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What to do with hair after unsuccessful lightening

When overdried: what to do with hair after lightening

Lightening hair is a difficult task that should only be left to professionals.

If you are promised a blond with a cosmetic black base in one procedure, they assure you that there will be no yellowness in any case, and you will have to tint the length no earlier than after 3 months – run. Such promises have nothing to do with reality. If the hairdresser assures otherwise, you should not expect a quality result.

What causes dry hair

Dry hair

Hair lightening – negatively affects their condition, even with the use of high-quality dyes and the implementation of salon care. What can we say about aggressive powders and their mishandling.

Dryness, brittleness, dullness, hair loss are the most common problems that women complain about after the hair lightening procedure.

Some people believe that painting white back to brown or black will solve the problem. In fact, changing the shade of the hair after poor-quality coloring has been done will not save the situation. It takes patience and careful care. And the only quick option is a haircut. But who will agree to it?

The lightening process involves applying a powder composition to the hair.

  • Failure to comply with proportions;
  • Incorrect application technique;
  • Ignoring exposure time;
  • Lack of initial diagnosis of the condition of the hair (not all hair can be bleached)

– all this leads to a disastrous result. You can avoid this by choosing a professional master. But, if trouble happened, we suggest not to despair, but to be patient and follow simple recommendations that will help at least slightly correct the situation.

So, we tell you how you can help your own hair after unsuccessful lightening, so that shine returns and stiffness disappears.

What to do if the hair is dry during lightening?

Beautiful haircut: before and after result

The first and most important thing is not to repeat the procedure, even if the color is unsuccessful. Cleaning and leveling the canvas will only exacerbate the situation. Only light toning with ammonia-free dye is allowed for severely damaged hair.

Now about how to restore a blond from burnt straw.

We refuse ironing

Curl Iron Learning The TYME Iron

The first thing to do. If the hair after lightening has suffered a lot – to reconsider the habits of hair care. The constant use of ironing and curling irons will only aggravate the situation. It is recommended to refuse them.

Smoothness still cannot be achieved with burnt hair, so why torture them once again? There are many original ways to collect the tail.

Drying with cold air

How to blow dry your hair

It is not recommended to refuse a hair dryer, since it is harmful to dry your hair naturally more than once a week. Too much moisture destroys them. We use a hair dryer on a cold or medium setting.

We do not pull hair

Headscarf and low tail

When collecting hair in a ponytail or braid, we choose silk elastic bands or spirals. They do not leave creases and carefully support the hair. You can also use a scarf or ribbon.

Dry in the direction of growth

Drying hair with a hairdryer

Many bloggers advise tilting your head down and drying your hair in this state to give your hair an extra basal volume.

If the hair is in perfect condition, you can try out such a life hack. But, when there was an unsuccessful clarification procedure, you should not injure them once again. Apply a detangling agent, use a wide-toothed comb and dry in the direction of growth.

Using the right comb

Washing combs

Overdried hair, resembling straw, is constantly tangled. It is not worth tearing them out with an ordinary comb, trying to get rid of the knots. For this situation, a comb with long and wide teeth is suitable. You can also use tangle teezer combs, which are recommended for children. They allow you to carefully and accurately handle the knots.

Apply leave-in care

Hair conditioner

In addition to a hair mask, after which a balm is applied and the hair is thoroughly washed, it is recommended to use professional leave-in care. Oil, cream, gel – whatever suits you. The main thing is that it thickened the hair.


Blonde correction: lightening and toning

Toning allows you to thicken the hair, make it more elastic and shiny. The main thing is to perform the procedure with high-quality dyes. Household paint is not suitable for the toning procedure, as are various tonics / masks sold in hypermarkets. Only professional salon products.

Regular trimming

Trimming the ends of the hair

If the hair is burned, it is impossible to restore it to its original state, no matter how hard you try. But the above manipulations will at least slightly improve the situation. It is recommended to cut the ends more often than usual, for example, once a month for 1-2 cm (usually this procedure is carried out every 3-4 months).

On a note: Blonde is expensive, put up with it and don’t experiment at home or with beginners. Restoring overdried hair is difficult, and sometimes impossible.

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