Свадебный макияж для карих глаз

What to do wedding makeup for brown eyes?

Wedding makeup for brown eyes: ideas, photos

A wedding is undoubtedly one of the most important events in life. On this festive day, the bride, more than ever, wants to be more beautiful and happier than everyone. Each girl carefully selects a dress, shoes and accessories to create an unforgettable look.

Makeup is an integral part of the wedding look. The chosen palette of colors should be in harmony with the outfit and fit the type of face of the owner. When choosing a make-up, special attention should be paid to the color and shape of the eyes.

Preparing for bridal makeup

Wedding make-up

In order to achieve the perfect wedding makeup, preparation for it must begin long before the ceremony.

The condition and health of the skin itself is the first thing you should pay attention to before the wedding. Helps keep skin in good condition cosmetic procedures. They will help not only make the skin more even and healthy, but also bring new notes to your appearance.

Cosmetic procedures

The most popular pre-wedding beauty treatments are facial cleansing and exfoliation. Mechanical or hardware facial cleansing is necessary for girls who suffer from problem skin. Ultrasonic cleaning will help girls with less problematic skin, it will clean and narrow the pores of the face.

Peeling will help to clear the skin of peeling, smooth the surface of the skin, reduce wrinkles. Depending on the desired result, light peeling can be done at home or in a beauty parlor. For the best result, it is recommended to conduct a peeling course with a cosmetologist who will select the depth of cleansing for a particular skin type.


Help make the bride’s facial features more expressive Botox injections and hyaluronic acid contouring. Botox injections will reduce mimic wrinkles on the face, and also, if desired, make the lips plumper. Hyaluronic acid injections will help transform the contour of the face. This acid will fill wrinkles under the eyes, in the nasolabial fold, etc.

It is important to remember that after any procedure, a long amount of time must pass for the skin to move away from aggressive exposure. Therefore, you can not carry out procedures right before the wedding.

The rehabilitation period depends on the selected session and the recommendations of the specialist. Procedures are carried out 1-4 weeks before the ceremony.

The ideal make-up can only be achieved by experimenting and comparing. Therefore, before the wedding it is worth holding bridal makeup rehearsal and hairstyles. It is worth making several variations of makeup, capturing them on camera and comparing them. Only then will you choose the perfect make-up.

Features of wedding makeup for brown eyes

Wedding makeup for brown eyes

Wedding makeup should emphasize the natural beauty of the bride. If the wedding is in a traditional style and the girl covers her head with a veil, then it is desirable to emphasize the youth and “innocence” of the girl. It is necessary to avoid flashy colors that stand out from the general image.

If a wedding or a banquet is on a specific topic, then the make-up can be brighter, freer and more conceptual.

If you do not plan to use the services of a professional makeup artist, then you should take care of cosmetic products yourself. They need to be of the highest quality and durability.

A touching event is planned, so you should think about waterproof eye makeup. Tonal means and powder should give a matte effect and get rid of oily sheen.

Don’t use too much highlighter. First, it is no longer fashionable. And, secondly, after a few hours of active pastime, the highlighter, in combination with the shine from sweat, will create the effect gym skini.e. the skin as after an intensive workout in the gym.

Wedding makeup for blondes

If you want to follow fashion trends, but at the same time not go too far out of wedding etiquette, you can apply one of fashion ideas:

  • Make up lips with a wine shade. For the past couple of years, matte lipsticks of deep colors have been popular, so fashionistas often use them in wedding makeup. The right shade of red lipstick is perfect for brown-eyed girls.
  • Most often in a wedding make-up they focus on the eyes. Recently, there has been a growing trend to focus on the lips, making brown eye makeup minimal. If you are the owner of a beautiful smile and even teeth, then feel free to paint your lips in rich shades of red.
  • Use glitter. Apply some glitter to your eyes, cheekbones or hair. This will make the image festive, the main thing is not to overdo it.
  • Arrows are white. You can often see white arrows at fashion shows. This fashion was adopted by makeup artists, using them in evening and wedding make-up. Light arrows beautifully emphasize brown eyes.
  • Smokey ice brown. Brown or plum shades will deepen brown eyes, but will not look defiant.

Before applying eye makeup, you need to analyze not only the color, but also their shape. It is customary to consider “beautiful” large almond-shaped eyes. Therefore, when doing makeup, makeup artists tend to visually bring the eyes to this shape.

There are the following eye shapes:

  • Close or wide set;
  • Round, almond-shaped;
  • With raised or lowered corners of the eyes;
  • Deep set or protruding.

Eye shapes

The right makeup artist will help to correct the shape of the eyes at the request of the bride.

Shadow color palette

bridal makeup eyeshadow palette

Girls with brown eyes are a little more lucky than those with other shades of eyes. Brown-eyed people can afford different colors, but do not forget that each shade is individual.

When choosing a color scheme, consider recommendations:

  • Lilac shades of shadows will suit girls with light brown eyes of a golden hue;
  • Warm and cold shades of pink perfectly accentuate hazel eyes with hazel eyes;
  • For any brown eyes, natural, pastel colors are suitable. For example, pearl, velvet pink or golden. The light palette is ideal for wedding makeup, making the look even more delicate and feminine;
  • Also brown can be considered a universal color for brown eyes. By making a smooth transition from light to dark tones, you will get a beautiful classic brown eye makeup.

A new trend that has moved from high fashion to wedding is red shadows. Reddish shades will be very interesting, and most importantly, it will look appropriate if you first take care of the skin tone.


Wedding makeup with arrows

There is also a place for arrows in wedding makeup. If necessary, they perfectly emphasize or correct the shape of the eye. The key is to keep it simple rules:

  • Arrows should not be thick and very long. Such a make-up is inappropriate for a wedding celebration.
  • If you decide to focus on the arrows, then you should not combine them with bright, contrasting colors of shadows and lipstick.
  • The eyeliner doesn’t have to be black. You can also try,…

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