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Which makeup brushes are for what?

Makeup brushes: types, purpose

Every woman dreams of being beautiful and charming. High-quality make-up will help to emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws on the face. No make-up is complete without the use of special brushes. They come in various shapes and sizes. Tools are widely used for applying or blending shadows, powder, blush, lipstick. What makeup brushes exist and how to use them in everyday life, read further in the article.

Types of makeup brushes

To apply cosmetics on the face, special auxiliary tools are used. Depending on their appearance, they can be used to color the eyelids, lips, eyebrows and face, or to blend colors.

Makeup brushes are distinguished by:

  • size. Small brushes are used to paint small areas of the face. Large ones are used to treat a large surface, for example, for applying powder and blush;
  • form. There are round, flat and fan;
  • The contour of the hair bundle. The shape is even, oval, beveled, like a goat’s hoof. Also, the hair bundle can be short, long, dense and voluminous or in the form of a petal;
  • pile. For pile, both natural materials (colon fur, squirrels, ponies, goats, etc.) and synthetic materials are taken – for example, nylon. There are also combined options.

A wide variety of makeup brushes is due to the scope and purpose of their application. Depending on the shape, beauty tools are used to apply or blend eye shadow, foundation, powder, blush, lipstick and liquid eyeliner.

For eyes

Eye shadow brushes
Eye shadow brushes

Professionals use about 7 types of brushes to apply makeup on the eyes. Beginners can get by with two or three tools.

First type brushes designed for staining with shadows of the moving eyelid. It is small in size, has a wide base and a rounded flat shape. The hair bundle is dense to the touch. It is better to use a brush with kolinsky or sable fur. Thanks to its appearance, it allows you to quickly apply makeup.

To draw the folds of the moving eyelid, use second brush type for makeup. Each makeup artist chooses the shape of the brush based on personal preferences. The hair bundle can have both a beveled end and an oval one.

For shading a pencil used to draw arrows, suitable third brush type. It is flat to the touch and has the shape of a spatula. A nylon bristle tool will work to make the arrows look more natural and long.

The fourth type of brush used for applying and blending eye shadow or eyeliner. It has an oval shape, the hair bundle is short and dense. The brush is great for doing makeup using the Smokey Ice technique.

Fifth type of brush designed for drawing arrows with liquid eyeliner. Usually, a flat brush with a beveled or pointed end is used for these purposes. It is better to take with synthetic pile. The arrow is thin and accurate.

Suitable for shading shadows type six brush. It is quite lush and has the shape of a petal. A tassel with pony fur is best. Perfectly blends shadows on the eyelid and makes a smooth transition from one color to another.

With help brushes of the seventh type excess makeup is easily removed from the face. Thanks to the fan shape, it easily brushes off crumbled shadows, powder and blush. As a result, the face remains clean and makeup intact.

For lips

Brush for applying lipstick or lip gloss
Brush for applying lipstick or lip gloss

When applying makeup on the face, do not forget about the lips. Putting emphasis on this part of the face will add zest to the appearance. Beautifully apply lipstick or gloss on the lips will help a special brush.

When choosing a tool, you should pay attention first of all to makeup brush shape. A long square brush with rounded ends is best for filling the space. When tracing the contour of the lips, you will need a thin, pointed makeup brush. The hair bun should be soft, flat and elastic. This will allow you to accurately and accurately apply lipstick.

You should also take into account makeup brush bristle material. You can buy brushes with both natural and artificial bristles. The latter option is considered more preferable. Lip makeup brushes with nylon, unlike natural bristles, absorb less product. As a result, lipstick wears out more slowly and lasts longer. Also, from the advantages of artificial pile, the uniform application of the product and the elasticity of the hair bundle are noted.

It is recommended to use a special brush for applying makeup on the lips on an ongoing basis. Lipstick will be spent more economically due to uniform staining. The brush allows you to gently apply makeup on the lips without leaving the contour. It is advisable to close the tool with a cap or purchase with a retractable mechanism. Thus, the pile will not lose elasticity and will last longer.

For eyebrows

To care for and maintain the shape of the eyebrows, a special brush should be present in each cosmetic bag. With the help of makeup, you can correct and change the outlines of the eyebrows.

Eyebrow brush
Eyebrow brush

It is better to draw the shape of the eyebrows with a brush with a beveled end. The hair bun should be flat, short and stiff. This shape of the brush will allow you to accurately outline the line of the eyebrows with the help of dry and liquid shadows. The tool is also suitable for shading a pencil. The elastic bristle of the brush is convenient for making clear strokes and driving color into the skin. The result is perfect eyebrows.

Eyebrow brushes
Eyebrow brushes

Before applying and shading the shadows on the eyebrows, it is recommended to comb them thoroughly. In particular, the procedure must be performed for owners of thick and long eyebrows. There are two types of brushes for such purposes. The first type of brush is, on the one hand, a comb with frequent plastic teeth, on the other, bundles of thin plastic. The second type of brush looks like a mascara brush. The pile here is dense, elastic and twisted in the form of a spiral. With these brushes, you can easily comb your eyebrows to the side and better paint over the voids.

For face

Facial brushes are the most versatile. For different cosmetics, tools differing in appearance, size and shape are used.

Foundation brushes
Foundation brushes

You can even out your skin tone with a toner. Gently and evenly apply foundation on the face will help barrel-shaped round brush. The hair bun should be short and thick. The material of the pile is combined, consisting of natural and artificial bristles. Because of this, the makeup brush was called “duofiber”. The tool is suitable for applying tonal foundation on the skin of the face….

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