Which eyelash extension to choose, each woman decides for herself, but it is better to listen to the advice of the master

Which eyelashes are better to grow: characteristics of materials in 2022, sizes and effects with photo examples

Having come to the salon for the procedure, we must fully trust the master – he will give competent advice on volume, length and effect, which is more preferable for the type of appearance.

Which eyelash extension to choose, each woman decides for herself, but it is better to listen to the advice of the master

But many girls try to understand the intricacies of eyelash extensions in order to understand what image to create and what is required for this. Assess all the risks and possible consequences, and rightly so, the more information you have, the better.

Modern materials make artificial hairs light, which will be comfortable to wear.

What materials are eyelash extensions made of in 2022

Artificial eyelashes are divided into three types – silk, mink and sable. These materials have a symbol and have nothing in common with fur and fabric, they differ in thickness and length, and any of them can create the desired effect.

The thinner the extension material, the more natural the result is.

  • Mink

Thin and light hairs that practically do not differ from natural ones. Mink eyelash extensions are carried out for everyday life, you can easily wear them without noticing the weight. With this material, you can create volume or other effect, you can take a shower and play sports with it.

Mink is considered the thinnest material for building

Mink lashes look natural and beautiful

  • Silk

Differs in average thickness, beautiful glossy gloss and flexibility. Silk eyelashes are a great choice for holiday makeup or everyday life if you prefer bright looks.

Silk creates a brilliant effect, while you can create any volume of eyelashes

The length of silk eyelashes is different, so you can easily adjust your look.

  • Sable

The thickest eyelashes, which were originally designed to create a voluminous effect. The length of the hairs can be different, but at the same time they are quite elastic and resistant to temperature extremes and rarely lose their shape, regardless of the circumstances of wearing.

Sable eyelashes are thicker, but elastic

With the help of sable, you can create an evening make-up with different effects.

Masters use two techniques for gluing eyelashes – this is a bunch or a single extension. The first option gives a more pronounced effect, the second natural, while any volume can be created.

Beam extension gives a pronounced volume

A single extension takes longer, but the result is whiter and more natural.

Adhesive compositions are also different – these are rubber, rubber and silicone, with different types of setting. If you are not prone to allergic reactions to components, then you can choose any base.

Regardless of the adhesive used, the lashes will last at least twenty days.

Gluing eyelashes is carried out only after the test for an allergic reaction.

What size eyelash extensions are best?

The most common formats used by masters are considered to be 6-12 mm long, which one to choose depends on the desired effect. Therefore, before sticking cilia, it is worth assessing the condition and size of your own hairs.

What thickness and length to choose depends on the result you are striving for.

The longer the material is, the greater the load will be on the eyes and eyelids, it is advisable to do too voluminous effects only for festive events, and for everyday use, use hairs that are as close as possible to their length and thickness.

The thinner the artificial hair, the more natural it looks and is better suited for everyday wear.

Eyelashes with what effect to choose for extension in 2022

What you need to choose depends on the type of appearance and eyes, so the master will immediately see what can be improved and how to transform the look. Some women need voluminous eyelash extensions, others need eye slit lengthening, and others need reshaping. In this case, you should trust a professional.

Fact about eyelashes

Eyelash curlers, which modern fashionistas use to curl hairs every day, break them. It is much safer to go through the procedure of lamination or Botox eyelashes, with the formation of the desired bend.

The extension of large volumes is more often used for evening makeup.

  • Squirrel

Two or three different lengths of hairs are used. The squirrel effect visually opens the eyes and makes the look a little naive and open. When gluing, a longer format of hairs is used in the corners of the eyes, and on the rest of the eyelid, the length is as close as possible to natural cilia.

Eyelashes like a squirrel will look great on big eyes

Squirrel effect can be made in different ways

  • fox

When building up, a clear transition is made with the length of the hairs, which slightly narrows the eyes. The look is obtained with a slight squint, which is not suitable for all women, therefore, before ordering such an effect for yourself, consult the master. At the same time, the volume of eyelash extensions can be different from natural to Hollywood.

The fox effect lengthens the slit of the eyes and creates an expressive look.

The look of a fox can bewitch the opposite sex and make a woman's appearance irresistible.

  • Puppet

All hair extensions have the same length, which is glued to the eyelid. The puppet effect visually opens the eyes and can be made in any volume. This format is more suitable for girls who strive for an extraordinary appearance.

The puppet effect is beautiful, but not suitable for everyday wear.

More often, the puppet effect is chosen by young ladies for everyday makeup.

  • Natural

The most requested effect in eyelash extensions. When incarnated, the length of the hairs is used a little more than natural ones. This effect is perfect for wearing in everyday life, it does not bother the eyes and at the same time makes the look expressive and bright.

Natural effect suitable for all women, regardless of age

The natural effect is almost indistinguishable from real eyelashes, while the woman's look becomes expressive

  • Rays

They make the look unusual and open. Rays are created by alternating the length of the hairs, which creates a discharged effect that will be appropriate for both everyday wear and a festive event. This eyelash extension is suitable for almost any type of appearance, so you can safely trust the master.

Rays make a woman's eyes bright and suitable for wearing in any situation.

The rays have no age restrictions, they are spectacular and able to transform the appearance

  • cocktail

Created by alternating natural with multi-colored cilia. The effect is amazing, they can not only transform the look, but also make the eyes more expressive.

Colored hair extensions can be carried out in alternation to create a shade on the cilia

Colored eyelashes are glued only in the corners of the eyes

At the same time, colored eyelash extensions can be performed in full on the eyelids, give them different tones and decorate with feathers or beads, which is perfect for parties.

Colored eyelashes are used to create evening and festive makeup.

Beads, rhinestones and feathers will make eyelash extensions bright and unusual

When choosing an effect for eyelash extensions, you should not get carried away with too large volumes, which are appropriate only at festive events and put a load on the hairs. If you want to regularly carry out the procedure for correcting your appearance, then a natural look and length will be preferable for everyday life.

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