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Which prom dress to choose?

Dresses for graduation 2019: new items, fashion trends

For many girls, prom is truly one of the most reverent and exciting events in life. Young ladies from the beginning of the school year begin to think through an unusual, feminine and unique style of dress. Before you create your perfect image, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the fashion trends for graduation 2019 in detail.

Fashionable styles of prom dresses for 2019

Fashionable prom dress

The right style of the dress can solve a large number of problems associated with the features of the figure of the graduate. With the help of a dress, you can visually increase the volume of the chest, hide the tummy, large hips, or make it a little higher.

Prom dress should be chosen, depending on the type of figure.

For example, to slightly increase the volume of the chest, choose dresses with a horizontal and wide enough strip. You can correct the abdominal area with the help of vertical stripes: converge at the waist, diverge towards the bottom. You can visually reduce the hips using darker shades of materials in this area.

Unusual images of girls at graduation

Figures are of several types:

  • Pear;
  • Apple;
  • Triangle/Inverted Triangle;
  • Rectangle.

If you are the owner pear-shaped figure, it is not recommended to wear a tight dress, as it will visually make the hips even larger. Too shiny and flashy materials should also be avoided. On a girl with such a figure at the prom, an outfit with a high waist will look great. Emphasis should be placed on the neckline and open shoulders.

Figure with apple type Finding the perfect prom dress is easy. The main secret of shaping the image is to emphasize the silhouette with the help of an elegant belt. This trick will help you look easy, airy and feminine at the holiday.

To emphasize the dignity of the girl with the help of a dress and hide the flaws of the figure triangle and inverted triangle, for graduation, you need to pick up an asymmetrical outfit. This trick will help visually lighten the upper body. A dress with a bare shoulder, oblique drapery and an airy bottom will look ideal. In this case, it is extremely important for a girl to make the right accents with the help of a dress.

When choosing a dress for a prom girl with a figure like rectangle it is recommended to give preference to lace with several local accents. Graduates with a rectangular figure should give up boring and monophonic outfits. Also, in addition to a beautiful and unusual dress, you need to pick up a few accessories. The image should look harmonious, so you should not buy dresses made of coarse materials and massive jewelry.

Dress with an accent on the waist

Fashion trends for prom dresses for 2019:

  • Elegant with open back;
  • Gentle with a train;
  • Greek style;
  • Tight with lace inserts;
  • With a sheer chiffon skirt;
  • Guipure;
  • Fashionable transforming dress;
  • Tight-fitting with a slit to the thigh;
  • Short with a fluffy tulle skirt;
  • Long fitted.

In addition to the features of the figure, the prom dress should be chosen depending on your individual preferences. Even if the model of the dress you like is not included in the top fashion trends, this does not mean that the image of the graduate will be spoiled. First of all, the girl should feel comfortable. There are many examples where a beautiful lady is wearing a charming and ultra fashionable dress, but she looks unnatural in it.


Prom dress patterns

In 2019, long floor-length dresses of different models are relevant at graduation. Fitted styles with a small train look especially chic, which gives a beautiful femininity to a beautiful outfit.

Images with a bare back and a slit to the hips look very feminine. When choosing a dress for graduation in grade 9, stylists recommend abandoning sequins and shiny fabrics. A more discreet choice of dress will help the young lady look as natural, natural and modest as possible.

long prom dress

The elements of the dress and the overall style should match the overall look that you intend to get. Flying and airy fabrics are the favorites of the season.

On a long dress, not a print will look attractive, but a plain version that harmoniously looks with a sophisticated image of a young girl.

Fashion trends for prom dresses

As for the color scheme, plain pastel-colored evening dresses remain in fashion. At graduation, floor-length dresses in black and red shades will also look elegant.

With detachable skirt

Train dress

Beautiful outfits with a detachable skirt (transformer dresses) are considered the most versatile and original products for special occasions. The dresses have hidden fasteners, with the help of which the skirt is attached to the base of the outfit.

Prom dress with detachable skirt

A girl at any time can unfasten the hem and transform an evening dress into a short cocktail dress. When designing dresses with a detachable skirt, designers are given complete freedom and they have the opportunity to create a truly creative outfit.

Dresses for 11th grade graduates

The image will look harmonious if the attached skirt is made of the same material as the entire outfit. For example, a satin dress with a straight edge can be complemented with a detachable satin sun skirt. Also, the skirt can be asymmetrical or puffy, decorated with peplum.

Dresses with a train

If you decide to surprise with a dress with a detachable skirt at the prom, you need to be extremely careful in choosing accessories. After all, jewelry should fit two different looks: an evening dress with a train and a short version.

A graduate in a short cocktail dress with a massive necklace and earrings will look ridiculous. Such accessories go well with a dress with a train.

Dress-transformer for graduation

When creating two stylish looks for prom, it is recommended to choose neutral accessories. As a handbag, give preference to a small clutch. High-heeled shoes that match in color with the dress will look harmonious.

From lace

Beautiful dresses for girls

Lace prom dresses are very popular among girls of both 11th and 9th grades. Beautiful lace has always been in trend, they are able to add charm, tenderness and sophistication to any look. The style of the dress can be completely decorated with lace or contain small lace elements.

The length of lace outfits can also be:

  • long;
  • Midi;
  • Short.

Prom dress with lace

Floor-length lace dresses look very elegant, and also give the girl additional elegance. The outfit may have a deep neckline or a delicate cutout on the back.

Midi length dresses look quite unusual. At prom, mid-length lace dresses are often used to create a retro look. Less often at solemn events they wear short lace dresses.

Women's lace dresses

Despite the fact that the lace looks delicate and creates …

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