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When to think about changing hairstyles: 7 reasons

Signs when you should think about changing your hairstyle

The female image consists of a number of components. This outfit, makeup, accessories, mood and, of course, hair.

Many ladies are sure that hair is half of a successful image, so they “conjure” the hair before an important event for the longest time. But haircut and hair color are with us every day. So is it really possible to change their shape and shade only on holidays?

There are a number of standard signs that will tell you that it’s time to visit the master.

You only let your hair down on holidays

Ugly hair band

Many women value and are proud of their own long hair. Nobody argues that natural long strands are beautiful, but if most of the time they are gathered in a tight bun, tail or braid, why are they needed?

Hair is designed to give the image lightness and airiness. If the length gets in the way, it’s time to think about a new haircut that would allow you to let your hair down much more often than before.

Blond hair has become very coarse

Dry hair

Hair stiffness can be caused by various factors. Most often, this is improper care, and aggressive lightening techniques are coloring. In this case, the decision to temporarily abandon the blond will help. Coloring the roots in their native shade and tinting the length with an ammonia-free dye is one of the obvious solutions.

You spend a lot of time styling

Hair coloring blond

It is not worth waiting for the master to make a haircut that does not need to be styled. This is a myth, because all hairstyles require at least some care. But, if drying and styling your hair takes too much time, you should think about changing them.

For example, wavy hair types are easier to subdue when cut in layers rather than in a single cut. The square on the leg is easier to lay than the length to the shoulders. A pixie with torn bangs is more practical, page haircuts.

The shade of the hair seems gloomy

Coloring for dark hair: before and result

With regular dyeing of hair with a household dye of a dark shade, it begins to seem that the color has become darker. This is due to the accumulation of pigment. At the same time, changing the composition to a lighter one is a bad idea, since the paint does not lighten the paint.

The right decision would be to contact the master with a request to freshen up your hair. The simplest ideas are light strands near the face, shatush, highlighting, balayage.

Physique has changed

Pretty haircut

A sharp set or weight loss does not always go well with the hairstyle that was before. It is worth contacting a specialist in order to select the most suitable option.

New wardrobe

Vera Fischer: hairstyle

In addition to the figure, the hairstyle should be in harmony with the wardrobe. If you are used to wearing discreet suits, you should not dye your hair crimson.

Turning to the stylist for the analysis of the wardrobe, consult about the hairstyle. A few touches sometimes perfectly refresh the image.

When they meet you they say: “has not changed at all”

Maria Poroshina new hairstyle photo

Of course, it’s nice to hear, but it’s much happier and warmer in the soul from the words “you’ve become so younger”, “freshened”, “blossomed”. It is difficult to achieve this without working on a hairstyle, since it is the hair that most interlocutors pay attention to in the first minutes.

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