What shoes are in fashion in 2019?

Fashionable women’s shoes: trends for 2019

Fashionable women’s shoes are the perfect complement to any modern look. In 2019, there are stylish trends in high square heels or tractor soles and, at the same time, low heels in the style of kitten hills. Also in fashion remains “naked” shoes, made entirely of transparent materials.

New season

Pointe shoes

Footwear trends in the new year have changed significantly compared to the previous one. In the coming season, both long-forgotten models and completely new options are in trend. Fashion trends for 2019 include square heels.

sustainable shoes with square or trapezoid heels perfect for any look. Moreover, the heel can be low, medium or high. The combination in which the heel is made in contrast with the main shade of the shoe looks especially interesting. The most fashionable is the combination of cold red with silver.

Fancy square heel shoes

Muted nude shades are also in trend. For example, for a classic style and going to work, you can choose beige square-heeled shoes with suede toe.

Beige shoes

The square heel pairs well with suede overlays and a bare heel counter (open heel). Therefore, a casual look created with the help of such shoes and a pleated skirt in fashionable emerald color or prints will be relevant.

Look with square heels

Square Heel Open Heel Shoes

Another novelty of the season – shoes with heels kitten heels. A distinctive feature of this model in a thin small stiletto heel. Usually they are combined with an elongated toe and an open heel, as well as a fashionable strap on the heel.

Kitten heel shoes

Kitten heels are available in a variety of colors. They are complemented by voluminous buckles on the front, bows and T-shaped straps.

Golden kitten heels

Kitten heels will fit any outfit: jeans, trousers, skirts, dresses, sweaters and sweaters. They will be a bright accent of the image, especially if the shoes themselves are of a rich and rich shade.

Yellow kitten heels

Another shoe trend for 2019 is pointe shoes. This type of shoes really resembles a ballerina’s pointe shoes. Their distinctive feature is the lacing that comes from the shoe and wraps around the ankle and shin.

Red pointe shoes

These shoes are versatile. They are relevant for a date, and for work, and for a gala event, and pale lilac pointe shoes with elegant ribbons are suitable even for a wedding look.

Lilac pointe shoes

One of the hottest trends this year is shoes with transparent inserts. She gained particular popularity thanks to the star of the foreign reality show Kim Kardashian, whose transparent shoes are her favorite model.

Bright shoes with transparent sides

Fully transparent shoes fade into the background, giving modern fashionistas a new model – shoes with a suede toe, stilettos, a neat strap and transparent inserts on the sides.

Shoes with transparent inserts

To look stylish and outshine everyone around you in a unique way, you can choose shoes that include two fashion trends at once: leopard print and sheer inserts.

Leopard print shoes with sheer inserts

Animal print lovers can rejoice – the leopard is back in fashion! The trend for shoes with leopard print in various combinations has returned: completely made in this style, with leopard inserts, heels, soles, in combination with other stylish trends.

Leopard shoes

Perhaps the most striking trend of 2019 – braided shoes. Not every girl will dare to wear such shoes, but it is this option that will give the image a special zest. In fact, woven shoes have few advantages and they are not suitable for every style. Basically, woven options are more common in other models: slippers, sandals, slip-ons, sandals, mules. However, with the right selection of clothes, you can create a harmonious, unique image.

Wicker shoes

When choosing shoes for the new season, you should focus on various aspects, including fashion trends, comfort, foot and foot instep features, and personal preferences. Also, stylists recommend paying special attention to the color of the shoes, as the shade of the shoes must also be fashionable to maintain style.

Fashionable women’s shoes with high heels


High heels are the key to success. At least that’s what many stars of our time and past years think. High-heeled shoes are considered the most elegant addition to any look. Classic shoes can be of various shades and models, the only similarity is the height of the heel.

high heel shoes

High heels are suitable for girls of any height and figure. The variety of models allows you to choose the right option for all occasions: work, business meeting, date, walk, party, solemn event.

Black shoes with red soles

Not only high stilettos are in fashion, but also a thick, stable heel. Especially popular options with a strap on the ass, bows and unusual weaving. For the most stylish, high-heeled shoes decorated with an unusual decor, or stilettos in combination with an original wide belt, are suitable.

Red shoes with a strap and an unusual heel

Original red shoes

The trend is a combination of high heels, an open heel and ribbon ties, which can be located both in the model of pointe shoes and on the front of the shoes. This option is especially relevant in the spring-summer season.

Tie shoes

High-heeled shoes are mostly plain, but with the addition of interesting decorative elements. Stylists claim that they fit absolutely any style, which makes such shoes indispensable in every woman’s wardrobe.

New with strap

Strap shoes

Shoes with a strap can rightly be considered a classic of the shoe world. This model is ideal for girls and women of all ages. The most stylish type of shoes with a strap is the model with a rounded toe “Merry Jane”, while the height of the heel does not matter.

Shoes "Mary Jane"

The strap on the shoes can be located on the outside of the foot, on the heel or heel, even on the instep – this option is the most extravagant. Fashionable is the option with a T-shaped arrangement on the front of the shoes. Also, the number of straps can be different. One, two or three belts is the most advantageous combination.

Single strap shoes

Shoes with three straps

Shoes with an unusual strap

Another additional decor on this model will not be superfluous. For example, decorating heels, especially wide and high ones, is relevant. They can be decorated with rhinestones, sequins, bows, feathers, but in combination with a strap, weaving looks especially interesting and elegant. Also, the decoration may be present on the strap itself.

Black shoes with woven heels

Shoe strap embellishment

When choosing shoes with a strap, it is necessary to take into account the ratio of the height of the heel to the height of the girl, since the strap can visually shorten the length of the legs. So, for short girls it is better to choose high heels, while for others, both medium and small options are suitable.

Flat shoes

White flat shoes

Flat shoes are suitable for active fashionistas. They are very comfortable and go well with any style of clothing. Such shoes can be supplemented with a wide variety of unusual elements. Models also…

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