Что надеть на новый год 2019 свиньи?

What to wear for the New Year 2019 of the Pig?

In what color and in what clothes to celebrate the New Year 2019?

New Year is a magical time when everyone is busy decorating the house, choosing gifts for relatives and preparing festive dishes. But the main task remains the selection of a beautiful New Year’s image. The choice of dress should be approached responsibly so as not to offend the symbol of the next year. The right outfit will guarantee good luck and financial well-being in 2019.

What color to celebrate the New Year 2019?

New Year’s image should be thought out very carefully. Not only the style of the future outfit plays a role, but also the color scheme of the festive dress.

According to the Eastern calendar, the New Year 2019 will be held under the auspices of the Yellow Earth Pig (Boar).

It is also important that the Yellow Earth Pig ends the twelve-year cycle. New Year’s holiday should be celebrated on a special scale, and the outfit should be exceptionally new.

Recommended colors:

  • yellow or gold;
  • grey;
  • brown, chocolate shade;
  • green;
  • beige;
  • red;
  • black;
  • blue.

A festive image should be thought out to the smallest detail. If you couldn’t find a dress of a suitable color, then you should think about accessories of the corresponding shade. You can complement a beautiful outfit with gold jewelry or a black fashionable clutch.


Yellow is a symbol of the sun, warmth, wealth. This bright and cheerful color is considered the epitome of a positive attitude and energy.

When thinking over the New Year’s image, it should be borne in mind that the year of the Yellow Pig will come. In this regard, all shades of yellow are suitable – lemon, golden, mustard, sand, etc. Such shades will add brightness, charisma and originality to the fair sex. The main thing is that a dress of this color should go to the owner of a festive outfit.

Mustard shade is perfect for brown-haired women with dark skin. A lemon-colored dress can be worn by both brunettes and light blond girls. The golden one is perfect for just about anyone.

Girls in yellow dressesChoice of yellow dressesNew Year's outfits in yellow colors


Brown is the color of soil, tree bark, chocolate. Symbolizes fertility and earthiness, as well as stability, harmony and stability.

The element of the upcoming year is the Earth, so all shades of brown are suitable – chocolate, brick, wheat, etc. Brown should be chosen by red and brown-haired women with pale skin. For the fair sex with a different shade of hair, you can pick up various brownish shades of outfits.

Ideas for a New Year's outfit in brown tonesDress in chocolate shadeshades of brown


An outfit in green colors is the best fit for the New Year 2019. Green color symbolizes energy and love of life. Each girl will be able to choose a bright festive dress in this color, because green has many shades – emerald, malachite, khaki, light green, pistachio.

Red-haired girls with freckles for a New Year’s outfit can choose dresses with an olive, pistachio, swamp shade. Brunettes will suit green in cold colors – emerald or jade. Lime, light green or shades of apple green will look great on blondes with fair skin.

Outfits for the New Year 2019 in green colorsDark green Christmas dressesLight green outfits


A classic black knee-length dress will be a great outfit for celebrating New Year’s Eve. The outfit will look elegant and beautiful on a girl of any physique. After all, the black color perfectly hides the fullness and does not add extra volume.

To make the New Year’s look for 2019 more festive, you can diversify the outfit with gold accessories or bright jewelry. Do not forget also about makeup and hair. Instead of a dress, you can wear a black T-shirt with shiny sequins or dress pants.

Girls in evening wear Black outfits for New Year's EveGirls in beautiful black dresses


Red is the color of passion and love. A New Year’s look can become truly fatal if you wear a red dress, a red pencil skirt with a white blouse or a tight jumpsuit. From the whole variety of shades of red, each girl will be able to choose the most suitable one for herself.

Available shades of red:

  • scarlet;
  • pink;
  • burgundy;
  • carmine;
  • crimson;
  • crimson, etc.

An outfit in red colors for the New Year 2019 will look great on blondes and burning brunettes.Red and white styleGirls in red overallsGirls in red dresses

What dress to celebrate the Year of the Pig?

New Year’s image must be thought out in advance and carefully. After all, on New Year’s Eve there will be too little time for preparation. Female representatives should take care of makeup, hairstyle, and attire. The best solution would be to meet the year of the Yellow Earth Pig in an elegant, bright dress. The color scheme of the festive attire should be selected in accordance with the symbols of the coming year. Suitable colors and shades such as – yellow, green, brown, red, beige, orange, etc.

When choosing a dress for celebrating the New Year, you should pay attention to:

  • style;
  • length;
  • the cloth.

The New Year’s image will turn out spectacular if you choose a dress based on these criteria. The fair sex should choose an outfit in accordance with the type of figure and personal preferences.

An outfit for the New Year should be not only fashionable, but also comfortable.


fashion styles

The dress for the New Year 2019 must be new and fashionable. Young girls and adult women need to pay attention to the style of the outfit.

Fashion styles of dresses:

  • “Baby Dollar”. The outfit has a high waist and a rather fluffy multi-layered knee-length skirt. The bodice is open and closed. The dress is great for petite or tall, slender girls;
  • “Case”. The outfit is narrow and well emphasizes the dignity of the female figure. Usually has no sleeves or collar. For really slender women, a sheath dress with a peplum is suitable;
  • “With smell”. They come in various lengths, with an emphasis on the back, bodice or waist. Looks great on women of all ages and owners of any type of figure. New Year’s look for 2019 can be supplemented with properly selected accessories;
  • “Fish”. The dress of this style has a tight-fitting silhouette and a flared hem, starting from the knees. The outfit turns out to be very elegant, shocking and suitable for going to a restaurant. Most suitable for girls with an hourglass figure type.

New Year 2019 can also be found in a dress with sequins, retro feathers, made in linen style or metallic.


The length of the outfit should be selected in accordance with the age and type of figure of the fair sex. For a home party with friends, midi or mini dresses are suitable. They will be more convenient for celebrating a long New Year’s Eve. To go to a restaurant, you can choose a floor-length dress. This style of dress will give the girl elegance and grace.

Mini dresses suitable for owners of slender, but not very thin legs. With wide hips, tight-fitting should be avoided …

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