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Which hair dye is better – how to choose hair dye

What hair dye to choose for home dyeing

Every woman dreams of being attractive and stylish. This applies not only to the style of clothing, but also to hair color. Usually, for the first time, women try to dye their hair on their own in their own home.

What hair dye to choose for home dyeing

How to change your hair color and not harm? Painting at home is not difficult at all. For the first staining, you should choose the right paint. It must be applied according to the recommendations prescribed in the instructions. Only by fulfilling all the requirements, you can get the desired result.

What is the best hair dye? top 10

According to the reviews of women, one can distinguish such manufacturers of paints that can be used both professionally and at home. In the table by number, the most common coloring agents are identified.

one. Loreal. This manufacturer has held a high position for many years. Professional paint with high trends in color.

2. Garnier. Gentle paint with a wide range of colors.

3. Henna. Natural dye. Produced in black and copper. It can also be colorless, which is used to treat thin and dry hair.

4. Tonic. Used for toning. Possesses short-term action.

five. Estel. Professional paint that can be used at home. From a Russian manufacturer.

6. Vella. Large selection from blonde to black.

7. Londa. Durable and easy to use.

eight. Pallet. Resistant paint, with saturated shades.

nine. Matrix. Very good professional paint.

10. INOA. Excellent dye for use in the salon.

Products without ammonia

The composition of the paint are ammonia and oil-based. Do not think that ammonia-free paints are weak. This is an erroneous opinion. Many companies represent good and safe dyes. They are in particular demand during women’s pregnancy, as it is very important for pregnant women to protect their body and the health of the unborn child from toxic odors.

How to choose an oxidizing agent so that there is a beautiful shade without yellowness

For women with a tint of blond, it is especially important that when painting, a cold color is obtained, preferably without yellowness. To avoid the manifestation of redness, you should choose a lightening paint. After that, the hair should be toned. Then choose the right shade of paint and in this way you can remove the yellow color. For clarification, it is preferable to use oxygen with a high level of oxide, approximately 9%. But it’s not worth it to paint on your own, to get a positive result, it’s better to do it in the salon.

Professional paint (how to use it correctly)

If your color does not suit you, and at home the paint was quickly washed off, then you definitely need to use the services of professionals. Experts will determine the right tone for you. Many salons have online programs that will select the desired shade of hair from a photo for free, based on the color of the eyes and skin. It is not recommended to use professional paints at home, because only specialists know the basics of coloring.

Hair dyes – how to choose a color

Hair dye can be selected by color type. Brown-eyed women will suit the colors of milk chocolate and brown, as well as a light or dark chestnut shade. Women with their natural light brown hair will suit cold and ashy shades of light brown, wheat color. Black paint is recommended to be avoided, as it has the uniqueness of aging women. Women with green eyes will wear copper and caramel colors with minimal red tones.

How to choose high-quality paint for a blonde

Blondes, hair coloring should be approached more carefully, because any flaw becomes immediately visible on the hair. For blond hair, a dye with a high oxide content is needed. You should also use powder for bleaching, and then paint. Thus, a beautiful hair color without yellowness will turn out.
If you want to dye your hair brunette
A woman who wants to become a brunette, in order to get a chocolate shade, must do a wash, preferably not at home. After the master tones the hair, and then picks up the shade you like.

Which one paints gray hair better (reviews)

Unfortunately, over the years, many women suffer from gray hair. For gray hair, resistant paint is suitable. For home use, according to the reviews of many women, Palet and Estelle paints ideally eliminate gray hair.

Products for ombre and highlights on dark hair

New-fangled and rather complex ombre and highlighting techniques require certain dyes that will correctly manifest themselves at the stages of hair dyeing. These techniques are produced only in salon conditions. The ideal paint for these hair coloring methods is Matrix and INOA. They showed themselves best in use, and it is very simple for specialists to work with these paints.

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