Collagenation of eyelashes

When and who needs to do eyelash collagenization, with photo examples 2022

Collagenation of eyelashes is a novelty in the world of beauty procedures. Today it is popular among girls who want to become owners of a chic bright and expressive look. But there are other points by which women determine whether they need such a procedure.

Collagenation of eyelashes

What is eyelash collagen treatment in 2022

Collagenation is the saturation of eyelashes with a special beneficial composition. It allows you to quickly revive the hairs, make them more beautiful and healthy.

Eyelash treatment with collagen

Collagen is a substance produced by the body. It is necessary for the beauty of the skin, hair and eyelashes. If this protein is not enough, the eyelashes become thinner and more brittle. They begin to actively fall out and are poorly updated.

Eyelashes before and after collagen treatment

Collagen production can start to slow down as early as age 21. The amount of elastin also gradually decreases. This immediately affects the condition of all hair on the body. The result is also visible on the eyelashes.

Eyelashes covered with collagen

It is difficult to regulate the process from the inside. It is much easier to make up for the lack of collagen from the outside. One of the ways is collagenization of eyelashes.

Eyelashes before and after collagen coating

What is the difference between eyelash collagenization and lamination

The whole procedure is similar to lamination. But there are also significant differences between them. The main thing is safety.

  • Collagenation does not use ammonia solution. Although it is allowed in the production of various cosmetics, it is still an aggressive composition.
The effect of the procedure

  • Another important difference is the retention period of the result. After collagenization, eyelashes remain in perfect condition much longer. Shiny, beautiful, elastic, they can be stored for up to 100 days. All this time, it will be enough to take care of your eyelashes in a standard way. It is allowed to paint them with ordinary ink.
eyelashes after care

Also, the high content of collagen gives the maximum healing effect. This substance accumulates in the eyelashes. You can go through 3-4 procedures and forget about various problems with hairs for a long time.

Eyelashes before and after collagen

Who can benefit from eyelash collagen treatment?

It is worth signing up for the procedure if:

  1. The structure of the hairs is broken after perms, extensions, regular permanent staining. The new unique procedure will help restore the structure of eyelashes, nourish them with all the important components. As a result, the hairs will again look healthy, attractive. It will be possible to easily cope with their weakness and fragility.
  2. A woman uses make-up every day. For example, mascara and shadows. Such funds can negatively affect the condition of the eyelashes. The hair eventually becomes thinner and weaker. They can fall out more actively, break.
  3. For various reasons, the eyelashes have become thinner. Under the influence of external factors, the hairs can become more fragile, weak. Start falling out too much. Sometimes this happens even because of the girl’s habit of sleeping with her face in the pillow.
  4. The body of a woman lacks vitamins. Most often this happens in the autumn. Or after childbirth, the end of the lactation period, a long illness. Due to the lack of vitamins and important nutrients, eyelashes and hair become dull and lifeless. They look less attractive. In addition to the collagenization procedure, it is also important here to start restoring your body from the inside.
  5. There was a desire to quickly improve the appearance of eyelashes. A special procedure will help add volume to the eyelashes, length, change the bend to a more beautiful and noticeable one. At the same time, it will not be necessary to do extensions, biowaves and somehow weight natural natural hairs.
  6. The girl is the owner by nature very short, thin, rarely growing eyelashes. But at the same time, she is not ready to decide on building up and other cardinal procedures.
  7. Woman – a supporter of naturalness and safety in everything. Therefore, he chooses exclusively harmless cosmetic procedures for himself.
The master treated the eyelashes with collagen

Benefits of eyelash collagen

Properly performed collagenization takes on several tasks at once. First of all, it improves the condition of the eyelashes, makes them more beautiful. They also become more expressive, stronger, longer, brighter. The girl gets an updated captivating look. And the perfect result lasts for a long time.

Fact about eyelashes

If all the cilia that have fallen in a human life are laid out in one line, then its length will be about 30 meters. The life span of one eyelash is 2.5-3 months.

Spectacular eyelashes after care

Among the main advantages of the procedure are:

  1. Safety. Collagenation is not harmful to health. Its compositions are environmentally friendly, safe for humans. Therefore, you can safely decide on the procedure even during pregnancy or lactation. There are only age restrictions. It is recommended to visit a beauty salon for such changes not earlier than 16 years.
  2. Possibility of regular holding. The result of the procedure will remain for a long time. You can repeat it as often as you like. It is best to do this every month. There are no restrictions on the number of collagen saturation procedures. If the result suits the girl, then she can wait up to 3 months before the next procedure.
  3. No need for special preparation to the procedure, in contrast, for example, to building. The girl just needs to choose the right time, agree with the master and arrive at the appointed time. It is only advisable not to use decorative and care cosmetics on this day. For example, stop using mascara. It often includes components that cover the eyelashes with a thin film (for example, a special wax). They can negatively affect the creation of a beautiful spectacular bend of the hairs. If the girl has eyelash extensions, it is recommended to remove them at least 3 days before the procedure. Otherwise, the adhesive may interact with the collagen.
Neat lashes treated with collagen

How does eyelash collagen treatment work?

The duration may vary depending on the professionalism of the master. But it usually takes about 80-90 minutes.

Eyelashes without makeup after collagen

Preparation for the procedure

The whole procedure consists of several important steps that should not be skipped:

  1. Cleansing eyelashes with special products. In the process, it is necessary to remove the remnants of any cosmetics, dust, dirt from the hairs. Also, degrease them.
  2. Hair fixation. The master undertakes this point of preparation. It fixes the eyelashes in the desired position using a special protective roller.
  3. Application of the first layer of collagenizing agent. It is important to carefully distribute it over the eyelashes. Each hair must be processed.
  4. Removing the activator. It is convenient to do this with special tools.
  5. Applying a perm. It allows you to achieve a beautiful bend of the hairs.
  6. Use of pigment with natural dyes. They allow you to achieve a beautiful color of eyelashes, but at the same time do not harm their structure.
  7. Applying a fixative. It helps to seal the collagen inside the lashes and keep the result for a long time.
Beautiful curl of eyelashes after the procedure

The effect of the procedure lasts for 90-100 days. But the exact figure will depend on many factors. First of all -…

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