Модный сарафан 2020

What sundresses are in fashion now

It’s time to change the dress for a sundress to be in trend

Want to spruce up your everyday style? So, it’s time to pay attention to the sundress – a trend that is gaining popularity. There are several recommendations on the style and components of the image.

Which sundress to choose?

Fashionable sundresses spring-summer 2020

It is difficult to single out one most fashionable model of a sundress, since any model can be made relevant, even the long-forgotten denim from Gloria Jeans, which every girl had in the 2000s.

When choosing a sundress, it is important to consider the features of the figure:

  • If you need a figure that is not the most athletic, pay attention to the midi length;
  • If the chest is such that you don’t want to hide, choose with long straps;
  • If you need to visually reduce yourself in volume, we are looking for a model with a stripe print;
  • If there is some area from which you need to divert attention as much as possible, choose a sundress with a print on the winning part of the body.

What to wear to make it look stylish?

A sundress is a universal wardrobe item, and what you wear under it depends on what the image will be like: casual, office, romantic, elegant…

Fashionable images with a sundress

For example, if you put on a T-shirt, sweater, turtleneck under a sundress, you get a completely office version. It is best to complement such a bow with tight tights and boots: Martins, Chelsea, regular with lacing.

If you put on a top under a sundress, and on top of a leather jacket or a denim jacket, you get a stylish casual look. Somewhere even seductive.

A jacket and pumps will add severity to the sundress, and now the office version is ready.

What else is important to consider?

What to wear with a sundress?

If you have a sundress with a complex cut (asymmetric hem, patch pockets, large buttons), it is best to choose a neutral bottom layer. That is, a turtleneck with voluminous transparent sleeves or a pullover with ruffles on the chest will not work.

If, on the contrary, the sundress is simple, monophonic, it is best to complement the image with something accent. It can be a jacket with a print on the back, tights with a speck or a bright color (necessarily dense), a T-shirt with a photo of some celebrity.

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