What kind of lingerie do men really like?

What kind of underwear do men like?

Men can say that they absolutely do not care what kind of underwear a woman is wearing, it is much more important what is under it, but they do not deny that underwear is like gift wrapping. The more beautiful a woman is dressed, the more pleasant it is to undress her, therefore, the choice of a beautiful set must be approached extremely responsibly: with taste, knowledge of the partner’s preferences and feminine grace.

Choose a style

Women's underwear styles

The variety of styles of underwear is amazing: lace, cotton, one-piece, separate, bodysuit, bikini – each type is designed for different purposes, and therefore evokes different emotions in men.

When choosing underwear from the point of view of “a man will like it or not”, be aware of what thoughts and actions you want to provoke.

Here are some tips on how to choose underwear:

  • The more frank the underwear, the more unambiguous the purpose of its purchase;
  • Delicate and attractive lingerie gives a woman a touch of chic and causes, in addition to passion, admiration, while a frank and bright bra is basically only passion;
  • The color and shade of linen should also be given close attention;
  • It is unnecessary to talk about the convenience when wearing: underwear should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable, as well as matched to the size.

Separate kits

Separate sets of underwear

The first and most important rule to consider when choosing underwear is: panties and a bra must belong to the same set. Wearing different parts of different sets is considered bad manners.

However, when choosing a separate set, it is important to consider the characteristics of both the bra and briefs. We will not consider absolutely everything, since there are an incredible number of them, but we will consider the main ones that will delight any man.

There are different models of bras:

  • Classical;
  • Balconette;
  • Strapless bra (bando, invisible);
  • Corbeil;
  • Bralette;
  • Sports, etc.

Classic models are most often made of cotton, so when choosing such a set, you should be careful and pay special attention to its design. The set can be of any color, but it must be selected taking into account the skin tone.

White models with lace inserts are a good choice to give a man the impression that underwear is tailored for everyday wear and shows your good taste.

And in combination with bows and lace panties, an elegant white set turns into a sexy one.

white underwear

balcony – daring and flirtatious, with a low, barely covering the nipples, neckline. Suitable exclusively for owners of small breasts, a lush balconette simply will not hold. Such models cause delight and excitement in men, but be prepared for the fact that it can be torn off you along with the straps.

Balconette bra

Strapless bra – A great choice for a dress with an open top or a cutout on the back. This style has dozens of models, the only characteristic difference of which is the absence of straps and a tight cup. Look great on small breasts neat, supportive and sexy.

Strapless set

Corbeil somewhat reminiscent of a low-cut balconette, but unlike it, it covers the chest and tightens it, creating a spicy hollow between. Such sexy lingerie looks appropriate in any situation: under an evening dress, and under a T-shirt with a V-neck. In addition, it suits women with any breast size, and in combination with lace, rhinestones and red, it will become incredibly sexy.

Corbeil bra

Bralette – Another model that men love so much for her weightlessness and feigned modesty. The model has no bones and the fabric is very soft and thin. The bralet does not support the chest and is suitable only for small sizes, but it looks piquant and gentle.

Underwear bralette

And the last model in the list of favorite men – sports. Many women avoid wearing sports kits for a date, for some reason considering them simple and uninteresting. You will be surprised, but men just like to look at sports underwear on a toned body, in addition, there are pseudo-sporty sexy models.

Sports underwear

With regards to panties, they are divided into three types according to closeness and cutout depth:

  • Maxi;
  • Midi;
  • Mini.

To maxi include pantaloons and shorts. And if men are suspicious of the former, then playful lace shorts or high-waisted boxers are a great choice for a romantic evening.

Maxi panty sets

midi models – these are slips, active, culotte, tanga. Classic slips are more suitable for everyday wear, but not for a romantic meeting, but the asset is a more popular look with a deep neckline. Culottes are more closed, tangas have a high neckline.

Midi sizes are comfortable to wear, so when choosing, it is better to focus on fabric, texture, color and design. Men most of all like silk, satin and lace.


To mini models bikini, thong, brazilian, devan derrier and tong are considered. The most open and provocative of them are, of course, thongs, which open the back almost completely, and hide the front with a small triangle.


Fusion models

One-piece women's underwear

One-piece models are not only swimwear, but also erotic underwear. These include:

  • Body;
  • corsets;
  • combinations;
  • Sets with stockings.

Bodysuit It’s a longsleeve paired with panties. It can have fasteners at the bottom and must be put on through the legs. It will be difficult to choose clothes for such a set, but a man will definitely appreciate your appearance, especially if the bodysuit is lace.

Lace bodysuit

Corset – This is a wide belt for the entire waist with a frame that supports the correct curves. The corset can merge with the bodice, which gives the bust a shape.

Besides the fact that corsets look very attractive for men, they also correct the figure.

Most often they are combined with stockings, creating an elegant and defiant look at the same time.

Corset with stockings

Combination – This is a short shirt with straps, worn over underwear or instead of it. Men most of all like lace, silk and satin models.


micro bikini

micro bikini

The less tissue there is on a woman’s body, the happier the man is. The micro bikini is a great option for the beach, beach party or vacation. However, only a liberated girl with a beautiful figure will agree to wear this option. Some models of micro-bikini hide only the nipples and the triangle of the nude zone, leaving room for imagination.

micro bikini

This option is considered ideal for summer beaches. The advantage is that the tan on the body in such a swimsuit lies evenly and as naturally as possible.

Lace underwear

Lace underwear

Every girl should have several sets of lace underwear in her wardrobe. Pure lace rubs the skin, so it is better to take those sets that have elastic fibers.

Men note that pink and blue lace do not attract them, so it is better to focus on dark tones, red shades, white and nude palette. As for the style of lace underwear, it can be…

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