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What to wear with over the knee boots so as not to look vulgar

How to stay feminine in over the knee boots: features of the images

Over the knee boots are a 2021 trend that suits not only young girls, but also adult women. The main thing is to choose the right model and know what to wear high boots with.

What boots are considered fashionable?

Fashion over the knee boots 2021 photo

To begin with, let’s decide on fashionable models of over the knee boots. First of all, it is important to pay attention to the sole. Choose low rough or tractor style. If you need a heel, then beveled or a glass.

Heeled boots are outdated. Models with lacing, stockings or very wide ones are also considered irrelevant. The top should be moderately free so that natural folds form.

On a note: high over the knee boots will make your legs slimmer and longer, help you create a more elegant or sexy look.

How to wear over the knee boots so as not to look defiant

Treads are associated with vulgarity for many, because we all watched the cult film Pretty Woman, in which the main character wore just such boots. But it is worth choosing the right pair for them in the form of clothes, as the image from the defiant acquires not only notes of elegance, but also tenderness. We tell the secrets of what to wear over the knee boots with.

Nude tights and mini are acceptable

How to wear over the knee boots with a jacket
Over the knee boots and long sweater

The main misconception of women is that over the knee boots cannot be worn with body tights, as it looks vulgar. In fact, this image has many nuances. For example, a tight miniskirt is not, but a loose knit sweater with or without a belt is. Another good option is a trendy jacket dress.

With black tights – always good

Treads and black dress
Over the knee boots and long knit dress

Many women believe that over the knee boots go well with tight black tights. In fact, such an image is an anti-trend. Replace tight tights with translucent ones with a simple pattern in the form of dots or logos of a well-known brand. These tights go well with any short clothing – shorts, skirts, sundresses, sweaters.

The main rule is that the bottom of the image should be free if it is short. Does not pull the hips, trying to reduce them in volume.

With midi length need a slit

Over the knee boots and midi skirt
Over the knee boots and midi skirt photo

If a dress or midi length skirt is chosen, it is better not to hide the over the knee boots completely under the hem. It is worth betting on an outfit with an accent cut that reveals part of the high boots.

With jeans yes

How to wear over the knee boots with jeans
Over the knee boots and jeans photo

The look of skinny jeans and over the knee boots is outdated. However, women did not begin to love this combination less, so the stylists once again remind you that you can wear things in this way if the top is free.

The most successful combination is with dense things.

Over the knee boots and knitwear
Cool look with high boots

In order not to look vulgar, over the knee boots are recommended to be combined with things made of dense fabric. Knitwear is best.


How to wear over the knee boots cool
Cool look with pink over the knee boots

Over the knee boots are comfortable and stylish shoes that should not be classified as vulgar. To keep the boots from looking defiant, it is necessary to balance their sexuality with the help of less active things.

For example, a tight-fitting mini and a deep neckline have nothing to do with them if there is no goal to attract excessive attention of the opposite sex. Also, do not combine over the knee boots with leggings and skinny jeans when a tight-fitting top is chosen. Sweater. a jacket or blouse in such a set is required free.

Wear things that not only seem beautiful to you, but also fit with your inner world. If the soul asks for high boots, give them to yourself. Clothing elements have no age, certain sets and combinations have it!

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