  2. If you want to do a little color correction, add light concealer to the back of the nose, the center of the forehead and the chin as well. Blend thoroughly.

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