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What shoes with laces are fashionable: signs, examples, photos

The nuances of boots with laces: which ones to choose

Boots with laces remain one of the most relevant women’s footwear models for spring. True, there are nuances: not all options are classified by stylists as stylish and modern.

We tell you how to choose fashionable boots with laces and what to wear in the autumn/winter 2021-2022 season to be in trend.

What shoes with laces are considered fashionable?

What to wear with fashionable boots
How fashionable to wear rough boots

When choosing autumn-winter shoes, it is necessary to take into account not only comfort, but also trends. Stylists recommend paying attention to the color of the product, the design of the sole, the nose and the presence of additional decorative elements. By the way, about the last one.

Let’s remember right now: “Shoes without any decorative elements are in trend. The only decoration is lacing or rubber inserts”.

Boot shaft height

Unfashionable shoes with laces
Fashion boots with laces

Stylists recommend choosing shoes whose height is 2-4 cm above the bones. The trousers and jeans that are in the wardrobe will help to determine the model more precisely. According to current trends, the legs should not overlap the top of the boots, but only come into contact with it.

On a note: it is not worth cutting trousers and jeans to the specified parameters; you can always tuck them into boots. The main thing is to do it casually, as ideality is the anti-trend.

Sports – anti-trend

Unfashionable athletic shoes
Fashionable rough boots

Classic sports shoes are a trend. These include sneakers and sneakers. And the sports type of boots, which migrated to the city from ski resorts a few seasons ago, is returning to its rightful place again. It is not recommended to wear comfortable but unfeminine shoes in the city.

Signs of sports models are a shortened top, rubber and suede inserts, a streamlined shape, and a lack of zest.

Tractor outsole

Boots with low soles
Boots with tractor soles

One of the clear signs of autumn-winter boots that are relevant this season is the tractor sole. It can protrude beyond the main part of the shoe or be neat, preserve the parameters of the product. The main requirement is a height of 2 cm.

Advantages of the tractor sole:

  • Allows you to create an accent in the lower zone of the image;
  • Comfortable, non-slip;
  • Universal, as they are combined with many styles (classic, sports, casual).

small heel

Unfashionable boots
Fashion boots for autumn

In addition to a rough sole, modern lace-up boots need a heel. He performs two roles. On the one hand, this design provides a comfortable fit, on the other hand, it helps the foot feel comfortable.

A small heel will be a great addition, making the shoes even more comfortable.

flat toe

Non-trend boots
trendy boots

Many lace-up boots have a raised toe. Firstly, this trend is losing its relevance, and, secondly, this form is not recommended for the foot. Due to the upturned nose, the load on the foot is unevenly distributed, which contributes to the appearance of calluses, swelling, fatigue and discomfort.


Unfashionable strappy boots
Lace-up boots for winter

The strap in the form of an addition to the laces has lost its relevance. Today it occupies the same niche as spikes, beads, rhinestones, stones, embroidery and is not a trendy element.

Let’s sum up the design:

Fashionable boots with laces for women should have an average shaft height, a sole of 2 cm or more, and a standard toe. No additional decorations are recommended. If you want to stand out, you can give preference to the unusual color of shoes. The trend is bright colors: green, red, yellow. One of the most fashionable options is beige.

What to wear?

By choosing shoes with laces in the right and trendy style, you can make your life much easier, because they are combined with most trendy and basic things. Some of the most relevant patterns with lace-up boots for women:

With tracksuit:

What to wear with rough boots
Tracksuit with boots

With a dress or midi skirt:

Boots and knitted dress
Lace dress with boots

With jeans of any color:

Boots and jeans example
How to wear rough boots in autumn

With a miniskirt, while you need dark tights or with a print:

Boots and miniskirt
Boots and jacket dress

With a coat, raincoat, elongated leather jacket:

Leggings and boots example of an image
Coats and boots with laces

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