Модные украшения на каждый день

What to choose jewelry for the summer for every day

Summer jewelry to wear every day

Many women wear the same jewelry for years. The reason is banal: most have no idea how to replace a gold chain with earrings. But well-chosen and located in the image of jewelry can divert attention from the problem areas of the figure, make you slimmer, add status and even focus shooting on your speech.

We offer you to deal with summer jewelry trends and complement them with everyday looks for walking with children and friends, going to the store / to work / to the office, etc.

Top jewelry trends for summer 2021 to wear every day

Actual gold jewelry

So, to look stylish, you need to complement the image with jewelry. And it’s not about gold chains, but more original accessories.

How to wear gold jewelry and jewelry

This spring-summer 2021 season, there are three main types of jewelry in trend:

  • with metal (all kinds of chains, crumpled metal);
  • handmade (beads, beads, flowers, weaving);
  • colored stones and crystals.

Trend 1: crumpled metal

Earrings crumpled metal
Earrings crumpled silver metal

Metal jewelry has been in fashion for several seasons. At the beginning, these were ideal geometric shapes, and now the palm has passed to crumpled metal. These earrings or pendants look very relaxed, so they are perfect for everyday wear. They can be worn with linen and cotton items, combined with crochet dresses and knitted tops. They also go well with business suits and pencil skirts.

Trend 2: curved links

Curved metal earrings
Curved metal bracelet

Similar to the previous version – metal jewelry with curved links. They are considered a more classic alternative to crumpled metal and are usually paired with office style.

These jewelry harmoniously fit into any everyday ensemble, making it more attractive and eye-catching.

Trend 3: Chains

Chain necklace photo
What to wear with a chain necklace

Don’t know how to make a summer look stylish? Complement it with a trendy chain necklace. this decoration is combined with shorts, T-shirts, jackets and denim jackets. The main thing is to choose the right length – no more than 45-50 cm.

Trend 4: colored stones

Colored stone ring
Earrings with colored stones

Colored stones do not lose ground this year. True, they have become even more bizarre forms.

Volumetric, large and expressive colored stones are in fashion. They can be on earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets. Such decorations are usually complemented by images in the style of minimalism, monochrome outfits.

Trend 5: hand made in children’s style

Handmade bracelet photo
Neck decoration in the style of children's handmade

The fashion for cute handmade jewelry has returned again. These can be purchased from needlewomen or instructed to make their own children. The second option will be especially valuable and memorable. True, you can not wear hand-made products with any clothes. They are not suitable for an office outfit, but for a beach dress, an image with shorts and flip-flops or a light sundress, they are the perfect complement.

Trend 6: nautical theme

Bracelet with shells photo
Fashion bracelets with metal and shells

This summer, decorations that are associated with the sea are relevant. These are usually made of shells, corals, starfish and natural stones. Often there are combined decorations with a marine theme made of metal and shells or pearls. Such jewelry will be appropriate not only for daytime looks, but also for evening dresses.

How do you like the selection? Share in the comments what jewelry you are wearing this summer.

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