beautiful eyelashes

Which eyelash extensions to choose in 2022 (with photo examples)

Of course, luxurious eyelashes are a real gift of nature. They make the look expressive and the whole look is irresistible. Well, if nature is stingy? Then this trouble is easy to fix with the help of eyelash extensions. We will talk about what it is and how not to make a mistake with the choice, so as not to get a result opposite to what you were striving for.

beautiful eyelashes

Advantages and disadvantages of eyelash extensions

This procedure appeared quite recently, at the beginning of the current century.

Extended long eyelashes

It quickly began to gain popularity, and not surprisingly, since it has very significant advantages:

  • This is really beautiful, because for this women sacrifice their time and money. The look from under the extended eyelashes becomes expressive and bright, and the eyes seem larger.
  • You no longer need to spend time on daily makeup. It just won’t make sense. Eyelash extensions will help you look irresistible without any extra effort. And you will get rid of the worries that the mascara will spread or crumble.
eyelash extensions

  • Not only coloring, but also eyelash curling is not required, because you will choose the bend and length of the eyelashes yourself, whichever you want.
  • Extended eyelashes look as natural as possible, unless, of course, you make a mistake with the choice. The masters in the salon will not allow you to do this, but if you decide to do it yourself, then you will be responsible for your choice yourself.
  • This procedure is absolutely painless and is not associated with any discomfort.
  • You don’t need a rehab either. As soon as you leave the salon, you can immediately go back to your normal activities.
Volume eyelash extensions

  • There were no side effects or contraindications for the procedure.
  • The procedure is safe because the skin is not broken, high quality glue and hypoallergenic materials are used.
  • The effect of the procedure lasts for 3-4 weeks. That is, all this time without any effort on your part, you will look amazing.
  • With this procedure, you can correct the shape of the eyes. A professional master is quite capable of doing this.
Long eyelashes

Well, now, in fairness, I must say about the shortcomings.

  • Forget oily cosmetics. No nourishing creams and makeup remover milk. The oils in their composition can dissolve the glue and the cilia will begin to fall off. Remove makeup with a non-greasy toner or micellar water.
  • Review your sleep habits. Do not sleep on your stomach with your face buried in a pillow.
  • It was said above that the procedure has no contraindications, except for one: if you have allergies or eye diseases.
  • If your eyelashes are weak and depleted, then before building them up, take a course of treatment, restore their strength and strength with castor oil or another remedy.
  • Wash your face very carefully, friction is contraindicated for glued cilia.
  • Taking antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs can shorten the life of your lashes. Therefore, be sure to inform the master about this.
Beautiful eyelash extensions

Beam eyelash extension technology 2022

The salon offers two technologies for eyelash extension: beam and eyelash. First – about beam extension. As the name implies, a small bundle of eyelashes is attached to the edge of the eyelid, usually from three to five pieces.

Beam eyelash extension

Greater naturalness can be achieved with no-knot extensions. In nodular cilia, the cilia come out of one bundle. Attaching these is faster and easier, but the result is less natural.

eyelash extensions

Bundles in nodular extensions can be short, long, medium and very small. They can also have different density, different shades and different thickness of the villi.

beautiful eyelashes

It’s time to talk about the benefits of this procedure. It:

  • low cost;
  • quick result;
  • ease of implementation.
eyelash extensions

Are there any disadvantages? Well, what about without them? Keep in mind that:

  • their service life is limited;
  • complex care is required;
  • if the beam comes off and falls out, it immediately catches the eye.

Now, let’s talk about eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extension technology

Eyelash extension means that the hairs are glued not in bunches, but to each cilium. Of course, this is not a quick and painstaking process, but the result is more natural.

Fact about eyelashes

Paracetamol, aspirin and ibuprofen negatively affect hair growth, including eyelashes. They grow slowly, fall out more often, and their length decreases.

Eyelash extension.

Eyelash extension can be of three types:

  • Classic, or complete. In this case, an artificial hair is glued to each, which is called “God’s eyelash”. If you have sparse and short eyelashes, then this is your choice. The result will look as natural as possible, and the technology does not weigh down the cilia.
  • Incomplete – cilia are glued at certain intervals. At the same time, keep in mind that the difference in the color of natural and glued eyelashes should not be noticeable.
Volume eyelash extension

  • Volumetric – with this method, two or three artificial ones are glued to one natural eyelash. This extension is also called 2D or 3D. The look becomes simply bewitching, you will immediately attract attention. Just keep in mind that native eyelashes must be strong enough.
eyelash extension

What are the benefits of such an extension? Let’s see:

  • It is very persistent, the result lasts from several weeks to several months.
  • Naturalness, eyelash extension looks more natural.
  • Such cilia can be tinted, although this is not necessary.
  • In case of loss of several cilia, with eyelash extension, it is easy to correct and an attractive image will not suffer.
  • At the same time, your own eyelashes do not experience any discomfort, glued hairs do not weigh them down.

Disadvantages – this technology is more expensive, more laborious and takes longer to complete.

Gorgeous eyelash extensions

How to choose “your” eyelash extension technique

Well, now – about how, in fact, to choose the eyelashes themselves.

There are several criteria here:

  • Hair thickness. It ranges from 0.03 to 0.25 mm. How to choose? If you have sparse and thin hairs, then artificial cilia should be thin – from 0.03 to 0.1 millimeters. Eyelashes with a diameter of 0.15 millimeters look like makeup. Take note of those who do not want to spend time on daily makeup. Eyelashes with a diameter of 0.2 millimeters – and your look is attractive and sensual, and a diameter of 0.25 is designed for special occasions. Striking with such cilia at festive events and photo shoots.
  • The length of the eyelashes is the distance from the beginning of their growth to the tips. The range is from 4 to 20 millimeters. The greatest naturalness can be achieved if the artificial hairs are not longer than 12 millimeters – this is what experienced craftsmen say.
  • Bending eyelashes – it is important not to miss here. The most natural bend of the middle degree, denoted by the letter C. The look becomes expressive and open. Bend D is too large, gives the appearance of theatricality and puppetry.
  • hair material. Only artificial ones are used, because …

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