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What to wear to a friend’s wedding: top 7 trends summer 2021

To a friend’s wedding: trendy looks this summer

The fast will end soon and the wedding season will begin. Have you already been invited somewhere?

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According to numerous surveys, it is extremely difficult for women to choose an outfit for the wedding of a friend or relatives. On the one hand, I don’t want to be the queen of the ball, since you are not the main one there. And on the other hand, I don’t want to look everyday either, because it’s a holiday after all.

We have collected the main trends of this year, which will suit those who plan to have fun at the wedding from the heart.

The main myths about the wedding attire of guests

Sheath dress fashionable / unfashionable

When going to a wedding, many women face a number of prejudices that prevent them from wearing their favorite dress. I propose to dispel these myths once and for all. So:

Dressy looks in black

You can wear black for a wedding. This is not bad manners, not a whim, and not an expression of disrespect for the newlyweds. Black has always been considered elegant and sophisticated. The main thing when choosing a dress for a wedding is to complement the image with bright accessories. Suitable jewelry, shoes or clutch.

Smart looks in white

In white, you can also come to the wedding, although many are sure that this color is exclusively for the bride. In fact, the main thing is not the color, but the style. Even in a blue or red dress, you can outshine the bride if it is with a huge skirt and train.

Elegant mini dress

Mini is not for a wedding celebration. This myth has a number of clarifications. For example, choosing a mini, close the neckline. So the image will not look vulgar. You should also adequately assess your own figure: if you are not in the best shape now, why wear a short dress or skirt? It is better to choose an average length that will stretch the silhouette and hide problem areas.

Top 7 trends for wedding guests

When choosing an outfit for a wedding to a friend, you should first of all consider your own parameters. No matter how fashionable a dress or suit may be, if it does not “sit” on the figure, the image will not work out.


Trouser suit for a wedding

The first and hottest trend of this spring-summer season is the pantsuit. Stylists recommend choosing a solid color set, and not with a print. The jacket should be used as the main element of the top, and not the second layer. Today you can wear a jacket without a top. shirts or blouses underneath. Emphasis on the neckline and stylish jewelry complete the look.

Bodycon midi dress

Stylish midi length dresses

The second trend of this season is a bodycon midi dress. It may be devoid of additional decor, but the presence of some zest is required. As an accent, there can be a high slit on the thigh, a square neckline, puffy sleeves or an unusual collar.

pajama suit

pajama suit

The fashion for trouser suits in pajama style has been preserved. Today, in such outfits, you can come not only to a cafe at the resort, but also to the wedding of friends. This set looks stylish, fresh and youthful. The main thing is to understand what the audience of the event will be, so that every second person does not have to talk about fashion.


Elegant asymmetrical dress

An asymmetrical dress is another trend for summer 2021. It is recommended to choose such dresses from light, plain fabrics. They are combined with simple hairstyles and nude makeup. Stylists recommend putting accessories aside, complementing the image with only accent earrings.

Linen style dress and jacket

Linen style dress and jacket

And again in the trend is the nightgown dress, which for the last two years has been among the outsiders at fashion shows. It is recommended to wear it to a wedding celebration together with a jacket. So the image looks holistic and corresponds to the status of the event.

Jumpsuit with palazzo trousers

Palazzo jumpsuit

Jumpsuit will help to surprise guests at the wedding and stand out. It is recommended to choose a stylish model with wide legs. They visually stretch the silhouette, create a noble and sophisticated image.

Skirt and top

What to wear with a silk skirt

Let’s return to silk dresses, which are best suited for a wedding. In addition to an asymmetrical dress, pajamas and a nightgown, you can choose a set of a skirt and top with unusual straps.


Wedding fashion this year tends to be simple. Light fabrics, monotony, the absence of catchy decorative elements and complex styles are in fashion.

Guests of the solemn event, stylists recommend choosing outfits that emphasize status. The days of aggressive sexuality are over. Natural make-up, an elegant dress and a hairstyle close to natural – the perfect look.

🔴 How do you like this wedding fashion: are you ready to come to your friend for a celebration in pajamas?

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