White pedicure is always a stylish look

White pedicure: stylish photo ideas and combinations of 2022

White color is universal. It is interesting in itself, as the personification of purity and innocence, it is also a wonderful backdrop for great ideas. With white, you can create any composition, it will bring freshness and novelty to the image.

White pedicure is always a stylish look

Features of white pedicure

All this applies to pedicure. Women do not often cover their nails with white polish, considering that this is an option only for special occasions, for example, for a wedding. And in vain. In this article, we will talk about interesting white pedicure ideas that are good for both special occasions and everyday life.

Nails must be perfectly shaped

White color features:

  • Pretty rich color scheme.
  • Lots of different combinations.
  • Never get bored.
  • Suitable for any season and any outfit.

And yes, it is suitable for all occasions.

shades of white pedicure

With a white pedicure, your image will be perfect, and your nails will immediately attract attention, so their shape should be perfect.

Shiny white pedicure

We suggest considering the following shades of white:

  • Pure white is a very bold and very noticeable option, it looks better in a matte finish. It can be used as a stand-alone monochromatic coating or as a background for any pastel colors. Snow-white white is a cold color, personifies lightness and purity.
  • Milky is a warm shade of white.
  • Lime.
  • Snow rose.
  • Opal white.
  • Ivory.
  • Snow rose color.
  • Coconut

Et cetera, et cetera…. In any shade, a white pedicure will look stylish and modern.

Fashionable combinations of white with other pedicure colors in 2022

It is well known that white is a complex color, decomposed into the color spectrum that we can see in the sky after rain. You can combine white with any color of this spectrum. Consider the most popular combinations this season.

White and pink pedicure

To create a gentle sensual look, choose combinations of white with pastel tones. It:

  • white and light pink;
  • white and mint;
  • white and pale green;
  • white and peach;
  • white and sky blue;
  • white and vanilla;
  • white and beige.

If you are closer to a bright and extravagant look, then combine contrasting colors:

Pedicure white with red

  • white and red;
  • White and black;
  • white and blue.

And the most popular trends based on white pedicure today are:

  • plain white;
  • matte white;
  • white french;
  • plant and flower motifs;
  • white with rhinestones;
  • white with broken glass effect.

Let’s take a closer look at these techniques.

White pedicure techniques relevant for 2022

Solid white is a rather risky option. The fact is that, as already mentioned, the legs and nails must be in perfect condition. A white pedicure will not only attract attention, but also accentuate it on everything that is nearby.

Matte white pedicure

The varnish itself must be applied flawlessly, without streaks and bald spots. Of course, it is safer to entrust this to the master.

White jacket on arms and legs

White jacket is the very elegance and nobility. Fashion collections of nail designers cannot do without it. And for a very long time already. In addition to white itself, nude shades can act as a basis: beige, pink, and also transparent. A contrasting white strip along the edge of the nail will be a great frame. In any style and in any situation, a white jacket will be appropriate.

Fact about pedicure

The birthplace of foot care – pedicure, was Ancient Egypt. The nobility of this country carefully cared for their feet with the help of essential oils. It was considered bad form to go on a date with unkempt legs.

Plant motifs on a white pedicure

Plant and floral motifs can complement a traditional jacket or become a decorative addition to a plain white pedicure. The most stylish and best option is to apply the pattern only on the thumb, and leave the rest in traditional white.

But you can not be limited to this and decorate the rest of the nails with small flowers. Such a cheerful decor will be very good for a summer pedicure. The application technique can be different: brush, stamping, stickers.

White pedicure with rhinestones

White with rhinestones is always a stylish and elegant look. Rhinestones require a sense of proportion, there should not be too many of them. Their shape, color, size, location on the nail – your imagination. We also recommend listening to the advice of experts. Pebbles are manually placed on the nail with tweezers

Broken glass effect pedicure

Broken glass effect pedicure – this technique looks most advantageous on a white pedicure. This effect is achieved with the help of pieces of multi-colored mica laid out on the nail. It can be a completely chaotic pile or a strict geometric pattern.

Geometric pattern pedicure

By the way, about geometry. This decor does not lose its relevance. Clear geometric patterns on nails in a contrasting or similar color design can be complemented with sequins, rhinestones, foil.

White gradient pedicure

The white gradient looks very gentle and touching, but it is unlikely that you will be able to perform such a pedicure neatly on your own. Our masters offer the following combinations for the gradient:

  • colorless,
  • mint,
  • yellow,
  • caramel,
  • heavenly,
  • other pastel colors.

The negative space technique that is fashionable today, when part of the nail is not covered with colored varnish and remains transparent with a white manicure, looks very impressive. But again, this is work for the master, it is unlikely that it will be possible to do it neatly on your own.

White pedicure with rubbing

White with a rub is always very expressive. The pearl or mirror shine of your nails will not leave anyone indifferent. You can do this pedicure yourself, just like decorating with stickers. This is an absolute trend of the last time, this decor is durable and diverse.

french white pedicure

And very easy to do:

  1. We prepare nails: remember that they must be in perfect order and perfect shape.
  2. Apply the base and dry it.
  3. Apply a substrate – it can be gel, shellac or gel polish, dry well.
  4. We apply the base again, but this time we do not dry it.
  5. We apply a design on a sticky nail, the same stickers.
  6. We cover with a thin layer of the base, dry it.
  7. Apply topcoat and dry again.

“Paint splatter” is another popular design. Looks great on a white background.

Floral motif in white pedicure

You can still list for a very long time, the nail service constantly pleases its clients with new ideas. White pedicure is always stylish and original. And to make it easier for you to verify this, we bring to your attention our photo selection.

Photo ideas for a beautiful white pedicure 2022

Wedding white pedicure

White jacket with rhinestones

White pedicure with holes

White pedicure with gold

Summer white pedicure with sequins

White pedicure with rubbing

geometric design

Pedicure white with blue

Geometric pedicure

White pedicure

White pedicure in pastel colors

Stylish white pedicure

Black and white pedicure

Broken glass effect pedicure

White and blue pedicure

White shellac pedicure

White pedicure with plant design

Solid color matte white pedicure

White pedicure with stickers

Milky pedicure

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