Формы губ в зависимости от техники увеличения

What lip shape to choose when enlarged?

Lip shapes depending on the magnification technique

Juicy, plump and neat lips are the standard of beauty and femininity. Women have long used various cosmetic products for lip augmentation, for example, with the help of a contour, gloss and lipstick. But, I want to fix the result for a long time and not resort to daily dreary makeup.

The procedure for lip augmentation and changing their shape is one of the most popular and frequently ordered in surgery and cosmetology. There are several correction methods, so you can choose the most suitable for you. You can also choose the desired shape of the lips. How to do this and what should be preferred if you decide to take such a step – read the article.

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What lip shape to choose?

What lip shape to choose?

The thickness of our lips depends on the amount of loose connective tissue, the shape depends on genetics and the circular muscles of the mouth. These two characteristics are individual for everyone. In most cases, the upper lip protrudes forward and slightly covers the lower one. In general, in combination with facial expressions, lips are involved in the formation of facial expressions.

There are visual defects in the shape of the lips, which, either for aesthetic reasons or for physical standards, make it difficult to feel like a full-fledged attractive woman. These include: very large lips or “macrocheilia”, very small – “microcheilia”, or sunken lips – “opisthocheilia”, etc. Usually such defects are indications for correction.

Very often, women are asked to make an exact copy of the lips of their star idols. The most common character is Angelina Jolie. Of course, specialists can make the same lips, but it is not a fact that they will look harmonious on the patient’s face. For each woman, the most approximate type is selected. It is necessary to sensibly assess the situation and listen to the advice of a cosmetologist or surgeon.

There are several basic lip styles. Your surgeon or cosmetologist may have their own names for these trends, but the essence of this does not change. The main thing is to choose the one that fits together with your facial features.


“Classic” lips – that is, normal. They are also called the “bow of Venus”. They have a distinct outline and are uniform in width.

"classical" lip shape
“Classic” lip shape


“Ruby” or “Sexy Lips” – These are juicy and voluminous lips. Gives the most natural volume to the upper and lower lips. Suitable only for those women who have a large distance from the base of the nose to the chin.

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“Sexy Lips”


Lips in the style of “cupid” or “bow of cupid” – This is a clear line of the upper lip with a clear depression in the middle.

“Cupid’s Arch”


“Pearl” lips – This style emphasizes the contour and volume of the lower lip, due to which they become tender and sensual.

"Pearl" lips
“Pearl” lips


“French” lips is one of the most popular forms. The task of the procedure, due to the maximum close to the natural “swelling” of the upper lip, is to give sensuality to the image. It turns out sponges “bow” or O-shaped.

"French" lips
“French” lips


“Angelic” lips – this shape resembles the wings of an angel. During the correction procedure, the lateral borders of the upper lip are made clearer. Suitable for patients with a voluminous central part of the upper lip and tapered sides.

"angelic" lips
“Angelic” lips

Mona Lisa

“Mona Lisa” – the essence is to give a slight swelling to the lips and raise the corners of the mouth.

"Mona Lisa"
Mona Lisa lip shape

Lip augmentation methods

Lip augmentation methods

Now in the market of cosmetology services you can find the most suitable, individual and convenient technique for lip correction. The most popular ways to correct the lips are described below. They differ not only in technical performance, but also in the duration of the visual effect, as well as in cost.

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Hyaluronic acid injections

A non-surgical technique consists in replenishing the volume and highlighting the contour of the lips with the help of injections of biocompatible fillers or, in other words, fillers.

For the most part, this is a gel based on hyaluronic acid or the patient’s fat cells (lipofilling). This technique is easy to perform and with minimal possible complications, as well as with the effect of biorevitalization. Filler injections can create almost any shape and thickness of the lips.

Previously, a biopolymer filler (silicone) was intensively introduced. Today, this is no longer in vogue, since it is only removed surgically and there are a lot of deformations that eventually disfigure the appearance.

In order to fill the selected lip shape with a filler, multiple lip piercings are used. Each puncture involves the injection of the drug. Also, there is a way to administer the drug through a cannula using a thin needle. Through a single puncture, a cannula is installed, which pushes the tissues inside and allows the drug to be distributed.

For such procedures, mainly such popular fillers are used, such as:

  • Juvederm;
  • Restylane;
  • princesses;
  • Teosyal;
  • Surgiderm.

One of the positive aspects of the injection technique is a quick recovery, and if only the lip contour is corrected without filling, then the recovery period is practically absent. Usually after two or three days there is no trace left.

Several procedures are required for a visible effect. One cycle consists of 3 procedures. Carry out 1 procedure every 3-4 weeks. A second course is carried out after six months. The price range for such procedures ranges from 7 thousand rubles. up to 30. It all depends on the cost of the selected drug, the zone and method of correction and the clinic.

The standard scheme of procedures is as follows. The procedure for the correction of the lips by injection can be carried out by an ordinary cosmetologist. The result depends on the qualifications and individual reactions of the patient’s body. Side effects may occur, but the advantage of hyaluron-based drugs is that they can be quickly removed from the body.



Lipofilling also applies to the injection method of lip correction, only in this case the patient’s fat cells are used. This procedure compares favorably with the previous one with even fewer possible side effects, since the body’s own organic material is not rejected. But, it all depends on the correct procedure and the professionalism of the surgeon.

This procedure is not performed by a cosmetologist, as medical knowledge and training are required in order to extract fat cells from the thigh, abdomen or buttocks. The resulting adipose tissue is processed, cleaned and given the desired consistency for injection into the lips.

The recovery period is slightly longer than that of the procedure with hyaluronic preparations and takes from a week to two. It will also take about 2 – 3 procedures. But the result is saved…

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