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What type of hair extension is the best: an overview

About the nuances of modern methods of hair extensions

Thick and long hair is the dream of many women. True, nature has awarded such wealth not to every representative of the fair sex. But do not despair, because today there is a lot of cosmetic procedures for hair growth. And if the result is urgent, you can always get hair extensions – a quick and easy way to achieve the length and thickness of your dreams.

What is hair extension?

Hair extension before and after photo

Hair extension – This is an increase in length and volume with the help of additional strands. With any type of extension, natural hair is used, which can be curled, dyed, straightened, washed, dried an unlimited number of times. The main thing is to use high-quality cosmetics and make corrections in time (read about it below 👇).

And if the strands are unnatural?

Attaching synthetic curls to your own hair with hairpins is not an extension. This is a procedure that every woman can perform on her own to change her own look for a particular event.

The disadvantage of synthetic curls is the inability to wash, curl, dye them. They are noticeably different from natural hair, unnaturally shine. Of the pluses – a small cost, so for a single wear – this is not such a bad option.

Types of hair extensions

What hair extensions look like before and after

So, before deciding to build, you need to decide on the look, because there are many ways to attach additional strands to the bulk of the hair.

Each of the methods of fixing the strands has both advantages and disadvantages. They differ in price and durability. For example, looking ahead, we will clarify that the tape requires a monthly correction, and the hot one needs to be corrected every 2-3 months.

The time allotted for the execution of the procedure itself also differs. Hot and cold extensions take 2-3 hours from the master, since the strands are very thin. Tape only 40-50 minutes, since fastening occurs in wide layers.

Hot or Italian

Capsule hair extension blond photo

The most popular type of hair extension today is Italian. This technique is hot and involves attaching additional strands to your own hair with the help of special capsules and ironing (hair straightening tongs).

The capsules that the masters use for hot Italian hair extensions come in different sizes, but they are all made on the basis of keratin. When exposed to heat, it provides reliable adhesion of additional (donor) strands to natural ones.

Capsules differ in size, filling and weight, and the type of capsule is selected depending on the extension area.

Italian hair extension photo

The procedure is considered safe, since keratin is a natural fibrillar protein that is part of the hair structure. It is he who gives them the necessary strength.

As a rule, keratin of three colors is used: transparent, brown and black. The extension becomes invisible if the color of the capsule matches the place of attachment. that is, a shade of hair.

Micro-extension or Nano-extension

Nano hair extension

Quite often lately, you can see proposals for nano-hair extensions or microcapsule. What is it?

In fact, microcapsule and nano hair extensions are the same as Italian ones, since the procedures are performed by fixing donor hair on thin strands of native hair. For fastening, very small capsules and special tongs are used to warm them up, which ensures grip.

These capsules are the size of a grain of rice, so they are almost invisible on the head. This makes it possible to collect hair in any hairstyle, divide into partings. Another advantage of microcapsule technology is long-term wear. Correction is needed after 2.5 months.

End thickening
End thickening

Also, the advantages of nano-building on hot Italian technology include the ability to perform hair thickening. This is giving volume in the right part. Most often, additional strands are needed in the temporal-lateral zones.

Thickening hair is a popular request for women who want to change by giving volume to their hair, not length. Thickening is necessary for those who have voids (after childbirth, improper care, tangles, etc.) or rare tips.

Cold or Spanish

spanish extension

Cold hair extensions are fundamentally different from hot ones, as completely different materials are used. Donor strands are attached not with hot tongs and keratin capsules, but with glue. The special safe composition provides grip and long wear. Correction is also required after 2.5-3 months.

Extension without glue and keratin

Cold extension with sesame thread photo
Cold extension with sesame thread (photo)

Some women are embarrassed by the classic cold extension because they need to apply glue to their own hair. The hot method is not trusted, since the strands are heat treated, and the tape method is embarrassing because of the need for frequent adjustments. What to do?

Someone will say to completely abandon the idea of ​​​​thickening or lengthening the hair by building up, but there is another option. A new method of attaching strands to natural hair is gaining popularity – using sesame thread. Small knots do not create any discomfort when worn, shampooed, combed or dyed. Speaking of coloring 👇

Staining in the presence of keratin capsules should be carried out very carefully, without affecting them. And it is better to do this during the correction, when the master removes all the strands.

  • Advantages extensions with sesame thread: no heat treatment, glue and keratin on the hair.
  • Minuses – the duration of the procedure and correction, the high cost.

The fastest extension – “Hollywood”

Hollywood photo extension

Among the types of hair extensions that do not use glue and keratin, there is also a Hollywood version. The essence of the method is the “sewing” of strands.

For Hollywood hair extensions, one wide strand (several is possible) is usually used, which is attached with special threads to a thin pigtail braided in advance along a horseshoe-shaped parting.

Advantage of this type – a high speed of execution, and the absence of contraindications in the form of pregnancy, toxicosis. An allergic reaction is also excluded, since no adhesives are used.

Minus – fragility. Walking with Hollywood extensions is recommended for no more than 3-4 weeks.

Hollywood hair extension look

This look is considered festive and is often used by stylists and hairdressers of celebrities and stars to create the right look for a particular event. Then the donor curls are removed and stored until the next important publication or correction is performed. For permanent wear, capsule cold or hot extensions are usually chosen.

Colored hair extensions or ombre effect

Color extension

It’s quite common to see the latter…

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