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Why stylish women choose boring manicure

Why stylish women choose boring manicure

Since childhood, we have been told that a girl should have well-groomed hands: you can’t bite your nails, you can’t walk with wiped varnish either, because it repels others. A woman’s hands are her calling card. Just how to understand which manicure to choose, because there are a lot of options.

We offer today to devote time to the manicure of stylish women who look unusual, know how to correctly combine things, and wear jeans with sweaters every day.

Manicure of stylish women: what is it?

Transparent manicure photo

For some reason, women who are well acquainted with the fashion world and know how to make up-to-date bows are rarely seen with catchy manicure. They won’t walk around with cat claws even if all the celebrities try this trend. They will refuse rhinestones and complex designs if it is included in the price. And what will they choose?

Stylish women have several options for manicure. Most often they prefer:

  • Nyudov;
  • transparent;
  • Without cover;
  • Short.

Why such boring options, we offer to figure it out.

Doesn’t draw attention to itself

Short transparent manicure photo

The first rule that women who are versed in fashion are guided by is the principle of competent placement of accents. They know how to combine prints with each other, they know what makeup is in trend, they prefer sophisticated designer shoes, so there is no need to stand out with nails.


Most women, when choosing a shade of gel polish, are guided by what clothes they plan to wear in the near future. Some pick up the nails under the coat, others – under the shoes, others – under the dress.

It is easy to focus on a certain shade if there is no habit of experimenting with images. But stylish ladies can always come up with something extraordinary, so it is important that the nails do not spoil everything at the last moment. Sheer or skin toned – perfect for all outfits.

The less color the better

Uncoated nails

Composing the next image, stylists take into account the parameters, the shade of the eyes, hair, lifestyle, profession and hobbies. Details such as the color of the lacquer should not be distracting, so the manicure is usually colorless.

Doesn’t overshadow jewelry

Manicure with a beautiful ring

Stylish ladies prefer to wear expensive and noticeable jewelry. A bright manicure can divert some of the attention to yourself, and this is definitely not for those who have diamonds on their hands.

Grows imperceptibly

A transparent shade of gel polish is not only suitable for any outfit, but is also considered practical. For example, when there is no way to urgently update the coating, you don’t have to worry that others will have to see the regrown cuticle.

Doesn’t get dirty

Delicate nails for a woman

Many women like light shades of gel polishes, but those who really understand fashion choose transparent ones. The reason is the inability to stain the latter. And if this happens, you can always carefully remove traces of dyes, which you cannot do with white or other dense pastel shades.

Doesn’t lose shine

Bright, especially dark, gel polish colors tend to fade after a couple of days after application. It turns out that they need to be updated much more often, and who has extra finances and time?

Not wiped

Transparent manicure with sparkles

Light gel polish can not be called boring, if only because it has such an advantage as durability. A transparent manicure does not look unkempt, even if a piece has broken off. The chip is not striking, does not make you blush and think how to block the void.


Before calling a manicure boring, it is worth considering all its advantages. Sometimes it’s better to abandon the idea of ​​​​charming everyone with red nails at a party, but instead walk around for a month with a neat, discreet manicure. At the same time, you can earn the title of an elegant and sophisticated lady.

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