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Why the cold shade of the blonde is quickly washed off the hair: 5 popular mistakes

Popular mistakes due to which a cold shade is quickly washed off from the hair

A beautiful cold blonde is the dream of many women and girls. But for some reason it always fades quickly. We are accustomed to blaming the master, the dye that he uses, but often it is the owner of the hair who applies the shade herself, provoking the rapid appearance of yellowness. How to keep the ashy shade on the hair, what habits to give up and what hair care products to use, we tell.

Mistake 1: Using shampoo for volume

Hair before toning
Before toning
Hair after toning
After toning

Means for hair volume have a very aggressive composition, so the artificial pigment is washed out faster. Blondes need to use a shampoo for colored hair, preferably one that contains a pigment that neutralizes yellowness. This is a purple shampoo, mask, balm.

Mistake 2: Regular styling with hot appliances

Beautiful ash blonde
Beautiful dyed hair

If you have an ash blonde, you need to minimize the drying with a hot hair dryer and the use of flat irons. High temperatures adversely affect not only the condition of the hair, but also the color. They quickly acquire a yellowish or rusty tint (depending on the lightening background).

Mistake 3: Using Natural Hair Cosmetics

Very beautiful coloring
Airtouch for medium length hair

Today, many women prefer natural cosmetics for hair. Its composition inspires confidence, and the condition of the hair seems good after application. However, there are also disadvantages. The natural ingredients that make up the shampoo and masks, as a rule, are not aimed at maintaining a cold shade. On the contrary, they give the hair a warm wheaten shade. Therefore, it remains either to abandon the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bwashing your hair with natural cosmetics, or to come to terms with the fact that your hair will be golden.

Mistake 4: Applying Hair Oils

Blonde for long hair
Hairstyle for long blonde hair

Oils help to cope with split ends, make the hair structure smoother and silkier. However, with an ashen blond, it is necessary to choose not universal natural hair oils, but special ones designed for an artificial shade. The composition of such cosmetics is adapted to dyed hair and does not displace the pigment, unlike the natural composition.

Mistake 5: Washing your hair with hot water

Beautiful coloring for blondes
Fashionable coloring in silver blond

Hot water, like a hot iron, contributes to the accelerated displacement of artificial pigment. As a result, coloring many times faster than with proper care, comes to the color obtained after the clarification procedure. It is usually a yellow tint, sometimes orange, reminiscent of rust.


It is recommended to wash your hair with water at room temperature. This is useful for maintaining hair color and for the quality of hair. It is also worth using special cosmetics that can not only maintain the shine and health of the hair, but also neutralize yellowness. And remember that ash blonde must be maintained in the salon. To do this, the procedure of toning every 3-4 weeks is required. This is the secret of the perfect platinum blondes.

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