Как паре одеваться лето

What should a man wear in summer to match a woman?

What should a man wear in summer to match a woman?

Today we will not talk about paired looks (most men treat them negatively), but about matching outfits. They noticed how ridiculous the couple sometimes looks, although each individually is an interesting person and is quite stylishly dressed.

We propose to analyze the typical mistakes of joint summer exits in order to relieve men of embarrassment for their own appearance.

How should a couple dress in summer to look harmonious?

Justin and Hailey Bieber

It is not necessary to purchase identical t-shirts or shirts to look harmonious with your boyfriend / husband / fiance. It is enough to follow the compatibility of styles and not ignore the details.

We tell you what mistakes couples make most often when they get together for a celebration, party, wedding of friends, in a restaurant, cinema or cafe.

Shorts and T-shirtHow to dress if the girl is in shorts?

The first and most popular men’s set for the summer is shorts and a t-shirt. This image will not look beachy if the products are made of natural fabric. It is recommended to choose elongated shorts made of dense material, and a light T-shirt with sleeves. It should sit freely and not overtighten the body.

Different shoes are suitable for such a set: sneakers, sneakers, sandals. ❌ Leave slippers and slates at home!

Shorts with a T-shirt are a versatile summer look for a relaxed man. It harmoniously combines with a women’s sundress, an airy dress, palazzo trousers, culottes, shorts. The main thing for a girl is to give up hairpins and evening make-up, otherwise there will be an imbalance.

T-shirt and shirt

Paired image for the summer example

One of the trendiest summer outfits for men is a white T-shirt and short sleeve shirt. The bottom can be represented by shorts, jeans, light trousers. No sweatpants!

A girl, when a man has given preference to a multi-layered outfit, can choose the same technique, making a stylish casual look with several layers. And do not forget that hairpins in this case also have no place.

Light shirt and trousers

How to dress for a guy and a girl in summer

A masculine image that allows a girl to finally “walk” a more elegant summer dress than a regular sundress with straps – trousers and a shirt. We choose a set of light summer fabrics to feel free and light.

Denim jacket

Couple look in denim

When a woman has chosen a denim jacket, you should not dress up in anything made of suit fabric or baize. It is also better to give preference to denim things.

Sport suit

Couple look in sporty style

If you conduct a survey, most of the representatives of the stronger sex will indicate that the best option for a walk is a tracksuit. However, it is extremely difficult for a girl to look harmoniously next to each other. It remains also to put on something from the bike, because other options will contrast.


Summer couple looks in sports style

If a girl wears a headscarf in the summer, a baseball cap or a hoop, a man can safely walk alongside in Panama. In the case when a lady has a refined nature and prefers an elegant hat with a wide brim, you should buy yourself an accessory from this category.

Very tight trousers and shirt

How to dress as a couple in summer

Looking in the best macho traditions, emphasizing your own muscles, is not worth it if the girl does not wear a tight-fitting mini or deep neckline in the heat. When a lady is in a relaxed way, a man in tight clothes looks strange and out of place against her background. And in general, it’s time to abandon this fashion. Stylists have been saying for a long time that there should be free space between the body and clothes.

Do you pay attention to how your lady is dressed to match her bow?

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