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Why after shopping there is still nothing to wear

Why after shopping there is still nothing to wear

How you want something new … It is with such thoughts that most of us go shopping and even get something there. And after a couple of days, it turns out that the problem remained.

With the help of the advice of professional stylists, we understand the reasons for shopping, after which there are no more outfits.

Reason 1: Wardrobe analysis not carried out

Jeans and jackets
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Jeans and biker jacket

Analysis of the wardrobe is a service that all stylists offer today.

Many women, due to the lack of knowledge about what a well-composed wardrobe should be, make typical mistakes while in a shopping center. This subsequently leads to the fact that unnecessary clothes and shoes accumulate in the closet, which have been waiting for years to be released.

What to wear with jeans in summer
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Beautiful summer look: jeans and a blouse

Wardrobe sorting is an event during which it is important to sort things into categories. There are various ways to sort, but the simplest is by popularity and size.

In the beginning, we divide things into two categories – my size, not mine. The second pile contains clothes that are very small or large. If the difference in size is insignificant, you can leave it. If the last time you were the same size as the selected skirt – at school, remove the product to the side.

The second stage of sorting the wardrobe is to select what is the right size and sort it into: wear / haven’t worn for a long time / never wore. Everything that has been gathering dust in the closet for more than 5 years is unlikely to see the light of day this season either, so it can safely go into a pile of things of the wrong size.

Such an analysis will help you see the real picture in the closet – how many things you have that you can really wear right now, regardless of the trends.

Reason 2: No clear shopping checklist

Fashionable wrap dress for the beach
Identical dresses create a feeling of a boring and monotonous wardrobe.
Fashion wrap dress

Once you’ve sorted out your wardrobe, you’ll need to make a shopping list. This simple task will save you from unnecessary expenses in the store, because you will have a clear plan of action before your eyes. You don’t even have to be distracted by something that is not on the list.

The standard shopping list usually includes both basic and trendy items. Think about why you don’t wear pants that fit you and get the missing links – blouse, shoes, jacket. Also consider whether what you have planned will fit with something else.

No need to buy things only for one specific outfit. Give preference to universal products.

Reason 3: Uniformity

Layered look with jeans for a woman 50+
The images are composed according to the same principle – boring
Layered look with jeans for a woman 50+ photos

After examining your wardrobe and identifying 5 pairs of similar jeans in it, you should not go for the sixth same model to the mall.

The uniformity of the wardrobe is one of the main problems of modern women. On the one hand, there are a lot of things in the closet, on the other hand, they are extremely similar, so there is no particular enthusiasm for dressing up. Before that, you were in a skirt with a blouse or jeans and a T-shirt. From the fact that they became a different color or acquired a pattern, in general, the picture did not change much.

Reason 4: Don’t think ahead

Bright suit for the summer
“Break” – such a suit is extremely difficult. Should always be worn as a set.
Asymmetric jacket

It happens that you bring home a whole package of new things from the mall, but for some reason you don’t wear them. The reason is banal – new things are not combined with anything.

Flip flops fashion photo
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Fashion flip flops

Such mistakes occur due to the fact that you make purchases on emotions, without thinking about what the chosen item can be worn with in the future (see the paragraph about the checklist). Of course, this is not a reason to choose the same type of model, but you should not resort to extremes either. Remember what is in the closet and decide whether there will be something to wear with the chosen shirt or not.

Reason 5: Too many accents

Yellow palazzo trousers
How to wear pants with stripes

Another mistake, due to which there is always nothing to wear, is choosing too accent things. Of course, it’s good when there is a bright and attractive blouse or skirt, but when everyone is like that, it becomes extremely difficult to combine them with each other. Therefore, we alternate the purchase of accent items with basic ones. The second category includes products of any color, but without additional and eye-catching elements – pockets, shiny buttons, undercuts, wide seams, etc.


In order to avoid difficulties with the wardrobe, it is important not only to buy less of the same type of products, but also to experiment with looks. Try to cross the look by wearing a blouse with jeans, and a t-shirt, which has always been their pair with some kind of skirt or sundress. It’s a completely different matter!

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