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What to do evening makeup for blue eyes?

Evening makeup for blue eyes: step by step

Blue-eyed girls are real lucky ones, because their eye color is considered one of the rarest. Isn’t this a reason for cool experiments with your appearance, especially when it comes to evening makeup?

Features of evening makeup for blue eyes

Makeup features for blue eyes

To make an elegant and flawless evening make-up, the owners of beautiful blue eyes need to follow certain rules. Only a well-executed make-up will emphasize the depth and expressiveness of the look, favorably presenting the best sides of your appearance.

So to features of bright makeup for blue eyesintended for exit in the evening, include:

  • The use of high-quality decorative cosmetics with a predominance of pigmented shadows. Such cosmetics allow you to achieve rich shades, and you adjust their intensity yourself;
  • Brightness does not mean a combination of screaming acid shades. You can give expressiveness to the look with just one color, if you know the basics of makeup and know how to apply them in practice. Blue eyes are usually quite bright on their own, so you don’t want to highlight them so that the makeup looks forced. At the same time, do not give up shimmery shadows and colored mascara: moderation is the key to elegance;
  • Even the most beautiful blue-eyed girl does not look good if her skin condition leaves much to be desired. Defects and irregularities are masked with corrective cosmetics (primer, concealer, foundation, etc.);
  • In addition to the previous point – do not layer foundation, but apply them carefully, using as much composition as necessary. Otherwise, the light tone of the iris will be lost against the background of an excess of cosmetics, and in order to highlight the eyes, you will have to apply a large number of decorative make-up products;
  • If in evening makeup the emphasis is on the eyes, the tone of the lips is selected in a neutral shade. If you ignore this rule, you can get an image in the style of the film “Corpse Bride”. For the same reason, do not highlight the tone of the face too much.

If you want to make a spectacular winning makeup for blue eyes, then don’t be afraid to experiment with textures and shadesbut always follow the basic principles of makeup to find a happy medium.

smokey ice

Smokey ice for blue eyes

You can add even more magical appeal to blue eyes with the help of a smoky tint of shadows. The smoky eye makeup technique has been at the peak of popularity for many years, as this is the surest way to visually “open up” the look, giving it romantic mystery and depth. The classic way to make a smokey ice make-up involves applying a dark tone to the top of the color, which gradually stretches to a lighter transition. Follow our instructions for how to do smoky makeup the right way.

Step 1. Powder your eyelids a little. You can apply a base and / or primer.

Primer application

Step 2 Line your eyes with eyeliner or eye shadow. Avoid liquid eyeliner, as a very sharp outline is undesirable in this case. Pay attention to drawing the outer corner.

Pencil eyeliner

Step 3 Blend the contour so that it has a thinner line along the lower eyelid.

Smudged eyeliner on the eyelid

Step 4 Apply 2-3 shades of eye shadow to the upper eyelid to create a smooth transition. Their color is combined with the color of the pencil, while the darkest shade is applied to the outer corner and gradually brightens closer to the inner.

Application of shadows in the technique of "smoky eyes"

Step 5 Emphasize the arch in the eye socket and the contour of the eye with darker shadows.

Applying eye shadow

Step 6 Perform the same tone stretch from dark to light shade, drawing the lower eyelid.

Makeup of the lower eyelid

Step 7 Finish off the eyelids by applying light shades (white, grayish, pearl, etc.) on the upper eyelid upwards to the eyebrows from the crease.

Proper smokey ice

Step 8 Make up the eyelashes, paying attention to the area in the outer corner of the eye.

Applying mascara to eyelashes

Makeup for blue eyes with arrows and shadows

Makeup with arrows

Such makeup, depending on the saturation of the shadows and the intensity of drawing details, can be a great addition to a day or evening look. To create a make-up, take a black or gray eyeliner, eye shadow base, mascara, primer, shadows with a matte texture in white, silver and dark gray.

Step 1. Apply a base under the shadows on the area of ​​​​the moving eyelid, blend the product well and lightly powder.

Applying the base on the eyelids

Step 2 On top of the prepared layer, apply dense white shadows.

Applying light shadows

Step 3 Mark the crease of the upper eyelid with silver shadows and carefully blend the line so that it is the thinnest closer to the corner of the eye.

Dark shadows in the corner of the eyes

Step 4 Pick up dark gray shadows with a beveled brush and carefully draw an arrow, stretching its tip to the temple.

Arrow drawing

Step 5 Line your lower eyelid.

Drawing the lower eyelid

Step 6 Duplicate the arrow line with gel eyeliner to give it definition. Try to draw it close to the roots of the eyelashes.

Application of gel eyeliner

Step 7 Apply light eye shadow to the inner corner of the eye.

Applying light shadows to the inner corner of the eye

Carefully mask the defects with a sponge and brush off the remnants of cosmetics with a large brush.

Spectacular makeup with arrows
Easy, but spectacular makeup with arrows for blue eyes is ready!

Bright makeup for blue eyes

Bright makeup for blue eyes

A make-up of bright contrasting shades for blue eyes is a win-win option if you need to give your look even more expressiveness, making the image the most luxurious. The color scheme for a bright rich make-up is selected in the most careful way.

When determining the color palette, make-up artists advise, first of all, to take into account the shade of the iris – saturated blue, transparent blue, aquamarine, cold bluish, aquamarine, azure, etc.

Blue arrows on blue eyes
You can highlight blue eyes not only with the help of color, but also with the original eyeliner line

Also pay attention to the skin tone of the face: girls like “winter” will need a make-up of a completely different kind than owners of warm skin tones (peach, pale pink, etc.). Accordingly, bright makeup for blue eyes is performed differently if its owner is a blue-eyed brunette or a platinum blonde.

Girl with intense make-up
Do not forget to blend the eyeliner line, this will achieve smooth transitions.

Blue iris pairs well with makeup in pink, gold, silver, and lilac/purple. In some cases, you can use bronze and emerald shades. This palette is suitable for a variety of color types, but when applying cosmetics, be careful about the intensity, otherwise you will give the image too theatrical effect. However, with the right makeup technique, you can get a bright, spectacular make-up that makes the look deep and expressive.

Blue-eyed beautiful girl with arrows
If you have naturally large bright eyes, you can leave the eyelashes on the lower eyelid unpainted: this will enhance the effect of the “wide open” look

Useful advice: The latest trend in eye makeup for light shades (not only blue, but also green) is the rejection of too dark shadows. This approach is dangerous…

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