Модные женские шарфы и стильные образы с ними

Which scarf to choose: models, photos, trends

Fashionable women’s scarves and stylish images with them

Scarves are one of the few pieces of clothing that never goes out of style. In the cold season it is difficult to do without a warm scarf. However, in the modern world, the fair sex wears it not only to protect against harsh weather conditions, but also to create an individual image.

Current models of women’s scarves for the winter

Models of women's scarves for the winter

With the help of a properly selected scarf, you can favorably emphasize the expressiveness of women’s eyes or an impeccable skin tone, and a scarf can also become an interesting accent of a winter look.

The most relevant among fashionable scarves for the 2019-2020 season will be:

  • Volumetric stoles;
  • Long knitted models;
  • Snudy;
  • With fringe:
  • Fur.

According to world fashion designers and designers, a scarf can be the main element of a female image or complement it. In the wardrobe of a true fashionista, there should be several types of such accessories. With the help of a scarf, you can transform your appearance, make changes to it, diversify it, while not losing your exceptional style. To make the look look fashionable and stylish, the scarf should be comfortable, discreet, cozy, elegant and feminine.


Women's stoles: fashionable images

In the 2019-2020 season, large scarves in the form of a tippet are still a real must-have. It can be used not only as a scarf, but also as a cape. On cold winter evenings, such an accessory is able to completely cover the neck and shoulders of the girl, while it looks cozy and at home. Modern fashion designers assure that this scarf model should be present in the wardrobe of every fashionista.

Bright winter image in a stole

Winter women's stole: stylish look

Tippet and coat: an image for the winter

The leading positions are occupied by stoles with geometric prints: stripes, checks and rhombuses. It is believed that this scarf model is ideal for everyday style.

The stole goes well with many basic wardrobe items: jeans (classic, Boyfriends, Mom’s jeans, skinny), pullovers and sweatshirts, as well as feminine knitted blouses. However, a winter stole scarf can also complement a discreet military look.

Women's scarf in Scandinavian style

Scandinavian cage: trendy bows

Stole and knitted dress

Winter scarf stole in combination with a hat

Unusual look with a stole scarf

As a rule, a long plaid scarf and a coat are considered the ideal combination. At the same time, the coat can be either a classic cut or a more youthful one – oversized. But with other items of the upper wardrobe (down jackets, parkas), long Scandinavian-style stoles are also well combined. The main colors are rich red, black and white, green and blue.

Long knit patterns

Long knit scarves

A couple of seasons ago, long knitted scarves returned to fashion. It was relevant to wrap them around the neck, imitating the effect of a voluminous collar on the neck. However, now famous fashion designers recommend wearing such an accessory in a slightly different way. Just throw it around your neck so that the ends hang down on both sides, that is, thus demonstrating its full length.

Long winter scarves

Long knitted scarves in odd knit

Fashionable knitted scarves: stylish images

Stylish look for the winter

Scarves in chunky knit

With a long knitted scarf, you can create both a classic look and a more casual look. In the upcoming season 2019-2020, models of large and unusual knitting are very popular. Most often, long scarves are worn with a cashmere coat. You can also complete the look with a knitted hat to match the scarf and an elegant small bag.


Girl in a knitted scarf snood

Women’s snood scarves are another bright trend for 2019-2020. Such models will be an excellent choice for the cold season. There is nothing more cozy and warm than a knitted snood.

Women's scarf snood coarse knit

Winter images with snood

Warm scarf snood

Bright scarf collar

A distinctive feature of such a product is that it is worn over the head and can be worn not only as a scarf, but also as a hat. The accessory can be matched to the winter outerwear or, conversely, create a sharp contrast. However, the most relevant snood gentle, pastel colors. With such a scarf, you get a very cute look. The advantage of such shades is that they are suitable for all girls, regardless of hair and eye color.

Delicate scarf snood

Sky-colored female snood

Volumetric snood can be worn with any outerwear, but it is important to choose the right color scheme and additional accessories so that the overall look looks harmonious. Bright and colorful snood will be a great addition to a trendy winter look.


Winter scarf with fringes

In the 2019-2020 season, scarves are back in fashion, the edge of which is decorated with fringe. If earlier it was relevant to decorate the product exclusively along the bottom edge, in the new season, designers have moved away from the classics and use a decorative element along the entire length.

Scarf with full length fringe

In order for a fringed scarf to look harmonious with the image, the main thing is to choose the right wardrobe. You should not combine business and classic style of clothing (strict coat, elegant boots with heels) with this model.

A large fringed scarf will look stylish with a leather or quilted jacket, boots with round toes and laces. To the image, you can choose a knitted hat that matches the tone of the scarf. You can also complement the image with stylish glasses or a hat.

Fringed Scarf: Stylish Looks

Fashionable women's scarves with fringe

Knitted scarf with fringes

New women's scarves: fashionable fringe

Long scarf with fringe: look in a coat

In the colder season, the scarf can be worn with a cropped sheepskin coat, an oversized coat and neat ankle boots. The length of the fringe can be different – shortened (3-5 cm) or elongated and reach 20-30 cm. You can tie a scarf in several ways or simply wrap it around your neck so that the ends of the scarf hang down in front.


Winter fur scarf

After a long break, scarves made of fur, both natural and artificial, are returning to fashion. Luxurious fur products will really become a chic accent and addition to any winter look. In the cold season, such a fashionable accessory will not only add charm and elegance to the female style, but also perform the main function in the best possible way – it will protect from bad weather and warm its mistress.

Bright fur scarf: stylish winter looks

Fashionable female images with a fur scarf

Stylish women's bows for the winter

In the 2019-2020 season, stylists strongly recommend wearing this product with fitted coats. It is better not to combine a fur coat and sheepskin coats with a fur scarf, such a combination will look not only ridiculous, but perhaps even defiant. A properly selected scarf model and its shade can give any girl sophistication and hidden sexuality.

Fashionable summer scarves

Fashionable summer scarves

The main and main trend of the summer is a thin scarf around the neck as a beautiful and unusual accessory that can transform the most boring outfit into a stylish and spectacular one. Fashionable models of summer light scarves fascinate with their charm.

Shirt with a light scarf around the neck

Summer look with a scarf

Elegant look with a scarf around the neck

Business look with a silk scarf

In the 2019-2020 season, bright, saturated and variegated colors are in trend. However, this does not mean that classic white or milky should not be worn – it is perfect for business style.

If the image includes a top, shirt or dress with a stand-up collar, it is better to wear a wide scarf that can be carefully straightened by tying a thin knot and lowering the ends to hang down. For clothes with a deep neckline, a narrow scarf wrapped around the neck several times is ideal.

Summer casual look

Stylish look for every day with a silk scarf

Bright red neck scarf

Scarf around the neck as an accessory

Summer scarves are made from various materials. Chiffon, organza, silk, veil – the most delicate, translucent fabrics that will give any bow notes …

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